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Breaking: Ron Paul Wins Delegates In New Mexico!

"There is a report that six of the newly elected delegates to the RNC from New Mexico are Ron Paul supporters. This happened last Saturday at the GOP State Convention. Nine other Ron Paul supporters were elected as alternate delegates. Amazing. According to the Romney campaign they will still have to vote for Mitt Romney in Tampa. New Mexico will be represented by only 20 delegates, so this is a significant haul.

Meanwhile, the Mitt Romney campaign continues to fight Ron Paul supporters at every level. It is like the Russo-German front in World War Two. Take no prisoners. Break bones if you have to. In Nevada, having been duly outvoted, his campaign is now rumored to be supporting a bogus, pro Romney appointed slate. It is as if they are afraid of losing the nomination."

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This is amazing news because the New Mexico State Convention was originally to be held this weekend, but quietly happened over last weekend.

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RP interview tomorrow

On Morning Joe.

egapele's picture

It appears he will also be on with Wolf Blitzer - CNN

at 4:00 today. Do y'all smell what's cookin'?


Breaking, Dr. No's son,Dr. compromise, endorses Romney.


More delegates to go to Tampa and sit quietly and respectfully vote for Romney on the first ballot.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Waaait a minute

i thought the Fat lady sung?


"We will be there. We will be a presence. If they leave it alone, there will be hundreds of us, maybe a thousand."


maybe a THOUSAND!!!

mabey a thousand yah

Maybe just maybe 1145


Each of those delegates and alternates can take a guest. If they don't take a Paul supporter with them then their state GOP will use those guest tickets and send establishment types to fill those seats.

If you are a delegate or alternate, or know someone who is, then please make sure that all of the guest tickets are used by Paul supporters. It's as important to have Paul people there as guests as it is to have alternates there. They get to attend the parties, go into the convention hall, etc. Their presence is important.

Take Attorneys As Guests

Believe me, the RNC will attempt anything in Tampa. Any guests should probably be attorneys, maybe a few of those lawyers involved in the recently filed lawsuit. We need a powerful legal presence right on the floor of the national convention.

Why is there a mitt Romney ad on here?


First they Co-Op the....

Republicans with those menacing Libertarians, then they Co-Op the Daily Paul with Romney ads. Hilarious! But, still people keep falling for it. What's next?..Ron Paul is really Mitt Romney in disguise?

Ron Paul Or no one!

On to Tampa!

I made a thread about this earlier.

The previous response was suggested on mine, too.

It does get galling to log in to DailyPaul and see some ad suggesting I should move forward with Obama 'coz he paid for free birth control. Some respect for women - he thinks their vote is worth $9 @ Target! At least "W" sent $300 "rebate" checks. Obama: America's LOWBALLER!

At least Mitt has to spend money offering to give away bumper stickers. I spent $3.50 or so for my Ron Paul bumper sticker. Nobody pays for Mitt on their car. What was really encouraging was to see a Porsche with "Ron Paul" on its trunk! You gotta really love a guy to put him on your boxster!

It is a Google ad

Don't sweat it. In fact, if you click on it and wait to be redirected and then come back you are forcing the Romnobama campaign to help the Ron Paul movement! How is that for irony!


“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."

We are still winning

We are still winning delegates?? I thought we lost and there was no need to continue?? *sarcasm off*

Ron Paul is the only one I trust out of the whole campaign, period. Liberty will get the win in the end! Remember that.

The 500 estimate included ongoing growth like this

A few here and there is expected and all accounted for in Ron Paul's estimate of "perhaps as many as 500".

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


It's about time!!!

I've had enough bad news over the past several days, so let's stick to what actually matters, winning these delegate slots.

RP Delegates keep racking up the numbers...wait, what?

Some rumbling rumors of a....Rand endorsement?!

NAH, must be the wind.

As we were....


Good one :)

Good one :)

hahaha! =) Broken wind...



Broken wind...

This diversion is a nice

This diversion is a nice change from the Rand Paul fiasco. We'll see how it all plays in Tampa. Like RON Paul, we need to stick rigidly to principle. The movement of the masses MUST be in OUR direction, i.e. the cause of restoring strict constitutional government. Ron's focus has rightly been on educating those brainwashed masses.

Congrats all

Let's go RP R3VOLution 2012!

I just listened to Rand

I still think he stuck it to us. He did not have to do anything like that until after the national convention furthermore He commented on others his dad has endorsed but he did not mention that Ron did not endorse John McCain in 2008. I personally believe Romney is no better than Obama and if he thinks Romney would try to kill the fed or vote against NDAA or would not invoke Martial Law or start a new war he is very wrong. Romney is against everything we are fighting for. Romney does not stand a chance against Obama only Ron Paul offers Change.

What the fck does your comment have to do with New Mexico?

Mods, I am not suggesting censorship but any post with the word "Rand" in it should automatically go to a "Rand" forum so these trolls and whining cry babies can post thier divionist propaganda and wallow in thier self pity and the rest of us can get back to work.

I also "have to" vote for

I also "have to" vote for Romney on the first ballot. And by "have to" I mean "am not going to"

What exactly are they going to do if I don't vote as I am "bound" to do so? It reminds me of a South Park episode where they have these poor little elves working in a cramped cabin and there is a loosely hanging screen door, they could easily walk out of, but they are told that doing so will bring certain doom.

Well, they can go fuck themselves. I'm kicking down the door and walking out of it. They will be "bound" to be pissed, and I will be "bound" to not care.

Amen to THAT!

Right on! Don't think there is really a "bound" delegate. More BS from the liars club!



Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ


No GOP Delegates Are Bound - Ron Paul Will Win! - May 10th (2012-05-10)

Well said "Westfall". Even if the RNC lies and cheats and tells Delegates they are bound, I would tell them to kiss my ass and Vote Ron Paul anyway, even if I have to write Ron Paul's name in.
The RNC regularly lie, cheat and change rules to suit they're agenda as they see fit so, we should do the same when it comes to Voting.
Vote Ron Paul or, write his name in if you have to or, Don’t Vote at all!


That was bound to make me laugh. Nicely done.


just thinks he wants to mess with RP delegates. Even with all the states he "won" his delegates will be outnumbered 5-2 by Paul delegates.