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Peter Schiff Speaks With Rand Paul About Romney Endorsement


I think Rand does a great job explaining why he chose to endorse Romney and I support his decision. But I want to hear from you. Vote up or down or comment on how you feel about his explanation.

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Wow. I posted this again...

and everybody hates it now. All I did was add a more provocative title and put an exclamation point at the end of a few sentences.

The funny thing is that people are arguing against facts stated in the video. I guess nowadays people don't have a few minutes to actually LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW before spouting.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Sick of Hearing from Rand

Where ya at Dr. Paul? Silence is sometimes golden but now is not that time.

Vinnie V.


...is a good guy. Period. He's very sharp, very honest, and I think he'd make a great president. I don't know if we can fix anything from the inside, but we have a golden opportunity to give it a try in this guy right here.

The campaign had a shot

The campaign had a shot before Maine. I liked it then. We could have our disagreements and it didn't matter because we were all on the same team. After we lost Iowa, we were never in first place in the election, but we were winning hearts and minds. It's not a conspiracy. The same people who claimed to have evidence that we were winning also claimed that we were tied with Romney in delegates. We weren't. I still think we libertarians are 100% correct, but I'm afraid that we will fade into obscurity if we aren't willing to fight within the party.

Take a look at the rand supporters..

Many of the rand supporters have been members for less than 30 weeks.

I support Rand, but then

I support Rand, but then again, I've been a member for seven weeks less than you. Perhaps in seven weeks my views will change (though I doubt it).

this is a ron paul revolution site

not a Dr. compromie site. Go support rand, I think he is the best Senator on the hill, but he will not get anymore money from me. I do not belive in compromise when it come to the constitution. Just sayin.

I've only joined the site 25 weeks ago...

...so what? I'm a Rand supporter.

The Buddha said:

"Like dust flung at the wind
which the wind flings back,
evil recoils on the fool
who harms the innocent."

To support Sanctions harms the innocent. To support someone who advocates violence that harms the innocent is to be complicit in the harming of innocents. Preemptive, undeclared wars that burn the elderly, the children, women and men asleep in their beds - human beings like you and I - harms the innocent.

We must not contaminate the Liberty Movement with this kind of compromise.

RE: The Buddha said:

Nice post. Thanks.

Rand Paul Illuminati ?????

Please check the cover of Reason magazine with Rand Paul from June 2011. Illumanati hand sign??http://reason.com/assets/db/1303834546337821_lg.jpg



Hand Signs

Politician Vs. Statesman

Politics is the art of compromise, they say. When you have to get a majority in the US House, US Senate, and the Executive Branch to agree on something, you can understand why it's difficult for a politician to get everything he or she wants in a piece of legislation, particularly on controversial issues.

But compromising on policy doesn't require compromising on principles. That's the difference between a politician and a statesman. The former is interested in just "getting things done" while the latter is interested in "doing the right thing." The statesman is interested in moving policy in the right direction, even if the legislation is not everything he or she wants.

Rand Paul is compromising as a statesman, not a politician by endorsing Romney. Intuitively, he realizes that Romney is a politician and not a statesman. That is because Romney changes his positions based on what direction the political wind is blowing; because that's what "gets things done."

Regardless if someone likes it or not, the next president will be either Obama or Romney. It's already been shown that Obama will not negotiate or compromise with the Tea Party. Romney, on the other hand, will have to whether he likes it or not; because he must have most of the GOP united behind him.

With that being said, when we look at the US Senate and US House elections, the Tea Party movement is gaining momentum to pick up seats. That will change what DIRECTION the POLITICAL WIND blows, and if Romney is elected, then he will change at least some of his positions to move with that direction. Otherwise, most of the GOP will not be united behind him.

Rand Paul is not compromising his principles. He is simply engaging in smart Game Theory and strategy to promote principles that he and the Tea Party believe in. Like a true statesman!

Rande And Peter should listen to Ron's 2008 reasons for NOT

endorsing McCain:

In this video Ron Paul explains why he did not endorse McCain



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Look, folks. We're really

Look, folks. We're really good at converting regular people. We're not so good at converting existing party leaders. They feel threatened by us and will continue to use whatever powers they have to keep the liberty movement on the fringes.

Like it or not, in 2012 in the US, you need to be either a 'D' or an 'R' to get the attention of the greater populace. Of course we'd like to change that, but it's not going to happen overnight, and it's certainly not going to happen until we actually control a party.

So we need to just keep converting people quietly and consistently under the noses of party leaders until we have enough to start stealing some microphones, begin the mass-education, and legitimately gather enough of a following to make some real waves.

There's no doubt we had some noticible ripples in 2012 (I'm a very proud Minnesotan right now). I can't wait to see what happens in the next four years! The Liberty Movement is strong and growing, my friends!

Hold your nose.

I can't do it again. I supported Rand with my hard earned money in his fight for Kentucky. I will not do that again. On Hannity, come on man! The politics as usual is making me sick. I had high hopes for Rand in 2016, if we still have a country then. Moderates like Romney do not win elections, (Mccain AND BUSH SR. ARE RECENT EXAMPLES). The only question is, NOW WHAT?

dave anderson

What I want to know is why the campaign folded right as it

was winning?

The people who gave their hard earned money (some who didn't really have it to give), their time, their blood sweat and tears, people who lost friends over this campaign, who alienated family members because of it - was the intention NEVER to really win? If there was such an intention, why the capitulation as the success started to roll in? Did they just not like the idea of HOW they were going to win? Wasn't that the strategy all along? Or was Rand's strategy the real strategy all along and they just didn't think that was enough to motivate us?

The grassroots are OWED this explanation. It can wait till after Tampa if need be. But I will be extremely disappointed in Dr. Paul (the elder) if he doesn't level with us.

I'm all for advancing Liberty in all quarters, but there needs to be a "coming clean" on what happened to the Presidential campaign.

There are lots of people looking like fools right now to their friends and family. Lots of family members will NEVER listen to us again - ever. We will never be able to convince them to vote for "the good guy" and not fall for the "wasted vote syndrome" because this campaign just assured them, their vote was wasted, and there is no point voting for the "good guy" because he'll just drop out and never planned on winning anyway.

THIS is the reality.

You can moan and bitch and cry all you want about "influence" and "building the GOP."

You are ignoring how much harder that job will be now that easily HALF of the current supporters will no longer be open to our persuasions because they don't trust us anymore, because "our guys" drop out and aren't REALLY in it to win it, and then how they turn and ENDORSE the very guy we've been claiming is no better than Obama, or is in fact the same.

Answers and honesty are due.

RE: What I want to know is why the campaign folded right as it

Well said! Thanks for your excellent post summarizing what most of us feel.

To coup or not to coup...

I think the initial plan was, of course, to "steal" (lol) the nomination at Tampa. The problem is that in order for that strategy to work, you have to KNOW you have the delegates.

Even if Paul had won TX and CA (read: if they had used hand-counted paper ballots), the delegate count would've still been questionable.

If Paul delegates try to stage a coup and fail, it would have a tremendous negative impact on our movement, not only in the eyes of the people (many who already think we're crazy) but also from the Establishment, who will work even harder to relegate our movement. We've made so much progress in the last four years... do we really want to put that at risk?

You're right, many of us have sacrificed much to get where we are. That's what happens when you fight for a cause. If it means giving up your time, your money, or - heaven forbid - family & friends, you do it because you believe liberty is more important than your posessions and associations... and you do not ask what's in it for you. Liberty is in it for you. But you have to keep fighting.

That said, we have to fight smart. This isn't a military engagement that one wins with brute force. Our opponent has amries that can obliterate us, computers that can out-strategize us, and pockets that can out-spend us. This is chess, and we have to play as carefully, and thoughtfully as possible. Jeopardizing what we've fought so hard to win with a failed coup is worse for our cause than another four years of (quiet) hard work.


Your logic is tight. I don't see how anyone can dispute it.

Rand has cut himself off from the good earth of the Grass Roots Movement and attached himself to the Top Down Elite. In doing so, he has cut himself off from us in return for what? First they ignore you, then they fight you, then they co-opt you...Rand fell for the third step. That is not how a R-evol-ution works. Thanks for your comment. It is deeply appreciated. From the Ground Up with Liberty in Heart and Mind.

Well my family sees his

Well my family sees his endorsement for what it is and I donated about $300 bucks, you are not suppose to donate all your savings. You are suppose to donate what you can and keep your budget in mind after all Ron and Rand both are always talking about fiscal responsibility and living within your means and how could you not know the chances of him winning were low...were did you get the idea they were not low?? his strategy of spreading a message was the best way to get people involved so we could at least have an impact on a state and local level. We need to become the leaders our selves and this is part of the problem you idolatry and thinking that Rand and Ron are our saviors...

If people only donated what they could "afford" then the

campaign would have collected all of $3.50.

Paul said he was "in it to win it." Was that a lie? (even a little one?)

Is fighting for liberty only for those who can afford it?

What about those who can't afford NOT to?

Your premise is absurd on its face and would ensure perpetual tyranny.

All TPTB would need to do is make sure as many people as possible couldn't "afford" to fight for their liberty.

No, I gave. I fought. (still am) and I will continue to do so.

But I expect people I am fighting for to uphold their word.

If they are running for office. I expect them to follow through till the end.

If something unforeseen requires them to do otherwise, I expect an honest and clear explanation. As I said, it can wait till after Tampa if they really are 'playing strategy.'

But if they really aren't trying to win the nomination anymore. We have a right to know that now. They can tell us why later.

No Idolatry involved.

As Ron Paul has more than once stated, "Liberty like Life comes from God." Liberty is a precious Gift from the Creator. The Spokesmen for Liberty may be Prophets, but not Gods. The Idolatry would be to insist on holding onto Rand after he has corrupted himself.

Extremely Disappointed but not at Rand

I am extremely disappointed but not at Rand but at the movement. No offense but Rand is the one trying to legalize hemp, decrease power of the FDA, get wars to happen but only and only with congressional approval and that is an important thing to keep in mind, get rid of TSA, get rid of drones so is only able to be used with a warrant and many other things. We need him to keep doing what he is doing as he is doing overall a wonderful job but yet all you people are doing is been ungrateful and spending all your time hating and been aggressive towards him and dividing the movement up instead of focusing on recruiting more people, turning into leaders yourself and raising more awareness. I guess what I am saying is Rand is doing more for the movement than you are. He is trying to pass bills that benefit us and unite the party while all of you are trying to do is destroy him which is really attempting to destroy the progress we have made and a good asset to our movement. Its a disgrace, it shows just how little you understand the bigger picture and how petty and overly dramatic you are.

To everyone spending a bunch of time been angry at Rand this is what I have to say about it "they care so much about the movement yet they are spending all their time bashing Rand instead of raising awareness on the issues and discussing solutions. Quite frankly it makes me wonder bc is people like this that get everyone all pumped up with aggression, divide the movement further and then this aggression can lead to violence against each other. They are hurting the movement more than Rand...even if Rand is a sell out for real what is the use in focusing on him so much at this given point!? It can only hurt the movement by making us lose focus of what we need to and turn against each other and he is not the sell out, it seems much of the movement is sadly.

When he runs for president in 2016 then maybe then complaining on how he has failed overall in the last 4 years if that ends up been the case can be helpful! but now???? really?? People Think. Obamacare is been decided on right now! Start focusing on what you need to." I really hope that Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh calm everyone down and ask people to refocus as everyone is all bumped up and this is exactly what the globalist want. You want to hold Rand accountable Write him a letter and hold him accountable.....don't assist in getting everyone pumped up with anger and doing what the globalist want; for the movement to divide and us turn against each other. Complaining aggressively about Rand is not going to get our freedoms back, that is not the solution it just leads to people getting more emotional and acting emotional which can lead to aggression. I don’t want to go to Tampa, God knows what will happen there...people are all pumped up. That is exactly what the elitist want, EXACTLY: an excuse to do whatever they want with us.

Please do some research on group think and displacement of anger. Are you really just upset that Ron didn't win and Rand is the scapegoat now, one of our own?? Spent all that energy been mad at the cabal, not at him. No at the guy who is doing everything he can to get our concerns in the table.

You are a member for less than a day...

Do you think we are dumb? You are a member for 10 hours and giving us your opinion on dr. Compromise. Get lost.

Hey now ilovron...

Don't be so mean to Mitt! lol

RE: Extremely Disappointed but not at Rand

Well, I understand your emotional love for Rand and your strong desire to fit in and be like everyone else, and your annoyance at those who are still adhering to Constitutional principle and wanting to know how the campaign got to be so messed up. But try and buck up and just stand by your own and Rand's duplicity, and stop directing irrational anger at those of us holding to the original principles of the Ron Paul movement.

I understand the emotional attachment to Rand, but....

I very much wanted to believe in Rand Paul. We need Leaders - articulate spokespersons in the Public Forum - a kind of axis around which we can organize and find one another. But - as emotionally painful as it is - we have to recognize the facts. 1. When Rand Paul announced he would support whoever the Republican Nominee was, we already had a problem. That meant the GOP, not Liberty was given Priority. Liberty like Love does not work unless it is in first position, then 2. Rand voted for Sanctions against a Foreign Power which his own father defines - and correctly so - as an Act Of War. There goes the Principle of no Undeclared Wars, and then 3. Rand supports/endorses Romney. Ipso ergo Rand is not one of us. We all wait with baited breath to hear from his father. President Ron Paul 2012!

Let's see: either play nice

Let's see:

either play nice with YOUR PARTY, endorse the candidate, and work together to get SOME PROGRESS

or be a lone wolf, get ousted by your party, make no headway towards liberty.

sorry people, rome wasn't built in a day. or by one person.


thats exactly how rome was destroyed. how the republic fell to the line of tyrants