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ND Liberty Candidate (Me, Mike Peterson) Up for Election Today!

Dear Paulites,

Mike Peterson here, Republican Candidate for ND State House District 42.

Last month, you came together and helped me raise enough money to compete with my Republican Primary opponents in the June 12th election. I could not have waged a solid campaign without you guys.
(thanks to you guys!!

I've spent every dime on getting the word out and could not have done it without you. I've given the "endorsed" candidates a run for their money, and tonight is election night!!

Polls close at 7PM Central... we'll probably know around 8 or 9 central or so.

Other contests today in North Dakota:
Measure 2 to abolish property taxes
Nathan Toman, District 34 (other candidate endorsed by Liberty ND PAC)


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Mike, thank you for throwing your hat into the ring.

It looks like it was a VERY close race. While you did not win this time around, I'll bet you learned a lot that will help you the next time you run. In the meantime don't give up. Get involved in things that will make people remember your name! Never. Give. UP.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

How did it go?

hoping you pulled it off.