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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.
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Makes me want to puke ...

What really makes me want to puke is commentary associating Rand Paul with the Liberty Movement. You can't be that and a RINO both. You're either one way or the other. Rand has chosen his side and it isn't with liberty.

Rand Paul Turns to the Dark Side

Correlation does not prove causality!

My opinion

If Rand feels he had to endorse Romney to protect himself from future Republican blowback during a 2016 run for President, then I am okay with that.

As long as Rand keeps voting in support of the Constitution and individual liberty, then it doesn't matter to me who he has to pretend to support.

I don't believe for a second that he is in any way actually in support of Romney.

I think Rand and Ron both feel/know that the Republican Party is a valuable tool for the Liberty movement to be used for its primetime media coverage, and if it will help the message continue to get out from a media platform as large as that of the GOP, it may indeed be a worthy sacrifice to pretend to endorse Romney now.

I think that Rand will continue to vote on our side, and his father's.

If he does not continue to do so, he will rightfully be abandoned by the Liberty movement.

But for now, I can understand the political ploy that is being undertaken and think it may very well be a worthy sacrifice for the continued spreading of the Liberty movement through the GOP media platform in the near future.

I also understand how people are very upset by this and see it as a betrayal. I think, however, that there is a much larger strategy being employed by the Pauls, one which they have willingly undertaken with the knowledge that if it backfires, it could cost them their reputations. This is a sacrifice that I'd imagine they would make for the continued expansion of Liberty.

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

* * * * * * * NEW R3VOLUTION HIP HOP TRACKS!! * * * * * * *

Why is this still 2nd post on front page?

Not even Ron Paul mentioned Rand's endorsement in his message!

That means the quicker we forget about this defection the better.

To remind you all, Ron Paul emphasized that there has been some good news and that was what he wanted to talk about - not the bad news - not Rand's endorsement, not how great Romney is.

And the good news is that the campaign is still going steady and will make a strong impact in Tampa.

So just send Rand to the DailyRand, please.

Rand is the most pro-liberty

Rand is the most pro-liberty member of the Senate. That's a fact.

Only one who is given to

Only one who is given to whims would endorse Ron Paul, then endorse
Romney. Paul is the opposite of Romney on so many fundamental issues. Rand is uninspiring and pathetic.


First, in this interview he says he discussed it with Ron and told him he wouldn't do it until the numbers were certain on the delegate count. However, Carol said it wasn't discussed and they only found out 30 min before it happened in her interview. Something doesn't add up there and personally I'd trust Carol before Rand on this.

Second, who cares if Romney had "enough delegates"? Then following that up with keep fighting for the platform. Is he oblivious to the fact it will disenfranchise some supporters? He should have at the very least waited until ALL delegates were assigned as this will cost the liberty movement delegates in Tampa and therefore some power to change the GOP platform. Even if done for purely political reasons and not any sort of ideology, that was a mistake.

Overall, Rand should learn to play poker. He needs to learn when the proper time to show your hand is. The more scared Romney and the GOP is of losing support, the more they will be able to be swayed. The establishment GOP wants one thing above all others, electing Romney. If they think part of the support they could get is in jeopardy they'll listen. However, if they think the liberty movement will be easily co-opted, they won't.

Sell out? I don't think so. Dumb move? Definitely.

Yes, the Establishment

"The establishment GOP wants one thing above all others, electing Romney."

Yes, the Establishment GOP wants that more than anything. Something weird keeps going through my head though. I keep thinking Romney is a Democrat, so why would the GOP want that?

Then it hits me that I have to keep remembering... there's no difference between the two parties, just like there is no debt ceiling.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

It's called being GREEDY, WORMY, SEEDY and PHONY.

Rand is not happy being 'just" associated with the Paul movement; he wants his cake and eat it too..he wants both the mainstream audience along with the Paulites. Good luck.


Okay, he's answered the questions

...now you can move this post to the DailyRand.

By the way, did you hear that there are moves to change the campaign admin? Those who have gone Rand's way have no place there and Ron Paul is very much aware of the situation (which explains why he made no reference to Rand's endorsement in his 'message to supporters'. What can he say? Rand's way is different? It's his son and one understands).

This emerges from this interview: "Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul will NOT Endorse Mitt Romney!" : http://youtu.be/CvSl5zkBRDg

Rand Paul 2016!

Let's not get carried away people. Rand is being wise. He is not selling out or doing anything evil. He is doing what he needs to do to have influence. Without influence, he won't be able to accomplish anything. He shares our values and will work for us on the inside. We need people on the inside. Don't discourage him with all your negative comments. He is doing the best he can. He has a good relationship with his father and there is nothing to be upset about. Stay in the game and keep your heads clear.


Rand is not being wise.

He is being foolish practically and morally. He has a foundational misunderstanding of what galvanizes the Grassroots support of the Liberty Movement. Those who have broken out of the Mainstream Trance and encounter the depth of the meaning of the Principle of Liberty suddenly understand what it means to be willing to do whatever you can, even, when necessary to die for a Principle so Sacred. Instantly all of the confusion of Special Interest Politics is cleared away. Whatever the topic, Liberty - a coherent, integrated Principle - addresses and clarifies all issues. This is what has ignited the Youth and re-vitalized us of an older generation. This is where the Passion and the willingness to happily sacrifice for what is good and whole ignites a genuine love of Liberty, and the recognition that as Ron Paul has pointed out creates real Community. No cynical brokering and compromising in a vain attempt to patronize the cynical authoritarian elite. When it comes to serious political change, we must break from the compromises that have brought the Republic to its knees. Rand would do more of the same old compromise - which any study of history reveals is both ineffective and immoral. When it comes to discussions of Ron and Carol Paul's family, of course, parents will always love their son. When it comes to political discussion, Rand's name should be dropped into silence. You notice in his most recent address, Ron Paul did not say the word,"Rand". In 2016, it is my hope that we will be discussing Ron Paul's second term in office. And without Ron Paul, God will not abandon us, we we will discover another Spokesman for Liberty, but it won't be whats-his-name.

The Platform

It is a byword in the political world that platforms are completely without influence or force. GW Bush ran the first time on an antiwar platform. No one ever pays any attention to the platform, and it is rarely ever read by anyone after the convention. Why is Rand dishonestly trying to redirect people's attention from getting Ron nominated to influencing the platform? It seems his main or only concern is to get them to stop the effort to get Ron nominated.

TURNING POINT - after watching this..

I am utterly disappointed. After watching this, he will NEVER get my support from this point forward. I had hope 'it' wasn't true. Friends of Freedom, onward & without this sad man, who crumbled lickety split in no time at all. Again, forget him... let's find our Ron Jrs. They ARE out there! : - )

Well said, StandingFirm

Let us forget what's-his-name. "...let's find our Ron Jrs. They are out there!" :)

Wow! i wish i was wrong, but

Wow! i wish i was wrong, but i called it 2 years ago. or a little bit before two years. but yes, i knew it for 2 years. i even ignored Ron Paul this time around and was thankful you people didn't. i'm glad what you did, you campaigned your heart out.


Rand Paul declines to comment

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtO5INu-VY4 Youtube video posted just today - cameraman and reporter follow Sen. Paul for five minutes, asking pointed questions to which no response is forthcoming.

As soon as the word "bilderberg" is mentioned Sen. Paul is mute.

Watch and come to your own conclusions about what his Romney endorsement really means.

Talking about Bilderberg will not get Rand anywhere

If Rand starts talking Bilderberg, he will get marginalized and called a conspircy nut. So it was smart not to say anything. Rand is trying to change the laws in this country by his own voting and by influencing and teaching others that vote on the laws. He is being respectful and is working with other gov people instead of criticizing them and calling them names. That sounds smart to me.


If you think Dr. Yes "Rand" is going to change Washington, I got news for you, Washington has already changed Dr. Yes

Is Rand a fool regarding audit the fed?

Is Rand a fool thinking his endorsement of Romney buys him clout to get "audit the fed" added to the republican platform?

Have a look at the list of top Romney contributors and see if you think these guys would EVER let Romney do a true audit of the fed:

And, by endorsing Romney, is Rand indirectly endorsing Romney's top contributors?

good link

still no reason for the name-calling
good point none the less with the banks at the top of the donor list can we really expect a true audit?

Rand Paul is a cabal lover.

Rand Paul is a cabal lover. He kept on talking about term limits when he could have spoken out against the fed like his father. you knew he was trash. term limits? earmarks? this guy was garbage. he even said he was for a flat tax to replace the income tax, and he said he wanted to bomb iran like the other hawks. kentucky water has been fluoridated for over 50 years. no offence to people from any location.... Still... fluoride does calcify the pineal gland and the pineal gland is the seat of the soul..... just so we know a lot of our souls have been corroded by this beast.

But Rand Paul needs to be demoted to puppet snake.


next year rand paul and mitt

next year rand paul and mitt romney will be holding it down at bohemian grove with the rest of the blood drinking lizards


Regarding the WALKER name

I've moved this post to it's proper place ... it was in response to my discussion with Jodie.


Rand keep harping about all the legislation he's introduced over the past weeks, which seems to have been to lessen the impact of him jumping ship.
Rand, I'm not interested in what legislation you've introduced, I am interested in you answering the questions put forth by DailyPaul supporters. You did a very good job answering "like a politician" and I find that somewhat troubling.
I was hoping that you would be more like your father, and take the baton, that could have been passed to you.
OK, So you said you'd endorse the nominee a year ago, You could have come forward and "explained" that you had erred in saying that, or that you "had hopes" it would be your father. That's why you said that a year ago, But now it looks like Mitt Romney will be the nominee and I just can't support his platform. This would had given the liberty lovers a big boost going into Tampa, however You went the other way and took the wind out of the sails before Tampa.
You could had waited until after August to do you announcement and say...I waited until the nominee was "confirmed".
So many unanswered questions here.


beg for an answer!

1. Why did you announce this WHEN you did?

2. Why did you announce this WHERE you did?

3. Why didn't you wait till AFTER the GOP Convention?

Why.. My perceptions

1. Because there's an Audit The Fed vote in a few weeks. Getting a commitment from Mitt now will help more than after the convention (Mitt may flip flop then anyway)
2. For maximum exposure and ensure all legislators will hear it.
3. See 1.

Don't get divided. Stay focused on the movement. The audit vote is a game changer. If we can get an audit passed in the House, that will help move the Senate, which comes next. A Fed audit would be the very best thing liberty minded folks could possibly hope for, right now, in this global economic crisis. We have to audit to endit.

Seeing Paul win the nomination in August would be fabulous (however remote the chances) but the vote is on our doorstep now.

Let's all keep getting the petition signed to our legislators, which includes an email letter as well (to both House and Senate reps).
Let's keep getting the delegates, because the more we have in Tampa the stronger we are. Let no delegate stay home.
Let's keep adding more to our ranks by opening eyes to the reality of what and who is destroying our nation.

LISTEN to the audio

The Romney campaign is being accused of ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTS: violence, rigging machines to switch to Romney votes, intimidating RP delegates.

TEXAS "We have been severely cheated. Apparently, in this case the real numbers in the live voting are 72 or more for Paul and 15 or less for Romney."

Romney will have zero delegates and every delegate will be allowed to vote according to their conscience for any of the candidates that were running. End of corrupt system. This will be done by a federal judge by August.

Thank God Ron Paul did not give into this evil system and continue it by ENDORSING Romney. He held strong.

Lawyers for Ron Paul, a grass roots group of Liberty supporters; they are us; doing this for free

Check this out

Even the lame stream media is pointing out how crazy this stuff is

"Rand Pauls puzzling support of Mitt Rommney's Cowboy foreign policy"


Rand did the right thing!

It saddens me that a lot of people still expect someone else, or government to do everything for them. If people want liberty, live it, if people want law, live it, if people want peace, then... Always expecting someone or government to hand it out is foolish. Expecting Dr. Ron Paul, Rand Paul or anyone for that matter to save the country is foolish. Rand was right to endorse Romney, Dr, Ron Paul is correct to be silent at this time. if people really want the vision that Dr. Ron Paul has described, then they will take action, take over the Republican party, run for office or, if not, they will just give up.

Are you assuming we haven't?

I agree with some of what you are saying, many here are not helping anything with some of the destructive comments, name-calling ect. However why he could have not at least waited until after the GOP Convention is inexcusable! Unless he has something up his sleeve I'm not aware of?
The GOP needs Paul supporters to win and they know it, but of course won't admit it.

We still need to back the Pauls on issues like Auditing the FED ect.

We are standing up for Liberty by

speaking up when someone who claims to be for Liberty compromises himself by supporting/endorsing a Pro-war, Anti-Liberty Candidate. Anyone who endorses Romney-Goldman Sachs-Obama-Military Industrial Complex et al is not one of us.

Bigger than that...

So you are saying that Dr. Paul is not one of us? He supported Gingrich when he ran for speaker of the house. Does that make Dr. Paul someone who supports Goldman Sachs and the Military Industrial Complex? How many people in the Liberty movement continue to pay taxes or own government savings bonds? Does that make them, "not one of us". Frankly I don't see why anyone would want to be "one of us" nor do I want to be "one of us" if "one of us" means that some of us don't know how to use persuasive arguments against the issues instead of attacking individuals. I know of hundreds of supporters of Dr. Ron Paul that were persuaded by Dr. Paul's arguments. I don't see Dr. Paul attacking Romney, instead he is constantly trying to persuade the likes of Romney to change his ways, Dr. Paul even preaches to Obama to change his ways. If either one of them changes their ways, then Dr. Ron Paul has won. Doesn't matter if he wins the presidency.

We're NOT Brain Dead Obamanoids or 'Conservative' Neo-Cons

We dont go along with what Any politician says . . . just because he says it. One of the great accomplishments of Ron Paul is that he has encouraged many people to educate themselves about Liberty, the Federal Reserve, the nature of money & true free market economics, foreign entanglements, true US History, the US Constitution, etc. In particular, there are many young people learning about these subjects who will create the future. (Hopefully, a much better future.) There are many older people who have woken up to the fraud - - even after decades of being fooled and locked in the false 'left versus right'/ 'Dem' vs 'Repub' paradigm illusion - - nothing but a form of divide and conquer.
Of course the powers-that-be have never liked an intelligent and informed populace. It makes robbing people so much more difficult. Don't try to tell us 'up is down, and down is up'. We're not buying that baloney - - - from anyone. Those who try this fraud are either con men, or fools.

A Wall Street shark who tore apart companies/layed off workers, accepted bailout money, said he wasnt going to focus on the Fed early in his campaign, gets money from big banks - - - is going to do a serious audit of the Fed if he gets elected to the presidency (which could only lead to its demise if the full information got out to the public) ? Anyone who believes this is extremely naive, and at minimum fits into the fool category.

I voted you up.

President Ron Paul 2012!

Do you call people names?

Cut rand some slack!

He introduced a bill to Abolish the TSA!

So if you don't support rand then you support the TSA.

You say you are pro-liberty but why do you support the TSA?

This is the same logic all the rand-haters are using now.

Open you eyes haters and see the big picture.

Kokesh and jones and Greene and all of the unelected radio hosts need to realize that it took Ron 30 years for him to get his liberty ideas to the MSM and the MSM didn't want anything to do with them.

If Ron doesn't win then will we have to wait that long to have another constitutionalist who will run for prez and actually have a shot at winning?

One team

One heart

One love

One life

"We didn't inherit the earth from our parents. We are borrowing it from our children." -Billionaire Mentor

Without Ron Paul, Rand Paul

Without Ron Paul, Rand Paul could have never got elected to even a local city council position. He never could have made it anywhere near the US Senate if it weren't for his father and his father's supporters. He knifed his father in the back on Hannity's show for political favors. He's a Mark Rubio wannabe, but I don't think Rand is going to win a second term. Pretty sad, really.

A bill to abolish the TSA does not balance out

advocating for President someone who favors the TSA, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, a National I.D. Card, accepts money from Goldman Sachs et al, supports the harming of innocents through Sanctions and Preemptive Unconstitutional Wars, supported the Bailout of the Too Big to Fails that has economically devastated this country, and thinks torture is ok. Open your eyes and see the big picture. Someone hands you a dollar and steals your house and we should cut him some slack? No hatred involved. Quite the opposite, a Passionate Love for Liberty, the real thing, not politics as usual. One team. One heart. Rand Paul is not on the team. I wish him well as a human being, but as a spokesperson for the Liberty Movement, he has fired himself.


He didn't answer the question why he did it on Hannity. How could any interviewer let him get away with that. Also, quick follow up on the timing... He could have waited until AFTER Tampa. HUGE difference to endorse before Tampa vs after Tampa. He only explained that he knew he would endorse the nominee, and he waited until it was guaranteed. He took the wind out of the sails going to Tampa. My guess is he was somewhat forced to do it early to keep supporters from causing too much trouble. BAD INTERVIEW.


might make it to vice now and his presence will help justify war with Iran.

Rand made his bed, end of story

I don't consider Rand a traitor, that's much too harsh, he is doing things the way he thinks is right and perhaps .. to his way of thinking will bear the most fruit. The general consensus is that he has taken an approach that is contrary to a Liberty minded Ron Paul supporter. I don't agree that he has taken a position 180 of Ron Paul but yes a path that would be contrary to what Ron Paul would have done. Fault him for that but "traitor" and the like, that's over the top.

Enemies of Liberty would love for us all to keep harping on this Rand issue, I'm done with it, said my peace now.

We have caucus conventions coming up, lets put some energy there. :)

Rand is political jackal who

Rand is political jackal who threw in with an evil, cheating politician. He's disgusting.

Benedict Arnold probably did it the way he thought was right.

First they ignore you, then they attack you, then they co-opt you, and once you are co-opted you go back to being ignored by those who care about Principle. I used to be neutral, but I am sure I am not the only one who every time I see Rand Paul's picture, it sickens and disgusts. This is not hatred of the man, but a strong association with what he has done to harm the Liberty Movement. We have been distracted by his nonsense. It would be ok if from time to time when there is a personal piece on the life of Ron Paul to, of course, see a picture of Rand as a member of the family, but that is it. As far as his political career: requiescat in pace. Resurrection would require some serious retractions, penance, and mea culpas, and he would have to go back to the logical coherent speech of someone who has not compromised his integrity. Since 1987, I have recruited many people for Ron Paul and those people in turn have recruited others. One of the easiest ways was to say, just listen to the man speak, you will immediately hear in the way he speaks and see in the sincerity of his eyes, you are not dealing with a typical politician. Rand Paul on the other hand has learned to speak like the typical rationalizing evasive Establishment Politician. Now I have to explain him away in order to get the discussion back to Liberty.

If rand did not endorse Romney

There would be no trouble. Rand started this. Why is Ron silent? Do not blame people like me, blame Dr. Yes aka rand Paul.

I truly feel sorry for Rand.

I feel sorry for Rand, because one day he will wake up and figure out that he could have been the torch bearer of the greatest constitutionalist congressman in the history of the republic. Rand will go down as the man that tarnished his fathers name and his 30 year fight for our republic. A sell out and a divider of the patriot movement. May God have mercy upon his soul.

May God save our republic. May God save America.

Have no faith in man, bind him down from mischief with the chains of the constitution !!!!

Rand doesn't want to be a torch bearer.

Rand doesn't want to be Ron Paul. Rand wants to change the law in our favor. Let me state that again. Rand doesn't want to be Ron Paul. Rand wants to change the law in our favor. YOU want him to be Ron Paul, but Rand doesn't want to Ron Paul and he isn't Ron Paul. Rand Paul is Rand Paul. He is doing it HIS way. Rand is working his plan from WITHIN the Republican party. We don't need another Torch Bearer. We need to get to work. We know what to do. Expecting Rand to act exactly like Ron doesn't do anyone any good. Rand is a man of RESULTS. If we don't change the LAW, it doesn't matter how many liberty people there are. We have to eventually change the law and that is what Rand is working on. Rand doesn't support many of Romney's positions, but still endorsed Romney. So what. I don't care who he endorses, I just want him to change the law in our favor. In today's politics, all endorsement really means is "This guys is better than the other guy". That is all that it means. People that think that Rand is selling out are delusional. What is he selling out for? What is the payoff? Rand would much, much, much rather go back to his old life and be an eye doctor and take care of his family.

The most important thing that any elected gov official does is vote. What is their voting record? It doesn't matter what anyone says, it is how they actually vote. That is how you know the NEOCON's and the RINO's and the liberals and the CONSERVATIVES. Well Mr. RAND PAUL's voting record is great and is going to stay great.

I care

I care that Rand Paul came out well before the Convention and said...

"Now that the Nomination is done"... "I'm endorsing Mitt Romney."

Because that's news to me. I thought the Nomination took place in Tampa in August. But then maybe I'm just deluded.

"...all endorsement really means is "This guys is better than the other guy.""

So, this means that --> Rand Paul is saying that Mitt Romney is better than Ron Paul? I guess is one way to put that is, interesting.

Right or wrong, I will say that I feel screwed.

I will base my judgment on Rand Paul on what he does. And from where I sit at the moment, I vote NO CONFIDENCE.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

Why would Dr. Ron's son

want to hold the flame of liberty for the rest of us, he can just go along to get along with the rest of them...




I up voted you not because I completely agree but

you do have some valid points and I am tired of all the down-voting simply because people are mad, and those are the people that need to see this.
But why could he not wait until AFTER the GOP Convention!?
The GOP needs Paul supporters to win and they know it, but of course won't admit it.

Are you saying his

Are you saying his endorsement of Romney doesn't mean anything?

Rand Paul is a megalomaniac

who operates out of self-interest at the expense of true liberty, his father, and those of us who were dumb enough to put him in his current position in the first place. i.e. a traitor and a hypocrite.

These are merely observations on my part.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson