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Zero Hedge: The ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ Con-Game

Here is a great article and video on the similarities of Obama and Romney from the front page of Zero Hedge.


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Here is the problem with this article.

Rand is not asking US to vote for the lesser of two evils.

I agree with what Rand did, but I am not going to vote for Mitt.

Rand is simply fullfilling his role.

He must do what he must do as a Republican Elected Official.


Even Rand can go into that booth and write in his father.

He is simply making a public endorsement as required by his party.

He could have refused, but then he will have to change parties.

That is it.

He made a hard choice. Right or Wrong. But this is not a "lesser of two evils" example.

Ron Paul was an elected Republican official in 2008,

but he didn't endorse McCain.

Ron stayed in the Republican Party.

Ron ran for President in the next cycle.

Rand has chosen a different path.

But Ron Paul is an enigma

Rand isn't.
Rand had to do it to be able to compromise and strategize within the Senate. We don't have to.

The main problem I have with Rand doing this (big problem) was the timing.

Seems like he could have done it after the convention. Says to me the RNC is still afraid of the number of delegates we are amassing and that is why they pressured him to do it now.

Rand is like his Father in that....he said he would endorse the nominee so he did. I didn't make that promise so I won't vote Romney. NEVER!!

It is heartbreaking to be betrayed.

It will take our people sometime to understand that we've been worked over by Rand and Jesse, and maybe the Old Man himself (almost choke to type that part).

No way nebolaw

Dr. Paul has not worked us over and he never will. Oh ye of little faith. Dr. Paul is incorruptible. Not gonna happen.

Litmus test?

What is the test? At what point will you accept that you've been worked?

When he endorses that puke Mitt Romney?

When his grandkids are all installed in the White House with six figure jobs?

When he recognizes that Liberty has limits, and that there is a purpose to the Federal Reserve and he's been wrong all of these years?

What will it take?

And, until he keeps passing the increasingly meaningless litmus tests, you'll keep on sending his organization money?

Now you've shown your true colors nebolaw.

I'm done corresponding with you now that you have revealed yourself.

Dr. Paul has already passed all the Litmus tests. DUH!!!!

Ohionurse - What are my true colors?

You are a health care professional. You don't tell your patients to put on the rose colored glasses and hope for a spontaneous cure on a bad diagnosis. You tell them treatment options.

We need to scramble and come up with a contingency plan.

What is it? Who is the next most trusted non-Paul leader? That person needs to step forward and make proposals.

Will there be a fight at Tampa? Will the Delegates worship the Paul if he goes sideways, or will they move to suspend the rules?

What is the plan?

You are correct.

But he does have a standing policy of endorsing all Texas encumbants.

The party in 2008 probably didn't care and therefore did not ask (demand) for an endorsement.

They did demand that he endorse a neocon during his campaign and he obliged.

The stakes are much higher this go around and much more will be asked (demanded).

My gut tells me that Ron still has some hard decisions to make, and some here are not going to like the decisions that he makes.

If we do exactly what it appears we are doing, which is walking away from the new defacto leader of this movement (Rand), I think we are doing exactly what we are suppose to be doing and doing exactly what Rand wants us to do.

Yes, he endorsed Romney, but he was counting on us not voting for him, dispite his endorsement.

Having said that, when things calm down abit, we still need to trust Rand, especailly because of the 2016 potential. We need to be a bit more rational, and Rand needs to reestablish his character thru his future voting record.

In four years, this all needs to be nothing more than a blip.

We can't have any life long lasting hatred from this event.

AJ will need to do a mea culpa, or he will be left in the cold. (That is the part I find most enjoyable about all this)

"Mea Culpa?"!!!

A "mea culpa" will satisfy you? That's it?

If Liberty is going to have any future in this country, Rand Paul must be removed from office at the next election. Even if it means electing a self-avowed Communist. I know that this sounds drastic, and "cutting off one's nose to spite a face" but those that accept support from the movement may not accept that support without consequences.

Threatened consequences are meaningless.

Effectively and smartly delivered consequences make headlines.

Rand Paul must be voted out of office at the next opportunity regardless of what he does in the interim.

I've got some very bad news for you ...

Rand's popularity in KY has grown steadily since his election.

The Senators from KY have a reputation, going back to Henry Clay, of gaining tremendous power thru their seniority.

That means they remain in office for a very, very long time.

Speaking of Henry Clay, did you know that he served as a U.S. Senator despite being constitutionally ineligible.

So much for the birther issue.

Yeah, well Henry Clay did not throw Revolutionaries under a bus.

Kentucky is a poor state.

Let's calculate how much it will cost per voter to put in a Democrat in Rand Paul's seat.

Just for kicks.