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is Ron Paul underestimating his delegate count?

This was a thread a couple of weeks ago. Can this be a ploy to pull off an Ocotber surprise?

"Siemon added that Ron Paul Festival will also serve as a pre-game rally for Ron Paul's national convention delegates, which could number up to 1,000, according to one source familiar with the campaign's internal delegate count".

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ron-paul-festival-tampa-repub...

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I have been

thinking the same thing. How can even Ron know how many delegate will actually be for him at the convention ? Even ones that at this moment are for Romney could change their minds by the time they get to Tampa.

We can't get a delegate count in Texas because

so many people won't talk. Lots of Romney people flipped at last minute and don't want anyone to know. Like Dr. Paul said to do, "Vote your conscience."

his delegate count may be growing all the way

Someone is trying to get delegates to NOT show up in Tampa

I think political threats were made...not physical, to Rand.

Why did Ron say he didn't have enough delegates

when there are hundreds of unconfirmed delegates?

That action (plus Rand's) leads me to think they are being coerced.

Add to that their silence and the barrage of LP plants (remember, the LP has proved itself to be just as controlled as the Republican party...frankly more controlled).

Of course...

Ron's numbers are 100% confirmed delegates, I am sure there are many unconfirmed or even intentially keeping quiet about who they support.

Many of the higher rings that would be frontrunners for Tampa could be 2008 insurgents considered establishment after 4 years.

What about alternates that might get a seat?

What about disgruntled "Mitt" delegates who if a coup was in the works might support such coup?

Mitt had the presumptive nomination in 2008, when McCain won a few early states I think many establishment republicans sighed a breath of relief.

We won't know the true totals until the vote takes place in Tampa. If I were Romney, I would be worried at the very least!