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Ron Paul Mobile Launches

I noticed how many Ron Paul bumper stickers and other signs I see on cars and thought that rather than honking our horns and waving at each other wondering "why is that guy honking and waving at me?", we could actually call and connect with one another.

This would have been helpful at the county convention. We didn't know who the Ron Paul supporters were but we could see the cars with the bumper stickers and signs in the parking lot. Would've been nice to be able to talk and identify them before hand.

Just go to RonPaulMoible.us and register and then other Ron Paul supporters can call you just by using your license plate info.

Sign up, tell your friends and have fun. It's free. Like it on Facebook


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If that info were to escape..

I could imagine the cops stopping Ron Paul supporters on the road and providing them with a night in jail for some silly reason..

You may want to double check the domain name you posted, it looks like you made a mistake.


My personal opinion is that this is not a very good idea.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Thanks for the typo. There's

Thanks for the typo. There's nothing about this that isn't already public knowledge: your Ron Paul bumper sticker and your license plate. The idea is that the cell phone numbe remains private but we can still call one another.

We've got 100+ users in the DB so far and growing so spread the word.


because that would be easier than just pulling them over when they see the bumper sticker how?