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chip in Request from central Texas delegate

I'm stoked post-convention, but I am in much the same situation as phoenixrising179 posted about. I've been sharing out his story and link, plus an hour ago I learned my work is not processing my current payroll check (until we work out exactly what time I have left to pay out), lovely! :-o

here's my sob story ;-) if you want more info, post or message here and I will supply


knew being Delegates would be a risk for our family's income, but
the results make it so worth it!

I am very humbled. After so much pre-planning work and dedication, our CD got 2 of our liberty-minded delegates headed to Tampa elected as National Delegates, and 1 liberty-minded delegate as National Alternate! re: one of the national delegates, this victory happened by a margin of 2 votes! If the two of us could not have attended, we would have _lost_ this very important slot!

Now you'll love this. In the last part of May, with all the strategy meetings, email and phone reach-outs, I had a mini-breakdown a several days before convention!--realizing I could not focus on anything but liberty/freedom. And that we needed to be there all week for every day of convention. And like an out-of-body experience, I found myself writing an email to my big corporate employer (stressful place for a few reasons!) to the effect of: ...not feeling well... need time off immediately. Need to burn up all remaining sick and vacation time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Yes, I put it all on the line for liberty. I don't think my work liked the abruptness of it, and now I'm not even sure I have a job; apparently I've been out for days without sick or vacation coverage. I couldn't even tell the rest of my family and friends, for the static and worry and confusion that would head my way (huh? just go to work. what are you going to do about this bill that bill money money money?).

Like many others, I attended every day from Monday through Saturday, got in there and shook hands and made friends and even recorded meetings, and *would not leave my seat* during SD and CD caucuses!

I just had faith and trust in us, and re: everything else, I knew I would "deal with it after convention" ...well. Here we are, it's after convention, we're down to very little, rent and home bills are due at the beginning of next month for us (family of four) and I'm hitting the ground running looking for new opportunities. Chairmain Munisteri was particularly inspiring (loved his jokes during the eye-gouging slowness of General Sessions newbies' parliamentary procedure... and math *IS* hard)

...This entire experience has made me realize I'm compelled to take our CD and county's hard work to the next level, and will be working evenings and weekends to raise our group's profile for Liberty-minded candidates. I've also realized I can't even work in a workplace where work/life balance is nonexistent, the top concern is the bottom-line, and petty personal issues eat up worktime. Again, this is all happening like it's not my choice! More like a spirit is moving through me. This is all my calculated risk, and I take the responsibility come what may. We certainly would appreciate any contribution you feel moved to make. I have no doubt I will have work in July. I , too, will share more info if you need it. Thanks for reading and whether it's Arkansas, Texas... Congratulations to us all!


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Is there any organized effort to support our

delegates in difficult straights? Is there someone with good web skills to organize minimal corroboration and a modest chip in? I literally have no idea how to even begin to do this worthy endeavor.