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To the Doubtful on DP

All of a sudden we know more and can do better than Ron Paul? When has he ever said he wants to tear down the Republican party? Ron and Rand Paul have stuck to their word. Their goal was always to infiltrate and influence the Republican platform and grow this movement from the grassroots. He is called radical by the mainstream so what do you think we look like? Rand did not sell out...not even to us..somehow we think we own him now.

Everyone could see the way we got ignored by the media while being IN the party, if they leave it completely what happens then? Anyone really seeing coverage of Gary Johnson?

To the people screaming "SELLOUT": what have you been doing to further our cause other than talking about it on the internet? Are you a delegate, running for office, working on a campaign, or anything?

How many of us heard the message and instantly became a convert? Many yes, most? Hell no. We were stuck in other parties and believing what we watched on TV. It took years for most of us to wake up, but we did. More and more do everyday. Why? Because of Ron Paul and his persistence. Now when we see the fruits of his labor, when we see the growth of the movement, when we see the party taking notice and even showing fear, now we want him to change what he is doing? Now you want a new plan? You people sound like you want handouts with out doing the work. Yes it is hard, yes we hit bumps, but we keep going forward.

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I upvoted this post

I don't understand why it is being voted down..I guess people can't handle the truth

Ron has ALWAYS said it was about taking the GOP back from the neo-cons..NOT going 3rd party..The only message he has about the 3rd party is that they should be allowed in the debates...


Important points...
I recommend watching the whole video because you will see how far we came in 4 short years..we are waking up the masses...we just aren't there yet

Just mad

That people will turn their back on someone that has done more for us and the movement then everyone on this site combined. Just because things are not being done a certain way.

You are not my real Mom.

You are not my real Mom.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

i dedicate this to

mr. cusybusy

Love being called a moron,

and ordered around.

Thanks. Inspirational thread.

I am a moron at least once a

I am a moron at least once a week

at least.

Never have truer words been spoken on the DP.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy