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1st Annual Show Me Freedom Fest, June 30th, Kansas City, MO

I am proud to introduce a first of it's kind event in the Midwest region. The Show Me Freedom Fest is a gathering of liberty-minded individuals who will educate, train, and learn how to win for their issues.

There will be an entire days worth of speakers, training, debates/forums, and breakout sessions for grassroots activists young and old.

To Register go here: http://showmefreedomfest.eventbrite.com/

Registration includes a free box lunch and a t-shirt!
As we hit landmarks in registration, new special guests will be announced.

Can't go, but would like to support our efforts to break into this untapped market? Well, there is a ChipIn for that (the first 2K will help us secure our first big speaker!)

Here are some of the range of topics that will be discussed:

Terrorism and National Security


Second Amendment

Jury Nullification

Mutual Aid

Asset Forfeiture Reform

Local Kansas City issues

Red Light Cameras

Urban Farming


Petition Gathering

Neighborhood Activism

and much more!

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will be awesome,and much needed in Mo.

Show Me Freedom Fest

This event will be for both Kansas and Missouri people and anyone else who is interested in liberty!