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I'm Calling For A Cease-Fire!

I know many of us disagree about Rand's recent actions, and the follow-up actions of other Paul people (Jack Hunter, etc.).

My suggestion is that we all try to stay friendly and stick together even through this disagreement.

By "cease fire" I don't mean "stop arguing." Arguing is great. But here are a few requests I'd like everyone to consider:

1. Please stop accusing each other of being "infiltrators" or trolls. The fact that someone has only been here for three weeks and they disagree with you doesn't mean they're a bad guy. For the record, I've seen people on both sides of the argument doing this. To me it seems lazy and self-destructive. There probably are some agitators on here, but let's all give each other the benefit of the doubt and stick to the merits of the argument in stead of attacking people based on how long they've been members (after all, some people who have supported Ron since the 80s might just be joining the website, and some people who've been on the website for four years could be agitators who joined in 2008 to cause trouble).

2. Respect the fact that people can reasonably disagree about this. I personally think Rand's decision was a smart one, and I agree with most of Jack Hunter's comments (although he's clearly getting defensive and squirmy about it, which is never attractive), but I totally see that people are concerned that this is (a) taking steam out of their efforts, or (b) too much of a compromise for a leader in this movement to make. That's a fair opinion.

3. Please stop predicting the downfall of this movement. It is just silly. Again, people on both sides are doing this. For example, "Rand Paul just stabbed his father in the back and destroyed this movement!!" or "All this attacking of Rand is destroying this movement!" Nonsense. This movement is strong, and I doubt anything can really stop it at this point. People who disagree with the approach Rand is taking will probably put their energies into a different area. People who agree with him will probably stick by him.

4. Take a deep breath. Whether you are worried about what Rand Paul's lackluster Romney endorsement means for the future of the movement, or whether you are worried about the movement's reaction, just try to take a deep breath. My prediction is that this storm will pass if we let it. If my predictions are right, Rand will keep doing a great job and will--through his actions--slowly win back the people he's upset with this recent move. If I'm wrong, and he's really a traitor as some are worried, then that will become abundantly clear in due time. Give Ron Paul a chance to wind this campaign down and pitch his next move. If we disagree with the approach he wants to take going forward, no problem (he's not our boss!). If we agree with him, that's great too.

So in conclusion, I like you people a lot and I think we can keep changing the world and saving our country. But let's try to stick together and be friendly, especially when things get rocky.

Thanks for reading and for all your work.

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I agree!

It’s become quite evident there are basically two camps within this Liberty movement. Those who want to stand firm on a NO compromise platform (the original Ron Paul movement), and those wanting the freedom to fight against the same tyranny in this country, from inside the establishment (what appears to be the Rand Paul movement).

For the most part we’re all on the same team, trying to stop a corrupt tyrannical system from taking our liberty and freedom as given to us in the Constitution. Our two brigades are both passionate about their battle tactics, and need each other’s blessings to co-exist in harmony to fight against our common enemy.

I do not believe we would have come to the point, if the leadership from both these camps had addressed the issue in the proper manor. Wow, just think we’re all human aren’t we!

I’m from the Ron Paul camp, and very passionate about it. I would like to extend my hand of friendship to those in the other camp as being the true freedom fighters I know you are. I may not agree with all your tactics on how to fight this battle, but neither will you be regarding mine. We can co-exist.

Let’s not allow this “Rand” issue to divide us any longer, because it’s not healthy or productive for the Liberty Movement.

What do you all say?

The Winds of Change!


The original Paul movement is not about No Compromise when it comes to politics. It's always been about party reformation, and changing the government by becoming the government. Where it's been no compromise has been on principle, strict constitutionalism etc....this is still the case and has not changed.

Rand is just phase 2. We are evolving to be more impactful on the political scene. We need to support the Paul's here

I agree,

I agree that Ron does play politics to some degree, but I think the poster is right that Ron Paul's approach has consistently been one of extremely limited politicking. That's part of why we all love him so much; there's literally never been anyone else like him. Without him, a Rand Paul approach probably wouldn't have been possible to launch. He delivers a liberty message come rain or shine, whereas Rand Paul has been way more willing to modulate to Hannitarian rhetoric. This is much harder for a lot of Ron Paul supporters to stomach (and for a few, it might even be unforgivable), but I think he'll prove his worth over the long haul.



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I agree...

Good breakdown... For the record, I consider myself firmly in both camps. In other words, I think you need Ron Paul types to wake people up; they can only do this by being virtually uncompromising in their message and actions (although anybody paying attention knows that even Ron Paul plays politics to some degree).

But once they wake people up, the Rand Paul approach is going to make a huge impact. By being a bit chummy with the right wing, a growing slate of liberty candidates playing insider ball are going to start ACTUALLY repealing a bunch of stuff. I don't mean this to take ANYTHING away from Ron, but he's had very little success actually shrinking government. I think he knows full well that a Rand type approach is the way to start doing that. But that doesn't mean the Ron Paul approach is no longer necessary. You need people like Ron Paul to keep waking people up to the truth. Then some percentage of those people can start running for office, modulating their message as needed to get into office. As more and more people do this, you're going to see a shocking number people over the next few years getting into office and surprising the establishment.

Thanks again for your comments.

PS - Just to be really clear, when I say "Ron Paul has had very little success" I DO NOT MEAN to say that he has not been successful. He's been extremely successful at what he's actually trying to achieve, which is spawning a movement and educating people.