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Rand is correct

Influence is a major factor when reforming the shape of future political decisions. Rand makes this case on the Peter Schiff show this morning and stated that we may have forgotten the progress that has been the outcome of both his record and the massive Ron Paul wind that has swept our country. It's a dynamic that includes reshaping and scaling back what republicans act on and what they enact for good. Without an endorsement there is LESS room for success in chopping the political system down to reasonable outcomes. Rand plays a vital role on the future of this movement and we NEED his influence to carry it forward.

I believe he will NOT compromise his principles when it comes to his record.
Many doors would close if he stood by and let the nomination take place and go against the grain of what could lead to positive change.

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Yes, let's all endorse Romney!!

I'd sure rather have an R than a D any day. That's what really matters. It's like when Thomas Paine kissed the king's rings. Oh wait, that wasn't Paine, it was the servants of the court. Oh well, it's letting the establishment know who they can count on that really matters. Go Romney!!!



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

A romney

troll huh? Go Romney? On DP site?
Your guy is a D in disguise or did you miss it?
The most liberal "R" ever to run for the nom.

"explore orthodox christianity"? Someone needs to tell you Oromney is a Mormon and belongs to the Mormon cult.

Keepin' it real.

No way, Romney's great, just ask Rand Paul

You can't spell Romney without R-O-N and that's good enough for me!
Romney is an R. Obama is a D. D bad. R good. Get it?




CIA Director Michael Hayden,
former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff,
former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Eric Edelman,
former Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim,
former State Department Policy Planning Chief and North Korea expert Mitchell Reiss.

The roster of George W, Bush veterans also include Robert Joseph and Stephen Rademaker,
former Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky;
former State Department envoy on war crimes Pierre Prosper,
former spokesman for the U.S. viceroy in Iraq Dan Senor;
former CIA counter terrorism chief turned Blackwater executive Cofer Black.
Advising Romney on Afghanistan and Pakistan: the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Ashley Tellis
Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs James Shinn. On Asia:
former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Evan Feigenbaum, now affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations. On Defense: former Reagan Navy Secretary John Lehman and Roger Zakheim.



"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Obama is Bush again

Gary Johnson doesn't have a chance in Hell.

Who ever Ron endorses that's who I'm voting for.

Your Right!


Rand is Right when he tells me I should vote for Romney.

Rand is Right when he tells me to give up on Ron Paul's presidential Run.

Rand is right when he votes for acts of War!

Rand is Right!

That's why Im voting for Romney!!

Thanks you and Rand have convinced me!


I know right! Rand voted for

I know right! Rand voted for sanctions! To me he already went against the principle of liberty! Especially the constitution!

juan maldonado

I am the first to be reluctant to admit Ron won't win

But this may be the harsh reality with delegate counts where they are. when did Rand tell you to vote Romney?
I haven't heard this from him. I would expect he wants you to vote with morals and principles in play. Why would that make sense to assume he's forcing you to vote Romney. He knows you won't because you stand on principle. What keeps others from voting on ACTUAL principles? That answer lies in the realm of the state and everything we want to dismantle. Why omit one extra hand we have to attaining more votes in our court by condemning a POLITICAL ENDORSEMENT? He may not even vote for Romney when he steps behind the polling booth. think this through ladies and gentlemen. reality awaits you

Right On JimmyPage

I'm with you. Great post. Great comment. You're standing tall and looking good.

Kissing the ring won't win you any favors

It just makes those who wear the ring feel more confident about their self righteousness and ownership over you.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

And endorsement is OK except

And endorsement is OK except if it propels Romney to a win, in which case there will be a purge of us out of the GOP worse than if we were perceived as "costing Romney the Election". Remember, the President is the leader of the Party. Rand can do his strategy and we can do ours: vote Gary Johnson or even Obama in swing states.

Ventura 2012

What about Rand's vote for support of sanctions?

Why does no one want to talk about Rand's support of the Iranian sanctions? How does starving people out align itself with liberty? Not only will the Iranians suffer this tragedy but so will the Chinese, Brazilians, and the Indians. Were the Iraqi sanctions of the 1990's humane? Madeline Albright herself agreed that the death of 300,000 Iraqi children was worth the benefits of these sanctions. And for those who care only about Americans, what will these sanctions, beginning June 21st, do to the Dollar? That means starving Americans as well. It is certainly not a bullish sign. So Rand, as far as this vote, is okay with punishing innocent millions and a weak Dollar. Wha????

I really don't care (as much)

I really don't care (as much) about Rand endorsing Romney. BUT I really hope RP doesn't somehow endorse him, too (I doubt it'll happen, but even Tom Woods admits it's still a remote possibility).



"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

His staff ppl are saying he

His staff ppl are saying he wont.

Ventura 2012

My gut says he won't

Even Peter Schiff says he'll support Gary Johnson in November over Romney. Ron feels pressure from the media over not endorsing Johnson because it would show mal-support for the GOP. I even think Rand could very well vote for Gary Johnson behind the cover of the polling both. It's more of a publicity enamor to "corner" thoughts of future actions. We have to stay focused on our message and seek the best ways to spread flavors of freedom into wanting noses. The use of force only breeds corruption. Sorry for the mini rant. I need to write my thoughts down elsewhere. I have oh-so-much to express. Thanks for reading

Rand just introduced a bill

Rand just introduced a bill to stop domestic drones!


He is still the same Rand Paul, whether he goes on TV for 30 seconds and gives a little support his party's candidate or not..

it will be voted down

my prediction it will be voted down or wont gain any traction at all

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


he endorses somebody for president that supports drones.
Hell, how do you know it wasn't Mitt's idea for Rand to introduce the bill so it can seem Rand is still with the liberty movement.

The double edge sword of lost integrity.

Give me a break. Ron Paul endorsed Lamar Smith.

Smith strongly supported SOPA and I doubt opposes drones.


And thus another reason for Tom Wood's concern. Someone in the campaign is getting the Paul's to do some pretty stupid things. At least Ron Paul didn't sell out his father though.

Lamar Smith

is probably in his garage at this very moment, his neural-circuitry sparking at max-threshold, trying to master the complexities of the infamous allen wrench, fumbling through the pages of instructions that came with his brand new
“Domestic Surveillance Drone DIY Kit (Ages 5 & Up!)”.

–>that's how unopposed Lamar Smith is to the concept of drones.


It is an INEVITABLE evil that one of them will take the white house. The sun is setting for Ron, though i am one that won't want to admit this. The cards are in the hands of evil with delegate totals. we WILL have a presence in tampa, this is no doubt. but the machine is still alive, despite the cuts and slashing us liberty lovers continually attack it with.
This battle is not over, and will not be until our goals are met. but looking past our actual delegate numbers and the dream we see with ron being the nominee needs to pass. Even HE SAYS THIS. We need to take hold of our own future, spread the message we embrace and show the rest what freedom ACTUALLY MEANS.

Rand can't be another Ron

Rand plays ball in order to call a time-out in the second half. He wishes to act with others in order to bring moral sanity to the congress. Whether or not he endorses a party's candidate holds no water to the hard facts of his vote and attempts to better the actions of Washington. I wish i was of age to become a congressman, in order to fight against the tide. Though if I were in Rand's shoes I could see myself doing the same thing. He has better than good intentions, he has principles. By allowing the doors towards political possibility SHUT means that our actions would make little difference. This is the torch Ron WANTS Rand to hold. May it make sense for this movement initially or not, when this dust cloud settles we will be happy to see Rand still making his moves in the congress.

Screw the GOP...

... I have no interest in trying to reform the irredeemable. Rand made his bed. I doubt he sleeps well at night.

Plano TX

Then let us back away

And leave the heap to fall from "grace" and have no intent to rebuild from the rubble and to let bad ideas that are at the foundation of the mess on the hill plead their case for theft and truth-less moralities. These are the decisions and actions we face. Either attempt to inject principles or watch this monstrosity devour itself and shine dim light on freedom and what they think it means

Rand has already compromised.

Rand has resigned himself to a future full of losses.

Dennis Kucinich tried to play the exact same game Rand is playing, and -- now -- where is Kucinich? Kucinich is nowhere; he's gone, because he killed his career.

Two elections in a row, Kucinich compromised on his principles: Kucinich endorsed Kerry in '04, and he endorsed Obama in '08. And, after backing Kerry in '04, Kucinich lost half of his supporters. Later, after backing Obama in '08, Kucinich lost the rest of his supporters.

Kucinich murdered his career, and I believe Rand Paul has done the same, but I won't say the same about Ron Paul, because he has yet to actually say anything related to current events.

I will say this much, I don't like how Ron Paul's presence has vanished; he has given one speech in two months (an excellent speech, btw), and two interviews? He is letting Benton speak for him? I don't like it.

I don't believe Ron Paul's heart is in the movement anymore, so I believe the movement should probably start looking for its next candid personality/voice (Tom Woods, perhaps, with Penny Freeman as Wood's campaign manager?).

Go away! Kucinich is "no

Go away! Kucinich is "no where" because the sidelined him just as the Republicans did to Ron Paul. He was also just redistricted out of his seat by Republicans in Ohio.

Ron Paul is still in this movement, and even if he isn't, WHO CARES!

No, you can go away.

Kucinich is gone for many reasons, I'm sure, but the fact is simple: Kucinich sold-out, repeatedly, and his inability to stand on his principles is one of the biggest reasons his '08 campaign had _____FAR______ less support than his '04 campaign.

I know this, because I was fighting hard for the Kucinich camp when two giant exoduses took place. From 2003-04, I was a diehard Kucinich supporter, but -- after Kucinich threw his principles out the window to strengthen the establishment's candidates -- Kucinich lost me along with many other diehard supporters that I had become acquainted with.

Ultimately, while I was Kucinich supporter, Kucinich sold-out twice: the first time, he tried to pimp-out his supporters to John Edwards while bargaining for votes during a caucus, roughly 20% of his supporters got sick to their stomachs and left; the second time, Kucinich endorsed Kerry, then 50% got sick of the hypocrisy and left -- me included.

When Kucinich announced he was running again and throughout his 2008 campaign, I checked-in [monthly] to see how strong his base was and how active the campaign's forum was (I could still log-in), and Kucinich's base was roughly 20-30% of what it was at its height. What was once a bustling forum and similar to the The Daily Paul, it had become a lazy/inactive forum, much like Romney Central.

After Kucinich proved to be sellout by endorsing Kerry, I switched to Nader and began studying Badnarik and Russo. I was bouncing between Nader/Badnarik/Russo for a while, until Alex Jones woke me up to the much bigger picture, in 2005. And, in 2006, Ron Paul officially pulled me out from the collectivist/centralist trash heap, once and for all, and I'll always be thankful to him for that.