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Huge Announcement! Paul Festival In Full Swing!

After months of hard work and with all your support, we now have a Venue! Paul Festival will be held August 24th, 25th and 26 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL! We want to thank everyone for all the support. Please check with us regularly as a line-up of speakers and performers will be announced. Tickets will go on Sale Friday June 15th.

For more information go to http://www.paulfestival.org

Travel and lodging packages and information available on our website!

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What's the Ronvoy? Im in Delaware...is that passing through by chance?


The Delaware Ronvoy will leave out of Dover. We'll be posting the individual State Ronvoy routes and rates asap!!


Thank you Susan. I just jumped on the website and see there's a Ronvoy leaving from NYC which looks like I can hop on in Philly or Baltimore.

Look at the list and if your

Look at the list and if your route isn;t on the list contact Susan Wolfe and have her add you to the list of routes.


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How long of a trip would that Ronvoy be from Cali?

Seems like a long trip but can't seem to find the estimated travel time. Trying to see what would make more sense to me because I sure as hell am not flying ( not doing the body rub downs or scanners ) so it will be a drive in some fashion.

I want to leave from either S.F. or L.A. and if these are doing pick ups in each location I would love to know which they go to first as far as Sf and La goes so I can be at the SECOND ONE and skip the "driving backwards back through my own city(in between L.A. and S.F lol ) to then go to the second location".

I am so excited that this is ON.

Ron Paul here we come!!!!!

California will be representing BIG TIME.

Got my boots and waiting for my marching orders

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Check out the Ronvoy

Oh boy!

Oh boy!


Great news. Might have to make a family vacation out of it.

Only about an hour from

Only about an hour from Orlando.