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Organized Effort To Destroy The Liberty Movement (It All Makes Sense Now)

After having a discussion with a member of the Libertarian Party about how much Ron Paul has done to "hurt the party," it all made sense.

The giant crap-storm and the majority of the anti-Rand Paul, anti-Jack Hunter and anti-Ron Paul hate that has started here on the Daily Paul is coming from MEMBERS OF THE LIBERTARIAN and CONSTITUTION PARTIES.

You know, those parties who wouldn't even endorse Ron Paul in the GOP primary, and actively told their voters NOT to vote for Ron Paul.

They are NOT part of the Liberty Movement; they are NOT friends of the Liberty Movement. In fact, they HATE the Liberty Movement and hate Ron Paul.

Because of the Campaign for Liberty and the Tea Party, small "l" libertarians are joining the GOP and trying to change it from within. That means they are not joining, supporting, or giving money to 3rd Party Advocates for Liberty (i.e. The Libertarian Party and The Constitution Party).

It made sense today talking to a 15-year LP member, as he plainly stated that he and most of his local party members blame Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty for "setting back" their party.

Why then WOULDN'T they jump on the first chance to completely trash the Poster-Boy of the Campaign for Liberty and its goal to reform the GOP, Rand Paul.

Call me crazy if you like, but mega-early join date and proposed solutions (vote Gary Johnson) from all the Rand/Ron Paul Haters on this website validate this theory.

These members of the Daily Paul and "members" of the R3VOLution, supported Ron Paul for President, but NEVER supported the reformation of the Republican Party and Liberty Movement, because they were always - first and foremost - loyal to THEIR party.

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Maybe to some degree. i have

Maybe to some degree. i have seen a lot of people on here talking about Johnson. But, in reality, people are just really pissed. we are finding out that not just Rand but also Paul are endorsing non-Liberty candidates. So, do your homework and don't jump to conclusions as to why you see such a backlash. There are real things within the C4L and campaign that need to be questioned.

To disagree is what makes the movement

more solid, yes Rands endorsement of Romney is bad
but the support for Ron Paul and Rand will be there
as long as there voting records stay toward liberty

If we all just said what Rand did was ok then
that would be a huge blow to the movement, I for
one will NEVER vote for Romney to do so would
make me feel like a hypocrite for years down
the road.

Rands interview with Peter Schiff explained to
me his reasons why he endorsed Romney Nixon I just
hope it does not effect his Senate seat in 2014.

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

How do you know?

Be the change you want to see - emulate Ron Paul. Great men talk about ideas. Mediocre men talk about events. Petty men talk about people.

The Libertarian Party 'establishment' feels threatened

The Libertarian Party has an establishment just like the Republicans. The Libertarian Party really grew after the Christian Conservative Moral Majority's take over of the Republican Party in the '80s. Those people who felt the Republican's were going in the wrong direction, away from its small government, liberty oriented roots, left the party and joined the Libertarians. Now that the RP Revolution is reversing a lot of the damage done to the Republican party over the last 30 years, the Libertarian establishment fears a reverse exodus from the Libertarian Party back to the Republicans.

How does this comment get downvoted?

Unless it's Libertarian/Constitution Party loyalists seeking to divide and destroy?

Every troll sign-on for the last few days that I have seen

Are Romney supporters. They sign on and mark down messages that talk
about a brokered convention.

This message, sowing seeds of distrust among brothers, is a Romney supporter message as well.

Really, internet anonymity sometimes is a bad thing. You couldn't say this crap in front of me in real life.

The Liberty movement is a big movement. Only Romney would be trying to destroy it right now. He's the only fascist in the race.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

How in the blue hell

have I been "trying to destroy the liberty movement" when every post I've made in the past week has been desparately trying to save the Liberty Movement by urging us to stay unified with our proven Liberty Candidates.

I've never once said "We should vote for Romney." I'm NOT going to vote for Romney UNLESS Ron Paul is he Vice President (not even Rand).

All I have been saying is that even with the crappy endorsement, Rand Paul and Jack Hunter and Ron Paul are still awesome champions of Liberty; and so are Mike Lee and Justin Amash, and we should support them as such and continue to fight to gain control of the GOP.

This kind of backwad logic that urging people to stay with the Liberty Movement is "destroying the Liberty Movement" is nonsensical and I can't believe people on this site are buying it and promoting it.

It's not unreasonable to see

It's not unreasonable to see people say they might vote for Johnson. It's just too soon at this point to be saying it.

If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, there is only several choices left at the ballot box - write Ron Paul's name in, choose one of the third party candidates like Johnson or the Constitution party; and only several other choices beyond that - like try to kick both major party candidates off the ballot for both being ineligible to be president, start a campaign aimed at the electoral college, etc.

But the only actual trolls are coming from Romney. Any of those options are options he doesn't want.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Whenever something gets going in popularity

there are always those who feel like it wasn't the way they wanted it to be.
The Libertarians have had their noses out of joint for years about it, but many of them come here anyway because it is where the action is. They can't deny it, and many of them are supportive.
Around this time, when they have their own nominee, there have been the trolls here trying to suck support off this movement with Bob Barr in 2008, and now with Johnson in 2012.
But it's not all of the Libertarians. Many Libertarians have become Ron Paul Republicans, and have fought long and hard for the cause.

There are also other little factions that want their little slice of the action, like the anarchists, and the Occupy, and little groups like that which are never going to get popular, and don't really totally support what we support, but it's closer to what they want than getting nothing. So, they give some support.

The truth is that the only way to hold a tent this diverse together is to just promote freedom, and not try to narrow it down. Narrowing it down with details just serves to push some people out because they feel snubbed.
As long as the goal is to keep the gov't out of our lives to the most possible extent, I think we'll have wide ranging support.

Um, no.

I've been a registered Republican my whole life and have served on multiple GOP state central committees, county central committees and have been an officer on and off for over 15 years.

So, you are COMPLETELY WRONG. You actually have been one of the greatest sources of divisiveness since you have joined the DP.


Says you

And yeah, because preaching "unity" and "brotherhood" is really divisive.


LOL: "My way or the highway" is not unity and brotherhood.

George W Bush, what are you doing posting on Daily Paul? Don't you have better things to do?

What are you talking about?

How is saying, "We should take Liberty Friendly politicians as they are, not only as we should have them." ANYWHERE EVEN CLOSE TO "My way or the Highway."

In fact, by saying that we should cast out and forever shun Liberty candidates without spotless records is actually saying, "My exact way or the highway."

It is you and those like you who have actually uttered the George W. Bush phrase in regards to Rand and Hunter, "If you're not with us, you're against us."

And, yet, I've never done that.

I only did it it with you.

You have no idea what I'm like. There are very few here like me.

So more wild generalizations and accusations from you yet again.

With every post and reply you make, you only prove my point better.


It's just strange the the COINTEL Conspiracy Theorist

Can't see that dividing the Liberty Movement is exactly what is best for the Establishment and worst for Liberty, the Country, and us.

Oh I can.

And I'm pointing it out right here. YOU

Again, I ask you


I am the one saying come one come all to Liberty. Calm down, let's still back Rand Paul and support Jack Hunter.

How is that dividing anything by encouraging unity amongst our members and continued support of our proven allies?

I bet this doesn't even get downvoted

by the Alex Jones / LP / CP trolls, because they don't want ANYONE to know that the real members of the R3VOLution are onto them.

Oh I Know they are gary trolls

Anytime I state why I am STILL voting for Ron Paul they actually come back (on this site) stating that I am a romney supporter...

It worries me actually because it just makes me realize how idiotic that thought process really is and how DILUSIONAL these garyboys really are.

How would me writing in ron paul ( its my vote folks NOT YOURS!!!! ) make me a romney supporter?

that legalizeliberty is the biggest gary troll on this board posted so much laughable content with his 3 other buddies on here HOPING to get their LP some much needed cash.

Not exactly the way to try and hijack the revolution if you ask me. You can't call me a romney supporter and hope I vote for gary, these LP boys are just NUTS!

We don't need 3 parties anyways
We don't even need 2 parties for that matter


Follow the constitution


gary fail
LP FAIL big time
gary trolls - keep it coming because you are doing so much wonderful stuff for your "party". Hell there must be at least 5 of you by now right lol.


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LegalizeLiberty helped start

LegalizeLiberty helped start Daily Paul as one of the original members, so you are way off base calling him a troll. He has been an ardent Paul supporter long before you ever became a member of this site.

With that said, I personally don't understand why he's pushing Johnson so hard at this time. It may be that he sees that as the right course of action, which is his right. I do know this though. LegalizeLiberty is one of the most ardent supporters of liberty to have ever joined this site. I feel his support for Johnson is the wrong choice for me, but he is definitely not here to sow dissent among us.

Blessings )o(

If he was Rand Smith

no-one would have a problem. We'd think of him as a tea party/conservative friendly to liberty issues who endorsed the gop nominee.

Yeah and it's not even like he's lukewarm

like Jim DeMint. He's 100% legit on Civil Liberties too, instead of just Economic Liberty and Sound Money