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Ron Paul Biography Paper written by a 13 yr old for School

This is a paper my daughter wrote for he 7th grade Challenge English class this year and she has been pestering me to put it up on the Daily Paul. She got an A+. I hope you enjoy it.

Ron Paul
Founder of the Modern Liberty Movement
A Biography


Can you imagine what it would be like if we could bring forward in time one of our country’s founding fathers? Say Thomas Jefferson, in his genius, managed to fold time only to step into today in order to serve as president in 2012. He would brilliantly remind us of the importance of our constitution, and help guide this derailed country back on track to freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, we don’t have this option available. However, in his stead, we have among the 2012 presidential candidates a modern day founding father. Congressman Ron Paul exemplifies the spirit, determination, and the love of freedom equal to any of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. To take the full measure of a person you must first explore his early life. So let’s begin there.

Let me escort you seventy-six years back to August 20th, 1935, when the country was suffering from the Great Depression. On this day, a baby was born by the name of Ronald Earnest Paul. As the middle child of five boys who lived in a modest house in Green Tree Pennsylvania, he wasn’t allotted much personal space. Through the frigid months, the five boys all shared one cramped bedroom. However, from spring until fall, the boys were excited to sleep on the breezy, screened-in porch that was attached to their house.

Green Tree was a small farming, mining and railroad town. Paul’s family ran their own dairy, where they pasteurized and bottled milk. Little Ron started working in the dairy at age five. He earned a copper penny for every dirty bottle that he identified skulking down the conveyer belt. Ron and his brothers knew which of their uncles were the worst at washing bottles and often would tussle for who got to inspect that particular uncle’s conveyer belt.

Because Ron Paul’s parents instilled the value of hard work into their boys, Paul also mowed lawns, and delivered three paper routes, serving around three hundred customers. By the time he got to high school, Ron would arrive early in the mornings to help in the dairy, and then was employed nights at the local drug store making ice cream sundays and sodas. His brothers joked that he only liked working there for the unlimited free ice cream. Who wouldn’t? However, Ron said that he learned volumes about the pharmacy business which was a benefit later in life. In the heat of the summer, he also held a part time job painting the school and delivering furniture for a local store. The purpose for toiling away at all these jobs was to stash away money so that he could attend college.

High School life for Ron Paul was exceedingly active. In addition to working, he also was on the wrestling team, president of the student council, and was an honor roll student as well. But perhaps the activity that Ron favored best was track. He preferred to run the two miles to high school every morning, regardless of the weather, rather than bump along on the bus. He was awarded the state championship in the 220-yard dash and ranked No. 2 in the 440-yard run in the whole state of Pennsylvania. In fact, He was so amazingly fast, that in one race he had beaten a boy who later went on to run at the Olympics. Interestingly, at one of his high school track meets, he met a girl named Carol Wells. She asked him to be her date for her sixteenth birthday party and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Ron Paul had earned a scholarship for track, but unfortunately, he was forced to reject it because of a serious knee injury that needed surgery. Using swimming for physical therapy, his knee began to mend. Although he wouldn’t return to running, ultimately, all that swimming led him to become a member of his college swim team.

Aside from swimming at Gettysburg College, he also studied biology. Paul managed to get a small scholastic scholarship to help for some of the expenses of college, but had to continue to earn his way through school by delivering laundry and also delivering mail during Christmas break. In his senior year, he married his high school sweetheart, Carol Wells. They spent that year of college dwelling on the third floor of an old home in Gettysburg. Carol worked as a secretary and Ron was manager of the college coffee shop called "The Bullet Hole” and he was the steward and house manager of his fraternity. How he found time to do all these things while excelling at college, I have no clue.

Soon after, Ron Paul earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology in 1957. He and his wife moved to North Carolina so that he could study at Duke University School of Medicine. Carol worked as a medical secretary to help pay for Ron’s education. Together they lived in a tiny blue wooden house complete with a long haired collie for the backyard. It was in this cute little house that they had their first two children.

Earning his medical degree in 1961, the now Dr. Paul and his wife next moved to Detroit, Michigan where he completed his internship and one year of Internal Medicine Residency at Henry Ford Hospital. Meanwhile, Carol taught ballet, tap dancing, and baton twirling in the basement of their home. Money was really tight so every penny earned helped.

Two years later, in 1963, Ron was drafted to serve in the military during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the beginnings of the Vietnam War. He received orders to report in San Antonio, Texas. Therefore, he promptly gathered up his wife, dog and his three children (Ronnie, Lori and Rand) who were aged four years old to three weeks old. Ron Paul entered United States Air Force, where he served for three years as a flight surgeon. When his tour was over, Paul joined the United States Air National Guard while he congruently trained to be an obstetrician and gynecologist. During this time, Ron and Carol welcomed a new baby boy, Robert, in 1966. He was their fourth child.

Another couple of years passed bringing us to 1968. Ron Paul and his family moved to Brazoria County, Texas where he setup his own private medical practice. Rather than taking Medicaid or Medicare, Paul would at times discount his fees or even work for free to help those without ability to pay. Throughout his career, Dr. Paul has delivered more than four thousand babies. But it wasn’t until 1973 that Ron and Carol had their fifth and final child, Joy Paul.

Ron Paul spent what little free time he had on reading. It still is his favorite hobby. During medical school, he stumbled upon a book called “The Road to Serfdom”, which was about Austrian Economics. This book lit a spark of passion for economics in him that still burns brightly today. He began to study economics eagerly in his spare time. Many other books like “The Law”, “Atlas Shrugged”, and “Dr. Zhivago” impressed upon him the danger that big governments have on freedom. His belief in the constitution, in personal liberties, and in economic freedom drives him in everything he says and does.

In 1971, the actions of President Richard Nixon, was life changing for Dr. Paul. That year, President Nixon put an end to money being backed up by gold. Paul felt that this change made all money political rather than real money with real value. This was so outrageous and dangerous to Paul that it drove him to speak out and run for political office.

Ron Paul’s attempt to get elected to congress was rocky at first. He lost on his first try in 1974. He served only one short year after winning a special election in 1976 but then lost re-election. However that didn’t discourage him. Two years later in 1978, Paul ran again and won again. This time he stayed in for a full six years.

In 1984, Ron Paul decided to retire from congress and run for the senate instead. He lost the primary against Phil Gramm who had switched from being a democrat to a Republican the previous year. When he was defeated in 1985 he made the decision to go back to his medical practice. Wanting to educate people, Paul began writing about economics and freedom. Consequently, his popularity quickly swelled among Libertarians and conservative Republicans. By 1987, he gained a substantial amount of supporters and had decided to run for President as a Libertarian. He had known it was a long shot and he wasn’t able to get many votes. But, regardless, he was able promote his message for sound money and following the constitution.

Not until 1996 did Paul try for congress again. At that time, he had hoped that with a newly elected Republican congress, he would be able to really work with people to reduce the size of government and bring back money backed by gold. Instead of the Republican Party endorsing him and helping him get elected, Newt Gingrich along with President George H. Bush encouraged a democrat to switch parties and run against Paul in his district. See, Paul had gotten a reputation of only voting for laws that were constitutional. Gingrich and the Republican’s in Washington wanted people who would vote how they told them to vote. So, Paul was not who they wanted. Even with the Speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich, and President Bush working against him, Paul still managed to win his election for congress. Furthermore, he has kept his seat for congress for the last sixteen years. In all that time, he stayed true to his principles by never voting for anything that undermined the constitution, raised taxes, or made the government bigger in any way. There were times when Ron Paul stood alone as the only “no” vote on a bill that he viewed as bad for the country. He did this without regard to the criticism and pressure from other congress members. His brothers say that he was an even-tempered but very stubborn boy. That is just how people describe him today. He has a mild personality, but he stubbornly sticks to the ideals of the constitution and its instructions without wavering.

Probably, his biggest achievement in congress was how he tirelessly worked convincing people that the Federal Reserve Bank that prints our money needed to be audited. When finally congress was able to look at some of the things the Federal Reserve Bank was doing, they found out that it had secretly given 16 trillion dollars to banks in other countries. Ron Paul’s concerns were vindicated but it was only just part of an audit. It prompts the question, “What more are they hiding?” Ron Paul strongly advocates for a full audit of the Federal Reserve and is currently working to make that happen.

Over the years, Ron Paul wrote several books with titles like “End the Fed“, “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, and “Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom”. These books stirred the spirit of many who read them. As result, when he ran again for President in 2008, something new happened. A multitude of people were drawn to Ron Paul because of his consistent votes to protect the constitution. Many more were amazed because his predictions of looming financial dangers and the escalation of war that he had made on the floor of congress in 1998 had all come true. He developed a very loyal foundation of people supporting him. Through the help of the internet, more and more people began to hear his ideals of freedom. His campaign for president transformed into a political movement, and thus, he transformed from a Presidential candidate to a leader of a liberty movement. People supported him not only for who he was as a person and how he could be trusted, but they also supported the larger idea of freedom and having a government that obeys the constitution in every way.

Of course, Ron Paul didn’t win the Presidency in 2008 but he laid the foundation of something bigger. He’s running again now in 2012. This time he has twenty times the number of supporters. And although people on the news say he can’t win, he is doing really well in the election. No one knows if he will be able to win this year in the end, but one thing cannot be denied. Dr. Paul has lit a fire of passion in all of his supporters that will not be extinguished whether he wins or loses. To supporters, he is a modern day example of a founding father. Paul embodies the core concerns and convictions of the likes of John Adams and rally’s support mirroring George Washington. Isn’t it Ironic, that Ron Paul delivered milk as a kid, delivered babies as a Doctor, and now is delivering the ideas of freedom and liberty to the American People as a candidate for President for the United States.

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I think Kate gets an A+ from the DP readers too!

Thanks - great job!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Agreed. Kate gets an A+!

I still can't vote up, so here's a vote up!

I hope Thimbleberry rewarded her with silver and NOT frns ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Tell your daughter thank you for the delightful read!

As an English teacher's daughter I was extremely impressed. Thank you for posting it as well.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I sent this to Carol Paul,

as I knew she'd enjoy reading it.
This is what she said in response:

That was quite a paper written by the 13 year old Kate. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sending it to me. Carol

and who can...

... not love Carol Paul?! :))

Congrats to your daughter.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Wonderful Job, Kate :-)

If you were my girl, I'd proudly post this in the Daily Paul too! Thank you so much for writing this and sharing this with us. You give me so much HOPE for the future of America!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


me feel warm with pride and hope.TY for posting.

Kate's Paper

Hi Kate, :)

Very nice! Excellent writing and research! The A+ is well-deserved. :)

Thought you'd be at least 16 or 17 years old. Who taught you to write so well?

I think you should submit this to your local paper for publishing. They do that in the opinions section if you include your name and city. How thrilling it will be for you and your family to see it there. Then you snip-it out for safe-keeping, make photocopies, and have your parents call all your aunts and uncles to rave about it and see it. Tell your friends and teachers. And continue on with your talent.

[For safety reasons, it may be best not to mention your age or grade, etc.]

Thank you for sharing and to your proud parent(s)for posting. You may be responsible for the awakening of many to Ron Paul and saving the U.S..

Congratulations on a fine job and to your parents for a fine Kate! :)

By the way

Kate wanted me "thank both of you for your nice comments". Very nice of you to read her paper

reedr3v's picture

Good research and writing. Look forward

to hearing more from your daughter as the Liberty movement progresses in her lifetime.

I hope that she is

I hope that she is accompanied by more liberty lovers than we were at that age and if she is...we have Ron Paul to thank for that.

bump for a little positivity

bump for a little positivity

wow! Only 13!

Tell your daughter she did a great job! Wonderful to think that she's part of the next generation of liberty fighters.

I never knew he was such a track star. And I never heard that part about him working in a coffee shop called the "bullet Hole" LOL.

But reading how Newt and Bush tried to keep him out of office in 1996 makes me want to punch Newt in his dough-boy jaw.

Thanks for posting this! Nice to see something positive here especially lately

Thanks! I'll let her know

She found out stuff I didn't know as well.