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Now that things have calmed down a tad...

I can tell you about what happened to me last Thursday - the day of June 7th, 2012.

The day of the 'Endorsement'.

I was in a suit driving to Tempe, Arizona, where I was due to attend a AZ GOP 'Cocktail Party' for the Arizona Delegation going to Tampa. I am an Alternate Delegate. I had called Assistant Organizer John Laurie (Delegate) to see if he was attending. He told me he had to work, but had I heard the news? Grab a wastebasket - Rand endorsed Mitt.

After calling another Delegate (who didn't show) I called AZ C4L Leader and Assistant Organizer Annette Freeman ('B' Slate Delegate) to see her status. She informed me she couldn't go because the AZ GOP had sent her a letter earlier in the week stating that 'due to communications with the RNC, the Arizona 'B' Delegation would NOT be seated, and Arizona would not be sending them in August'.

By this time I have arrived at the venue.

I happened to pull into the parking lot of Monti's La Casa Vieja at the exact same time as a nice lady that I didn't recognize, but was a former Candidate for Mayor. We exchanged pleasantries, and I ended up walking into the event with her. While waiting to be escorted to the room we would be in for the evening, she politely introduced me to several others in line to go in.

After registering, getting a drink and some appetizers, I landed in an empty chair at the table my District Chairman, Ed Hedges, was presiding over, attended by noteworthy Arizonans of longtime GOP stature.

I 'held my own'. I was as pleasant as everyone else, and it was a good start chatting and eating, then the 'Program' began. I applauded politely when Chairman Morrissey spoke about 'electing Mitt Romney as our next President', and did the same when Governor Jan Brewer (our Delegation Chairwoman) did the same.

After a while of Stephanie Miller telling us all about what was scheduled to happen the week of the Convention and answering questions, the event ended. I knew what I had to do next.

I made a beeline for Governor Brewer, and waited politely at her elbow until she was finished speaking with someone, and then introduced myself, and had an absolutely WONDERFUL first meeting. I told her that I looked forward to working with her in Tampa, and if there was anything I could do to assist, all she had to do was but ask. I felt that by the look in her eyes and the excitement in her voice she seemed genuinely glad to meet me, and I left the event feeling good and knowing well that The R3VOLUTION only Marches On when we put our foot out and take that next step and change the lives of others by comingling it with our own.

I left that event not with Ron or Rand on my mind, but thanking GOD for all He has shown me, all He has given me, and all that He has taught me.

I pray that I can live up to His expectations, and that I am moved by Him in my words and deeds in Tampa.

Take heart.

NEVER say die!

Ed in Phoenix.

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