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Is the good Dr. still planning on speaking at the Iowa convention?

The speech Ron Paul gave in Texas was awesome and what I heard was (paraphrased)

"I am not calling for unification behind dopey principles."
"The Dem and Repub conventions are a farce and a joke and that is why the average american should not be funding them."
"There is an economic collapse coming soon."
"Stick together patriots, I am with you."

So, I am wondering if anyone knows if we can expect another awesome speech in Iowa.

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He hasn't quit

And Iowa is a state GOP that Liberty people control so of course he'll be there. Not expecting any conventions in states the old guard still control will allow him to speak though. Looks like he only got to speak in Texas by agreeing to speak on the Unity and economic topics. After he turned that around on them ( he did speak about em alright ) I really doubt they'd let him speak again unless he signed a contract to use their pre-written speech.


Is he speaking at the convention?

Great Synopsis

I think it would be even greater if he actually got up to the mike and said it exactly like that...followed, of course by "Thank you1" because he is a gentleman...followed then by thunderous applause and chants of "President Paul!" "President Paul!"

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012