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Best Chance to Continue Ron Paul's Legacy in the House! GOTV for Karen Kwiatkowski, NOW! Her GOP Primary is Today!

People are asking where the Ron Paul movement goes from here. This is exactly where it should go...to helping liberty candidates win their primaries.

Karen Kwiatkowski's primary is today. She's a genuine Ron Paul libertarian/Constitutional Conservative, has all the credentials you could ask for and she's running against a RINO, Bob Goodlatte.

Goodlatte coauthored SOPA, wrote the defining features of CISPA, supports the Patriot Act, interventionism, unbalanced budgets from both Democratic and Republican administrations, debt ceiling increases and regulating small family farms.

6th Congressional District farmer, Joel Salatin endorsed Karen over Goodlatte. Salatin's endorsement read:

"Karen...truly gets food freedom. I encourage everyone to get out and vote for her on Tuesday."

"If you disagree with my assessment, I would ask you to call either George Allen’s campaign or Bob Goodlatte’s campaign and ask them one simple question: 'Do you believe Virginians should have the right to purchase raw milk from any farmer they choose, and do you believe any farmer should have the right to sell this raw milk to consenting adults unfettered of bureaucratic oversight?' The answer will tell you exactly what has become abundantly clear to me. These two old-timers are not ready for the battles our culture needs to fight if we are to survive as a bastion of freedom and personal liberty (responsibility)."

This is the district's first GOP primary in 20 years. And Karen is Goodlatte's first in-party challenger. (He was given the nod at the party convention 20 years ago.) She has a shot at winning this because it's an open primary and the district is super conservative.

Please make a few calls for Karen to encourage people to GOTV: phone.karenkforcongress.com

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But she states she will run again in '14.

Undo what Wilson did

Polls closed about 10 minutes

Polls closed about 10 minutes ago. A few precincts are reporting.

Good God! Kwiatkowski is running close:

AB - Central Absentee Precinct
(District 06)

Last Reported: Jun 12 2012 7:08PM EST

Robert W. "Bob" Goodlatte 18 58.06%

Karen U. Kwiatkowski 13 41.93%

Any more updates??


Votes are still coming in.

Votes are still coming in. She won Harrisonburg by 14 votes.


Last Reported: Jun 12 2012 7:20PM EST

Robert W. "Bob" Goodlatte 602 49.42% Precincts Reporting:
8 of 8 (100%)

Voter Turnout:
1,218 of 19,307 active voters (6.308%)
1,218 of 20,943 total voters (5.815%)

Karen U. Kwiatkowski 616 50.57%


Big bump

Front page material.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Bumping your comment.

Bumping your comment.

Bump! Phone out the vote!


Bump for this. I just called for about an hour and spoke to a ton of Democrats who did not know they could vote today! They know who Bob is.... so call and encourage them to vote before the 7pm deadline!

Awesome. Are you in the

Awesome. Are you in the district or Virginia?


Joel Salatin: Endorsements for Radtke, Kwiatkowski in Tuesday’s primaries

joel endorses KAREN not the RINO STOOGE "Bob Goodlatte"

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

What's misleading. I said

What's misleading. I said Joel Salatin endorsed Kwiatkowski.

I clarified it in case

I clarified it in case anybody else was confused. The link to his endorsement is, here:


I Heard Her Speak. She is awesome!

Vote for her if you live in her District!

This is how we change Congress.

It's done by electing similarly minded people to us to the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and state as well as local legislatures. Karen Kwiatkowski is one person who, if performs as advertised, will vote against all unconstitutional legislation if elected. She needs to be elected, as well as others who are willing to follow a similar path. Former Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas comes to mind, for Texas District 36. He's proud to be targeted for defeat by Sarah Brady and her moronic gun grabbing group. Another candidate is Eric Knowles, who is running against liberal Democrat John Sarbanes (a former senator's son) in Maryland District 3. The point is, there are quite a few of these candidates who are running and need our support; mainly because of the fact that the more of them that we elect, the more ability that we will have in determining policy no matter who is president. We will have to acquire majorities in both houses to make any real change. We have enough candidates to do it, the issue becomes getting them elected. This will be critical in keeping Romney in the hot seat should he be elected. While I don't like the prospect of it, if Romney gets elected, we can always reinforce the fact that he is a liar and a fraud if he doesn't govern anywhere near what he stated to get Rand Paul's endorsement. With Obama, we'll have to keep treating him like the enemy of freedom that we all know he is if he gets four more years. That's why it is critical to get as many liberty minded, pro-constitution, anti-Fed, anti-NDAA candidates elected to Congress as we can. Our future depends on this.

*Influence Congress* -

- with greater numbers, well put. Karen-Ki = solid foundations. She has written numerous articles on LewRockwell.com over many years, has covered many issues -, committed to the principles noted in the last lines of your post. +1

Good, quick interview of

Good, quick interview of Karen:


Yes, please post to the front!!!

She is the future of our government!!!

This post should of been on

This post should of been on the front all day today

Michael, please give Karen

Michael, please give Karen front page coverage. :)

If people make like 10 phone calls to GOTV, that would truly help:

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Rand should've endorsed her.

Rand should've endorsed her. : ) Just saying....


bump for my friend Karen

And Goodlatte refused to

And Goodlatte refused to participate in the 6th district debate between the candidates, Karen and the Democratic Challenger.


Karen's ready for Primetime!!!

Go Karen!

Dearest moderators: Please

Dearest moderators: Please post to the front page. : ) (Some of us are tired of the Rand drama.)

Please post this to the front

Please post this to the front page. It's newsworthy and will give people something positive to focus on.



Call your friends & family in

Call your friends & family in Virginia