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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.
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Right?! in a couple of

Right?! in a couple of seconds of seeing him two years i told this forum he was not his father. i may have said silly things, but we new this guy was garbage. 2 years later and you all feel betrayed? try to think with your heart as well people, it generates its own electrical field and that's what intuition is. use your intuition. if something doesn't feel right it stabs you a few inches above your belly button from the inside clinging to the stomach wall. It hurts, doesn't it? it better hurt!


if the illuminatti wants us

if the illuminatti wants us to fight each other, then i say go ahead. let's tear down rand paul. and put his father on notice too. I say the cult of personality of Alex Jones is all what's left, -that's what i said half a year ago, which was the last time i wrote on this forum. Rand Paul is nothing. They think they have political capital.... but i'd rather have someone who is emotional and screams for this movement.


His actions are traitorous. We can't know his motives.

Go easy on the name calling. Logic speaks more clearly. 1 plus 1 does not equal 4. And someone who endorses Romney, who calls for Sanctions without a Declaration of War, and has actually said he would support ANY candidate nominated by the Republican Party is not an advocate for Liberty. His actions are traitorous. His actions are stupid IF the goal is Liberty. His actions have been at the expense of true liberty, and have damaged his father. Those of us - because of a love for the Paul family - who hesitated to speak out loudly about the danger of Rand Paul when Rand Paul first announced he would support ANY candidate nominated by the Republican Party need to recognize our mistake.

my question

dang, my question would have been this:

What did he see in McCain in 2008 that made him do a protest vote then, but in 2012, he feels that Romney is better somehow so he endorsed him.

My question is why is Romney better than McCain?

Very good question.

It is encouraging to see so many commentators on this site who have not lost track of the basic laws of reasoning and logical thinking.


McCain and Mitt are bought off by the military complex machinealong with Obama.Funny how the Sherlock Homes movie talks about it.Money talks and dogs bark.ARF
ARF Maybe Rand is a Mormon like Romney and Beck.News for Mitt. Promise me a planet to reseed with my wife.I will vote for you.Better than a chicken in every pot.

Money talks and dogs bark

great idea!


For.........Jesse Benton, yes good idea. Bet he can get alot of babes with the money bomb money.

Let's have a money bomb for Benton, Tate and Rand.They deserve a bonus, for a job well done just like the wall street bankers got, for a job well done.

Anyone want my Rand Paul shirt?

I will throw it away after today but I will mail it to anyone that wants it. I no longer support Rand Paul and will NEVER contribute to his campaign again. His insulting words on GLEN BECK today have me leaving Rand Paul behind. He is too concerned with kissing Hannidy's butt and Beck's butt. Rand supports drone attacks around the world, wants government intervention in marriage, supports criminalization of drugs, and is real coward in supporting his dad or any libertarian ideas.
Rand is so establishment it is not funny. Remember when he ran for Senate and said he would support Demint for leader? Well that changed too and he is a McConnell supporter


I will take the shirt.

You and many others on the daily paul don't understand what Rand is doing. I know exactly what he is doing. I have seen other people use similar methods. It works very well. One other person in particular didn't change their stance on anything, was a total liberty guy, but worked deep inside the party. Like I said, you don't understand it and many others don't either. It can be a very effective strategy. It is working great for Rand so far.

I want it.

I would use it for (. ). Paper

What he say on Beck?

What he say on Beck?



gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

Rand looking for "commonalities" with Romney

Rand is a fool in the way he is handling this, and a fool to think endorsing Romney early buys him clout for a “real” audit of the fed, or a vp consideration.

Using Rand’s logic, Romney could buy lots of clout and legitimize his cause, if he’d simply endorse Obama as President BEFORE the November election, and simply “look for “commonalities” with the liberal agenda.

I guess after 30 years, its time for Ron to go out with a whimper? I guess the “rEVOLution” has turned into evolution?

Rand's Glenn Beck Interview

Rand’s interview today with Glenn Beck further infuriated me. Instead of simply asking unhappy supporters to be understanding, Rand responded to “unhappy” supporters by calling them the “smallest amount” and “extremists”.

Rand Quote 1:
“the people who are the most unhappy are often the really smallest amount of your supporters.”.

Rand Quote 2:
“So, I think really sometimes the extremists on the Internet get more credit than really the entire movement and they shouldn’t represent the entire movement.”

In my opinion, Rand is just digging the hole deeper and deeper.

Rand Paul is an A-hole

No apologies. He calls me an "extremist" for disagreeing with him, I call him an A-hole for resorting to superficial ad-hominem's.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Compare the two interviews

Rand is now officially a true belt way politician who changes his message completely depending on the nature of the audience.

Rand bashed “unhappy” Liberty supporters behind their backs to appease Glenn Beck and his audience, but delivered a completely different message during for the Wallace interview.

This was one of the things I most admired about Ron, his consistent, honest message regardless of who was listening.

Rand does not live up to the same standard. It is clear now, Rand will choose politics over principle when it is beneficial to his personal career.

Rand Equated Those That Disagree As Violent Types

I found that to be the most despicable thing he said in that interview. I have read many posts here with people expressing their strong disagreement with Rand, but no one was over the top like he said. The response from the core supporters has been overwhelmingly negative & he said it was from a very small minority. Either deception on his part, or being completely isolated/clueless. - - - - He, again, showed how naive he is. Romney earlier in the campaign said that he didnt think focusing on the Fed was important. Romney is a Wallstreet shark, and knows Exactly how the system works. While Rand has done some good things in his first term in the Senate --- he's sounding like a fool and a tool.

On the other hand Ron Paul has done so much for the cause of Liberty over so many decades.

I guarantee you

that an outsider reading any number of these threads here on DP could easily come to the conclusion that some could be violent.
There is seething hate pouring out of this website.

And the media IS reading this site.

Some people will twist things

Some people will twist things any way they want. What happens to the spirit of a people . . . when Strong Disagreement is considered on the border of 'violent' ? They become nothing but easily manipulated 'politically correct' sheep. - - - Of those who disagreed with Rand Paul, (Strongly), no one has said anything over the edge. Name calling is not violence. Did some thin skin types forget, or never learn, - - "Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." ? Is this what it means to live in the land of the free, home of the brave ? That is nothing but a way to limit expresssion. If youre a politician, you better be able to take the verbal heat associated with your actions.

When someone rises to power

When someone rises to power based on the principles and support of his father and then betrays his father in the final and most important campaign of his life, it's completely justified to roundly and passionately condemn such a man.

If "an outsider" or the mainstream media don't understand that, that's really not my problem.

Totally agree. This is what

Totally agree. This is what people think a Ron Paul world will look like. I can't blame them for not wanting it. People around here have been selfish and vicious in response to Rand's personal decision. So much for the tolerance and love we all preach.

Blessings )o(

MSM Technique

Same technique the main stream media has been using against Ron Paul supporters.

How about addressing the elephant(s) in the room?

Getting real tired of all these Mickey Mouse interviews. If you're not asking questions about Jesse Benton and Trygve Olson, then you're just whitewashing the campaign. Rand seems to be going down a bad path, but it's Benton who is truly a sellout and Olson, well wtf there??? Rands endorsement was just the final straw.

Months ago, Tate, Benton and Fein all went out in public and indicated that they were looking to trade our support for getting Rand on the ticket. I was a Ron supporter who was still on the fence with Rand, so that upset me. Then we had our local campaign coordinater tell us that they were looking for national delegates who might even be willing to vote for Romney. Then one of our delegates (someone who only ever contributed to Rand, not Ron), worked out a plan with Benton (he claims a friendship of sorts) to sell out people running as Ron Paul delegates in an effort to make himself a committee chair, by having the Ron Paulers vote only for Santorum delegates, hoping that those delegates would return the favor and make him the chair. The Rand guy didn't get the chair and he sabotaged a lot of hard working Ron Paul supporters in the process.

It's been nothing but Rand, Rand, Rand ever since Iowa. If Ron didn't want to run anymore, he should have just dropped out. But I hate that I've put my money and time on the line, for someone other than the person I intended to support.

Oh but

you, me, and people like us who've soberly assessed the situation are "extremists" now Rand says.

Isn't that what the MSM has been throwing at us for ages now? Rand's officially been co-opted, after assuring us that that would never happen.

Rand Paul = Bankrupt credibility.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

You are not alone in these feelings.

Campaign for Liberty:
Staff Listing
John Tate
President (on leave of absence)

Jesse Benton
Senior Vice President (on leave of absence)

Steve Bierfeldt
Vice President of Development (on leave of absence)

Matt Hawes
Vice President and Executive Director

Debbie Hopper
Vice President of State Operations (on leave of absence)

Kirk Shelley
Senior Consultant for State Operations

Amanda Lee Frazee
Assistant to the President

Kevin Brett
Director of Communications

Teri Capshaw
Donor Relations Officer

Adam de Angeli
Technology Director for State Operations (on leave of absence)

Matthew Burrow
Director of Membership

Matt Holdridge
Director of Marketing (on leave of absence)

Tim Shoemaker
Director of Legislation

Deb Wells
Senior Director of State Operations

What are these leaves of

What are these leaves of absense supposed to mean? Benton supports these moves. Tate too. And Matt Holdrige is the lying POS scumbag that sold us out in Colorado.

He actually had people follow us around, telling other Ron Paulers that we were running a fake slate on behalf of the Romney campaign (even though it was he who told us he was looking for delegates who would vote for Romney). His official campaign slate only had die-hard, Santorum supporters on it (well known Paul haters, I might add). He claimed he had no idea that we'd be running a grassroots Ron Paul slate in CD 5, even though he was at the meeting where we picked the slate in front of 60 other witnesses.

We still managed to get two alternates, despite his interference, but then he claimed them as his own and also counted the Santorum delegates in the Ron Paul column (so no, we did not win Colorado, that was a lie, at most we got 14). Easily the most crooked, dishonest person I ever met in this movement.

I hear ya

Especially about the interviews. I really resent Rand's painting us who object as people who are sore because he doesn't go along with us 100%. Then he proceeds to use two relatively small issues, hemp and the TSA, as reasons for his endorsement of Romney. It's quite hypocritical. The fact is, he is the one throwing the baby out with the bathwater, not us!

You've got to understand that

You've got to understand that the majority of Paul supporters are not commenting on the Daily Paul. Even on the DP, the majority of people still have their heads on straight about this. So the minority of people on a website which represents a fraction of their support are the ones making threats, name calling, and saying the most viscous things.

Although I disagree with Rand's endorsement, and some things he's said since, I don't think it is ridiculous that he called some of the Paul supporters extreme. Some are extreme. These are the same people who were spitting venom and hate at Judge Napalitano when he politely asked everyone to stop sending hate mail to Fox News after he left his show. I was surprised at the very extreme language used against the Judge. This is what Rand is talking about, and his point should be well taken. It is the truth.

I disagree with Rand about some of the things he's said in the past week, but quite honestly, I've disagreed with some of the things he's said over the past year. However, I still have a great deal of respect for him, and I support him in his fight for liberty. I'm not worried about Ron endorsing Romney, nor should anyone else be.

What threats? I haven't seen

What threats? I haven't seen any.

And is it really name-calling to identify a man who has sacrificed principle for political gain in the way Rand has? It's true that you're seeing adamant opinions expressed here, but they are justified in the face of Rand Paul's betrayal.

I would qualify things like

I would qualify things like "A-hole" and "evil liar" as name calling. I would think if a Romney guy called a Ron Paul guy an a-hole, it would be classified as name calling.

I guess I haven't seen any threats either... I've just heard other people reference threats. So that is just hear-say and I haven't taken the time to investigate.

I'm not against adamant opinions... but what I've seen here has really been overly viscous.

The TSA is a minor issue?

The TSA is a minor issue? It's the reason I don't fly. I want the 4th Amendment back. The TSA is a big issue.

Compared to Wars, NDAA, and Drones over my head

it's relatively smaller. But yeah, it's still a big issue. But my man's point above is that Rand cherry picks mostly puny issues to "prove" his love of liberty rather than going Nigel Farage on the establishment with a pair of brass balls.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson


You always hit the nail on the head. i would bet that George Washington would be proud of you.

Rand promised to endorse the candidate when he ran in 2008.

Rand promised to endorse the candidate when he ran in 2008. This is the BIGGEST thing many keep missing. He said it in an interview just the other day. He said he would way back then. So the mistake was really made years ago. This should eliminate some of the questions like
why did he do it and why didn't he consult his dad before he did it.
The party made him promise to for his Senate run.
IMHO he made a mistake when he promised to back then.
For now, we will just have to watch him (as we should watch them all)and see what he does.

How long have you been a member?

Answer, Less than 3 days.

Why did he have to endorse right away?

Dr. No sends out an e-mail, Dr. Yes can not wait 24 hours to endorse his buddy Romney.

No doubt, he shouldn't have

No doubt, he shouldn't have done it when he did it especially, and actually, as I mentioned, he shouldn't have done it period. I was pointing out that his error happened when he promised to endorse the candidate years ago.
How much longer will you be pointing out how long I've been a member for?
I've been coming to the Daily Paul for Paul updates since the very beginning. Sorry it took me this long to join so I could post.

I am SICK of this endorsement quote from Rand, AND

people twisting it to suit Rand. WE HAVEN'T NOMINATED A CANDIDATE, YET! Do you understand? The convention hasn't even happened. It's NOT OVER. RAND SHOULD HAVE SHUT UP UNTIL SINE DIE AT TAMPA!!! Do you know what Sine Die means?

If he'd never ratted out, we'd all be working on our delegates. Instead, we have this HUGE crash in the road & everyone stopping to look.

Rand could have waited until after the convention & STILL been a good little GOP soldier. Instead, he went RAT, at the worst time. For awhile, it looked like we had a chance in Tampa. Now? Who knows...even Ron won't let us know what he's thinking & give us a dime of direction.

But what if he lost the

But what if he lost the Senate race for refusing to do so?

your still missing the point

He still could have made the endorsement AFTER the GOP convention

Then Ron would not have to hide.

Then Ron would not have to hide in shame, probably the first time in his life.

Ron Paul Denounces ...

... any endorsement for "lesser of two evils."



So does Jack Hunter (in

So does Jack Hunter (in 2010):

"If Mitt Romney becomes the Republican's presidential nominee in 2012, then conservatives will need to find a new party."


gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

Jack is in it to......

Jack is in it to win, I mean make a name for himself.

Rand isn't Ron - - Especially on Foreign Entanglements

After giving myself time to think about this, its obvious that Rand is different than his father Ron. Many of us hoped that Rand would take over after his father . . and ignored what we didn't want to recognize. Rand voted for the sanctions against Iran - - recognized as an act of war by Ron Paul. This was a tremendous red flag.
Rand has done many terrific, positive things in his short Senate career, but supporting a neo-con position in relation to matters of war & lives is not acceptable to me. Therefore, Rand isn't someone I would support further. Rand Paul would need to see the light and change his core beliefs regarding war & foreign policy. And, you can't fake it.

Liberty is carried in the hearts and minds of millions of men & women. It does not depend on what a single individual (especially a politician) does. Ron Paul himself said that it never was about him - its about Freedom and the US Constitution and restoring our nation to our stated founding principles. Its about each of us embracing the message of Liberty, educating ourselves, and passing that on to others.

What is it about Rommey that

What is it about Rommey that leads Rand to believe he will advance freedom or the US Constitution one iota?

6 day member

You work for Rand?

(Opinion) This is a complete


This is a complete waste of time. It's one step above reality tv. Here's Doug Wead's hour long interview on facebook:


Time to get back to work?

I think Hannity regards Rand

I think Hannity regards Rand Paul with complete disdain. I could hear it in Hannity's voice. Rand got the matter of fact "well-ok" voice not the "buddy-buddy" voice from Hannity. Knowing about all this uproar I think next time Hannity wants to dent Rand Paul over some issue Hannity disagrees with or a future election he'll use this announcement on his own show against Rand saying something like "some saw your actions as a betrayal of the liberty movement and a betrayal of the principles your father holds so dear".

Am I right?


I hope Hannity DOES ask him that question. SOMEONE needs to.......