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I recall the 2010 election well. Our movement- those many rag tag former cynics finally awoken from apathy and bitterness- chose to send a message to the mainstream republican establishment by dethroning Mitch McConnell’s heir apparent Trey Grayson in Kentucky with the darkest horse candidate imaginable- Rand Paul. He had limited political experience indulging us in arm chair political philosophy while adorned in scrubs enjoying the comfort of his office. We overlooked the massive shadow of his father and accepted that Rand could serve as the ultimate bridge for the movement to connect to all Americans. Of course he had to win, and winning required money.

I and many others raised millions to deliver the bully pulpit to the lightweight against the better judgment of the establishment. It was a contract. We- the thousands of donors, volunteers, and voters- entrusted Dr. Rand Paul with the responsibility of being the lone voice in the senate to stand against the ever growing tyranny of our government. We believed that his father endowed a spirit of strength, resilience, and character to resist the easy path. We didn’t want a man of compromise. We wanted a man who could- like his father before him- accept the pains of trailblazing the dark forests for liberty.

Now we witness the fruits of our labors. Our hopes, dreams, and faith have been rewarded with an endorsement of Mitt Romney. Even if his father wasn’t in the race, this endorsement reflects upon the man we so dearly believed would be the movement’s ultimate leader. Mitt Romney supports war, crony capitalism, the neo-conservative destruction of liberties, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the patriot act, torture, the federal reserve system, the income tax system, and was the architect of an entire state’s domination of its citizen’s healthcare. Romney is the antithesis of everything the liberty movement has argued, suffered, and even bled. He is a demagogue seeking power; nothing more.

A political party is not bigger than any man. It is a unit of belief to be debated, engaged, and altered for (and by) the will of the American people as a whole. The proper role should never be to acquire power for a few at the expense of the many, but rather to view the problems of society through a particular clustering of ideology for solutions. The party’s members ought to struggle for the right to be the harbinger of its solutions, yet how have we forgotten that once a victor is chosen it doesn’t mean we must surrender our principles, our reason, and our very core beliefs so some vacuous vehicle can gain position over another vacuous vehicle?

A Romney victory is meaningless for our movement. It is an extension of the fundamental destruction of the assiduously crafted constitution from which our founders invested their very souls. Its concepts of man being above the government; self-ownership of our land and more foundationally our bodies changed the entire world. We saw within 200 years the death of monarchy and the divine right of kings. We influenced countless generations to believe in our nation as a beacon of hope. Even if the light was never as magnificent as we advertised, we still took a dream of a mankind far different from our history and somehow demonstrated that it was possible.

Our movement has always been an idealistic and uncompromising one. We are the patient sentinels to remind all people, regardless of their wake in life, that liberty is one unit- Immutable, perfect in concept, and a challenge to embrace given its profound consequences. Rand Paul has made a decision with his endorsement. He has divorced himself from the cause of liberty. Perhaps he will know great victories for his beliefs in the future; however, they will not be under our banner. Rand is now free. We wish him well and will never forget his words:

I am honored by the privilege of serving in the United States Senate. I am honored and humbled by the responsibility of defending our Constitution and our individual freedoms.

I will sit at Henry Clay’s desk. There is likely no legislator from Kentucky more famous than Henry Clay. He served as both the Speaker of the House and Leader of the Senate. He ran for President four times and nearly bested James Polk.
Henry Clay was called the Great Compromiser. During orientation, one of my new colleagues asked me with a touch of irony and a twinkle in his eye, “Will you be a great compromiser?”
I’ve thought long and hard about that question. Is compromise the noble position...
…Henry Clay came within 38,000 votes out of over 2 million votes of being President. He lost the New York delegation barely because an abolitionist third party, the Liberty Party, refused to support him because of his muddled support of slavery. One could argue that Clay’s compromises on slavery cost him the presidency.
Those activists who didn’t compromise – Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Frederick Douglass, and Cassius Clay – are heroes because they said slavery was wrong and they would not compromise….

The real heroes don’t compromise in the face of evil- they overcome it. The greatest evil mankind has ever known is to seek dominion over his fellow brothers. Our cause, the cause of true liberty, will never fully extinguish this abyss, yet those who fight it will never compromise regardless of the consequences. The battles never need to be won to provide us with strength for the struggle defines us.

By removing the chains of oppression and tyranny from our hearts and mind, we transcend the physical. Like the slaves of old or those imprisoned for desiring their humanity, our bodies can be broken, but our will is eternal. Hence, we will always be free. While today we lost a leader, we will never lose the dream.

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Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy

Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy
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