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Peter Schiff Speaks With Rand Paul About Romney Endorsement


I think Rand does a great job explaining why he chose to endorse Romney and I support his decision. But I want to hear from you. Vote up or down or comment on how you feel about his explanation.

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My issue

Is and has been since I watched the video, how difficult it's going to be to convince someone outside of our little pocket of Daily Paul goodness, to wake up and see that liberty is indeed not something you can sell.

The fact that it seems Rand has done so (and I grant that is a matter of perception - I happen to see it that way) makes it very tough to do.

Thick headed ...

The violence was on the rise at these conventions, now it isn't because they accept that we know they have us beat for the nomination. There were entire states that were lining up to invalidate our slates and now that just doesn't seem necessary anymore. It doesn't mean that we give up grabbing as many delegates as possible. We can't win the nomination, but we can certainly have one hell of a platform fight to make it easier for the next liberty candidate.

All for Nothing is the absolute worst way to actually achieve what we want.

I really couldn't give two craps who Rand Paul nominates ... I only judge on what bill they support, what legislation they push, and how they vote based on the constitution. By those measures Rand Paul is still very much a Liberty politician.


And I mean no disrespect, as I value you as a person that is a part of this liberty family. But the whole, "He has to do it so that the establishment thinks...." or "We now are flying under the radar" or "He had to do it so that he can further liberty in his own way" just strikes me as off-putting as when a neo-con will tell me they don't care what they have to agree to, "as long as we get Obama out of office". It just comes off as the same type of position that says, "whatever it takes, even if it costs me my soul".

I just can't and don't want to stomach it any further.


I'm all for a great retreat when it's obvious you can't win. But that isn't what happened. Rand handed Romney the battle plans. I don't care who he endorses either. You know why? Because I now know that he will endorse whoever he has to in order to gain something. Which lessens the impact of the endorsement. Does that make sense to anyone else?

It's like Santorum and Gingrich having to come out and try to find an agreement with Romney on whatever they can after spending millions of people dollars trying to disprove what he said, all the while with egg on their face.

I'm for the movement, make no mistake. And i'll fight hand over fist and agree to anything that furthers our rights and a more constitutional approach. But like RP has said, you shouldn't have to give up ONE OUNCE of liberty....not ONE OUNCE. Romney is more than an ounce in my opinion.

Also, all for nothing is the way most games should be played. And that includes politics. We want to win, hearts. Not votes. Votes sway, but hearts are infinitely more loyal.

In politics you don't want to

let the deal making get to the point where you have the egg on your face. At that point all your political capital is gone and yes I do understand what your saying and yes it sucks but when you're kicking at a door for 6 years trying to get a it to open. You don't run away when it finally happens. You push your way in! Its time to move in folks the door is cracked. Remember wolves circle the herd waiting until they scatter. The wolves are trying to scatter you. but guess what our wolves have been lurking around their huddled sheep also and guess what Rand just made them open the door to their pin. So what are we wolves going to have for diner the next 4 years :) We go to sleep sheep and we wake up wolves. Now act like wolves and if you don't know how then follow the wolf next to you but d**m it at least follow and learn. Think of it like caucus training.

If the enemy can lie to take away our freedoms....

then I don't have a problem with Rand pretending to support Romney in order to restore our freedoms.

Deception is an important strategy in war. Of course, if we could all agree to never lie, that would be great, but they always end up cheating.

Those who demand perfect honesty - would you tell the truth if someone broke into your house and demanded to know if your kids were home? You have to look at the bigger picture.

Politicians lie in order to steal from us, and have our sons killed in war. Nothing wrong with lying in response.

Which is worse, to preach small government and then expand it, or to preach expanding government, and then shrink it? Why not pretend to be one of them, then get in there and sneak in the fight for liberty? Tell them what they want to hear!

In war, yes

But the person who has a say over my rights, liberties and the value of my money, i'd rather have an honest person. Just sayin.

"One small thing?" Peter Schiff??

Romney and for what he stands for is not "one small thing."

Rand, my disappointment with you has nothing to do...

Rand, my disappointment with you has nothing to do with Ron not winning the nomination. It has to do with whom you now are actively supporting, period, pure and simple.

Do not compermize

Any compermize with evil, can only benifit evil.

If you are ready to throw all those Ron Paul supporters

that won the majority of their state GOP under the bus then you should have your head examined. The people who have been here through both election cycles have worked to hard to take these positions to just throw them all away so you can feel pure. If you did not work hard enough to take over your state GOP then it really should be you and your effort that you should be angry with. This is politics and Rand is making all the right moves to advance his fathers liberty message. A lot of you are just made you might have to share the message with someone you don't like. Since when do Ron Paul supporters turn away a chance to take this message to other non establishment Republicans. You are being blinded by your own arrogance. It sounds like some of you are just getting a little to scared to get up and get out of your comfort zones. I am meting gobs of tea party people who love Rand in my area and believe it or not they are very open to the message of liberty. You can all set here on A forum and complain all you want but I've been licking my lips for 6 years to get at these people and thats what I'm going to do. The fruit is ripe if you just get off yourself for 2 seconds. I'm finding ripe fruit just laying on the ground like manna. Its crazy for a group of people to get what they have been waiting for only to miss the forest for the trees.

Go get em brother


I would encourage everyone one here to read this aritcle, and th

en ask themselves if Rand paul really hates the State?? I know Ron Paul hates the State but I really don't think these same sentiments are shared by Rand!! I fight for liberty how ever I can, but I truly hate the State in owe so many ways just like us

This is the article....by murry Rothbard, I'm not saying one has

to be a anarchist but one must really hate the all powerful state!! http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard75.html

Rand just recently introduced

Rand just recently introduced a bill to abolish the TSA. If you think that he is anything other than a fighter for the liberty movement you are mistaken.

A broken clock is right twice a day.


Many others have introduced

Many others have introduced many good bills, like Dennis Kucinich, Barney Frank etc. Do we support them or just on those specific issues?

When I endorse someone, I would agree with most if not all they stand for. That means I vote for them, send them money and/or volunteer.

None of that applies to Romney...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Chip off the old block

I don't thing so!! Please keep your thoughts to yourself Rand, I need to say your timing sucks. I love your dad for being the man he is. You need a visit to the Dr. Paul emergency room for a good spanking, by your father.
Come on Man, what are you thinking. By the way, Mccain is a complete ass and a traitor!!! The GOP is a sell out.
Your father knows this, you would be wise to remember it as well. Be the man, we all know you can be. Don't sell us out like all the other clowns before you.

dave anderson



THat "fantasy" of winning came straight from RON PAUL and the CAMPAIGN!!

Second, we are not mad because Ron Paul may not win the nomination or have enough delegates. We are PISSED because Rand endorsed a man and a party that has undermined Ron Paul for 30 years and ridiculed him AND stand for everything we fight against.

Why is this so hard to understand???

THIRD! Ron Paul got a majority of the senate and house to support his audit the fed bill WITHOUT compromising anything.... so that is a bunch of hoot..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Dr. Paul has made many

Dr. Paul has made many endorsements of mainstream Republican figures over the years, including Newt Gingrich for speaker of the house. Why the double-standard for his son?

The situation is remarkably

The situation is remarkably different.

show me when ron endorsed

show me when ron endorsed newt...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Maybe you can be a champion

Maybe you can be a champion of liberty and still be a team player to get support for your own cause?

Again... show me when Ron

Again... show me when Ron endorsed newt...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Again... show me when Ron

Again... show me when Ron endorsed newt......

That was NOTT an endorsement. That was an INTERNAL congressional vote who was to be speaker.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Not hard to find.


"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

Dude, you are just copying

Dude, you are just copying and pasting what the other guy did. That's not an endorsement.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Bravo Rand

This was really the smartest move at this point in the game. I know people don't want to accept that Romney has enough delegates to win the convention, but it's reality. Rand is making sure the Republican party knows they must take this constituency very seriously and choose candidates who support the liberty movement. I admire Rand for putting his own pride aside and doing the movement a huge favor.

I think you have every right to your opinion.

Let me ask you though, and I'm genuinely curious. If Rand asked you to vote for Romney, would you do it?