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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.
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Re my post below about Theil ...

I hope someone comes up with a strategy we can use to counteract this trap we've been suckered into.

Maybe we should confront the Pauls and offer to forgive the betrayal IF they can assure us that Theil is pulling these strings. Maybe we can even sew Rand's coattails back onto his coat. Otherwise, the bad guys win, as usual.

We've been handed lemons. Let's make lemonade!

The Peter Theil money came with strings ...

In his interview with Alex Jones a few days ago, Webster Tarpley fingered Peter Theil as the heir apparent to Bilderberg since David Rockefeller is about to check out ... he was too ill to attend this year. The bad news is that Tarpley predicts Theil will be worse.

I would guess that the money Theil forked over to the RP campaign came with stipulations that Rand is now fulfilling. Theil probably chose the timing to make sure the liberty camp would be in disarray over the endorsement (which would have been minor if it occurred after Tampa). So, they calculated this endorsement to disrupt the liberty movement and, most likely, destroy Rand Paul. I don't think a "seat at the table" is necessarily in the cards for Rand ... his coattails are nonexistent ... in fact, they have been surgically removed by the big boys.

Also, when Tarpley said that Scott Walker (MN) is George WALKER Bush's relative (EUREKA!), the magnitude of what is happening throughout our country really hit home for me. While I realize that today, unions promote far more big boy corruption than worker welfare, they did represent a way that working schleps could unite to counteract big business, and big government. Now, thanks to the Walker "win", the whole concept of workers uniting will probably be steamrollered to oblivion from sea to shining sea, and the poor schleps who might have been shielded by a union are today cheering it's demise.

Wow! Are we stupid, or what?

You can see/hear the Jones-Tarpley interview on the Alex Jones Youtube Channel. Also, I've never been too high on Ron Paul's gold bug ideas. Tarpley makes a lot of sense about simply taking over the Fed and using it to promote economic growth. (Watch Bill Still's "The Secret of Oz" for a very good history lesson about what sort of money system works best for the people).

Unfortunately, neither Paul nor Tarpley seem to understand that unbridled bigness IS the problem ... it spawns greed and, once that sets in, the race to the bottom ... total self destruction ... is on. That's why I'm a DISTRIBUTIST ... keeps things small and local and keeps everyone busy and necessary and solvent. What a concept!

What. The. HELL..

are you blathering on about?????

First some hazy weird connect the dots thing about some guy named Theil relating to Rand's announcement....

Then Scott Walker ( WISCONSIN by the way, not MN) somehow being related to George WALKER Bush..... (you DO know that MEN do not hyphenate their names, right?)

And then going off on some tangent about unions???

I'd say, with you it's the "or what."

You make NO coherent sense whatsoever......

Sorry if my post went over your head

However, I thought that everyone here would know who Peter Theil is ... he gave a Ron Paul super pac 2.6 million bucks this past spring AND he just so happens to be a top dog in Bilderberg ... Tarpley expects him to replace David Rockefeller (who was too sick to attend this year's meeting).

Do you suppose that there weren't strings attached to that kind of money? ... from that kind of person? My point was: I think Rand was paying back the favor and took it on the chin for his dad.

Google "Peter Theil, Ron Paul" and do your own research.

Regarding my link between Scott Walker, and George Walker Bush, I was just pointing out the family connection and surmizing why the NWO seems to have it in for unions (albeit corrupt ones). Looking down the road a bit, I wouldn't be surprised if we Americans get to work in factories again. But, this time the factories will be run on the Chinese slave labor model ... no unions allowed!

You should check out W's great grand daddy: George Herbert Walker.

Sorry for confusing Wisconsin and Minnesota ... I have a lot on my mind lately.

Ah ok

I understand about Theil now. Makes sense. Gonna check that out more.

As for the Walker connection, I still don't see it. Not seeing how you see them as having a family connection. One is a last name and one is a middle name. But I'll do my google search on that too. :)

Thank you for taking the time to explain. And I totally hear you on having a lot on the mind lately. Can totally concur.

Regarding the WALKER Name ...

It was Webster Tarpley in his interview with Alex Jones who said that Scott Walker was a relative of the Bushes. I didn't trace Scott Walker's genealogy myself, but Tarpley is a first rate historian and if he says there's a connection you can bank on it.

Here's some history: George Herbert Walker's daughter married Prescott Bush (Nazi sympathizer, bankster, senator from Connecticut, and daddy of President GHW Bush). Thus, George Herbert Walker was the grandfather to President George H.W. Bush ... that is, George Herbert Walker Bush, and great grandfather to Junior who is named for him too: George Walker Bush. These skull and bones and illuminati types are very into their family lines.

Anyway, assuming Tarpley's information is correct, Scott Walker is surely a family insider so it indicates to me that these insiders are taking on the unions (which they have actually controlled for a long time now). Why would they do that? The only reasonable answer I can come up with is to smear them in the eyes of the people and destroy them. In my opinion, they want to destroy the union apparatus so it can't be taken over and used against them. (I could be wrong ... I'm open to other possibilities).

Hope this helps shed some light. I don't think we should be eager to jump onto the Right to Work bandwagon (which I agree with in principle), simply because I suspect that the bad guys are using it to destroy the unions for their own purposes and to enslave us.

Got my drift? (I originally posted this in the wrong place ... I'm going back to erase that one).

We should have been uniting the tribes against.

Not splitting them off. It was a foundational convergence much bigger than the GOP/Dem establishment infiltration. This endorsement was myopic, especially before Tampa, but the whole campaign made myopic choices continually like a sphincter on Paul's broad national appeal. Poor Rand, really, too. Poor patriots, it hurts, I know. Rand will shave 1/3 into the GOP reluctantly for lack of choice and shrewd calculation. It never works. I was a former 'liberal' turned Blue Republican to support Paul.

Ask the historical experts:
As a native american editor blogged, "Welcome to the reservation, Americans!"

At this late rug pulling stage, I'm working to give Gary Johnson a national mic and John Dennis to unseat Pelosi locally in my district. Even Green party Gonzalez endorses Dennis among others. It's not a party thing - it never was. If it can show in my district SF, it's everywhere!

I agree with Tom Woods, Chuck Baldwin, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Joe Scarborough (shocker), Alex Helwig, Henry Hereford and countless others who work harder and longer than me in this matter. I don't agree with Trygve Olsen, Jack Hunter, Benton or Romney.

The One Way Street

Those of you who intend to stay with the Republican party need to understand something. This Randian notion that the GOP establishment will be nice to us if we play nice with them is a one way street. They will never be nice to us, ESPECIALLY when we come close to threatening their destructive policies. This projection, that because we're honorable people they must be too, is a fool's errand that has been used against us for decades. If you keep buying it your nominees will forever be Romneys.

Repubs Stealing Votes & Attacking Paul Supporters

I find it remarkable that those who would think Rand's political move is acceptable (and necessary) in order to get inside the Repub party, seem to have forgotten all the voter fraud and the attacks on Paul supporters. Naive.

It reminds me of Evangelicals under Bush Sr.

Lather, rinse, repeat them when you need them. Not me. Not for sale. This is different now. The premise is different in a different world with very different challenges. I wish I had the luxury of compromised time. Under domestic drones, perpetual war doctrines, subsidized outsourcing, TPP trade deals, Big Pharma, Corporate farming/GMOs, economic terrorism/Fed and NDAA indefinite detention, propaganda/media consoldation, internet censorship, ICLEI/Agenda 21, dumbing down indoctrination/education policies, immigration, rampant unemployment, I really don't have the time to waffle and compromise.

Engdahl calls it 'total dominance.' How could anyone compromise with 'total dominance?'

Or war with Iran/Syria, crony corporatism, corruption on steroids or Bain vulturing the US?
Especially BEFORE Tampa? He didn't have to do this. If he did, it could have waited until AFTER Tampa.

These last 3 posts above...

.....have begun to restore my faith in the sanity of SOME of humanity.

These statements above are EXACTLY the line of thinking that makes sense. Hat's off to you 3. (fireeater, Tired of Tyranny and Mothra). You all have your eyes wide open and your head screwed on straight.

Thank you.

How does the Politician benefit?

"They will never be nice to us, ESPECIALLY when we come close to threatening their destructive policies. "

Ask yourself, "How does the politician benefit if you believe that?". He benefits because you get discouraged, stop voting, and stop being an activist in his party. Or, you go over to a third party that cannot win (at least in the current election structure). The establishment politician breathes a sigh of relief that he no longer has to deal with you. By convincing you that the system is inherently theirs, you concede defeat. Is that what you want?

We don't want them to be nice to us, we want them to FEAR us. Rand won't say it, but I'm pretty sure his colleagues don't think Rand is a nice guy. They fear his support and how he got to power. By endorsing Romney, Rand just took away the only weapon they had to use against him. I'm sure they're FUMING because they realize how empty his endorsement is and there's nothing they can do about it.

The good news though is that they already fear us. Why do you think people are literally getting their bones broken at these conventions? And you're already conceding things can't change? It doesn't seem worth it to me.

I think Ron Paul was aware of this

and spent 30 years working with the Republican Party to try to advance the cause.
Apparently Ron thought it was worth it.

Personally, I'll continue

Personally, I'll continue working within the two major political parties until political parties cease to exist. I'd prefer the latter, but people tend to cling to institutions unfortunately. By working within the parties, we can at least ensure the parties are ideologically split with competing voices vying for power. I can support the factions within the two major political parties adhering to constitutional liberty. Ignorant voters who vote along party lines just might do the right thing occasionally until they're properly educated to do the right thing ALL the time, i.e. vote principle instead of party.

So why didn't Rand consult

So why didn't Rand consult Ron before he endorsed Romney???

According to Mrs. Paul he didn't.

In case anyone didn't hear it...

I wouldn't trust anything Rand is saying. He has his personal motives which are probably more important.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Wrong. All she said was that

Wrong. All she said was that Rand didn't talk to her. She said nothing about Ron. And do you honestly believe that Rand would not consult his father before doing this? Consulting does not mean asking his permission.

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I caught that as well what Carol said. Rand has not even contacted his family at all; before or since.

In and of itself, I don't mind that he does his own thing...but when you throw your own family under the bus while doing it........absolutely unacceptable no matter how you spin it.

I fear that Ron is really

I fear that Ron is really caught in the middle. Sadly, he may feel the need to back Romney as a means to "stand by" his son and take the heat off him. I suspect that Rand is pushing him in that direction as our Benton and other staffers. I hope I am wrong and I hope Ron remains strong. His legacy is partially at stake.

Ron won't back Romney unless

Ron won't back Romney unless Romney picks him for VP, which is pretty unlikely. In that case, Ron could endorse him if Romney agrees to policy concessions.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Instead of pretty unlikely,

Instead of pretty unlikely, I'd say never in a trillion years. If he picked him, of course, I'd probably agree with you.....but won't happen.

Nope, I don't.

I do not think he will endorse Romney for his sons' sake. No, I believe his heart is probably broken by what his son did AND by seeing all the division it created in this movement. I truly believe his silence is because he is grieving and wants/needs to be alone for a bit before deciding what to do next.

Hope you are right. It is

Hope you are right. It is extremely unfortunate that Rand has forced this dilemma on him.

RON PAUL------will NOT endorse Romney---an appeal to Ron

I am sure of that. He is just in a bad situation with his son, although his son said at least that Ron will do what he wants to do regarding any "endorsement". We KNOW he will.

I'm just worried if someone has gotten to him with major threats, or something. Because why would he not come to our RP Festival in Tampa? No matter what, I believe firmly if there were threats that they are "hollow", so Ron, I hope you come, and please announce this soon!

99% of your supporters are mature & respectful Americans, both young and old alike, but we need your support to send you off into retirement, ok? Please?

Although I doubt..

...that there were any direct threats (maybe lots of pressure etc), I will tell you this:

If there WERE, they most CERTAINLY wouldn't be hollow.

The rabbit hole of corruption and power in the shadows runs deep.....of that I have no doubt.

Two camps benefit from putting doubt in the minds of the people

Ron Paul has 'ripped more shirts' than most of us put together. It's an old saying meaning 'has experience'.

I spent time reviewing, all over again, speeches and what not from Ron Paul. It's hard to believe that he would, having spent half a lifetime building a reputation of honesty, suddenly change his tune for the sake of his son's political future. Rand Paul has only been in politics for a year and half...he has got a long way to go before he can even think of meriting any station higher than that which he already has. I wager, he may well be in for a big surprise when he has to campaign for his own re-election.

Two camps benefit from putting doubt in the minds of the people involved in the liberty movement. The RNC and the DNC, both funded by banksters.... Obama stands no chance against Ron Paul and neither does Mitt Romney.

I think the early announcement was done for many reasons, one of which was to discourage and/or drive away new members.

To seasoned liberty members: A huge wave of new members came on-board very recently, they should be guided rather than berated for their jittery reactions. Be very aware of the how liberty members have been characterized in the media. These new members despite mass media smears and their own weariness of politicians and politics have come on board. Do not perpetuate the stereotype with insults and jingoistic statements.

If someone has been on-board with Ron Paul for a longer duration of time, they are less likely to be destabilized by confusing announcements and likewise, the newer members are easier to dislodge. But the newer members are the ticket to a nomination.

So stop with outbursts like 'trolls' and 'kooks' and instead guide the new members by providing links to anything and everything that has helped YOU to become confident concerning Ron Paul's honesty and conviction. No hero worship, just the plain facts.

It has taken years for you to become confident in Ron Paul, you must attempt to get new members to the same place in a fraction of the time. Do this by providing personals accounts of EVENTS that made you become 100% sure of Ron Paul.

Maybe there is a regrouping of inner members of the campaign, so it's best to withhold official statements until 'plants' have been discovered and purged. I'm just speculating on the reason for the silence.

Keep in mind, if the liberty movement succeeds, this will serve as an example and inspiration for disillusioned small 'd' democrats who are also oppressed by banksters. If freedom means anything, it means freedom to have a different view. A healthy market place of ideas can only exist in a climate of respect and cordiality.

This terrifies banksters, who have diligently fostered a climate of warring factions, 'Us or Them', that chains the mind and makes for easier herding.

all the best!

Endorsing Evil Is Politics as Usual

The Mechanism of Power with Adam Kokesh

The Mechanism of Power with Adam Kokesh

Phil Giraldi's take

"Rand Paul is certainly aware that Mitt Romney is clueless and dangerous on foreign policy, is surrounded by Bush administration neocon advisers, and is likely to promote reckless initiatives overseas that could well prove catastrophic for our nation."

If Romney wins, get ready for John Bolton as secretary of defense, Joe Lieberman as secretary of state, and Rand standing behind them on his tiptoes looking over their shoulders.

"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.

Yes - but you miss the point!!!

He will BE THERE!!! Otherwise he is nowhere - and it is hard to be heard from nowhere! It is what is known in gang circles as a "hang around" - you must hang around and "show" you are with the gang. Do little dirty deeds and gain trust. Eventually you get invited to partake in some real gang stuff - then you make a name - then people listen. Then eventually if you are good you get invited to the gang - then you kill the leader of the gang and claim the spot for yourself. It takes time. But it starts with hanging around - even if on tiptoes.

Bolton & Lieberman = OY VEY.

Bolton & Lieberman = OY VEY. I am so tired of War.

Rand is in the lion's den

I think Rand made his choice to support Mittens with support from Dr. Paul. He needs our support. I love to watch him infuriate the Neocons who tried to keep him from becoming elected. Sit back and enjoy the show over the coming years as Rand crushes the lizard neocons. The nomination of neocon puppet Mittens keeps Rand in power.

Few on here

have the vision to see this - you and I will be voted down to the depths of hell!!!!

The Senate is a very, very dirty place.

Know how bad you are all hurting. Feel the pain, too.

Mrs. Paul said her "son did nothing wrong." Let's stand up for the Pauls as a family. It's the only approach we can take.

Regardless, even if there was an issue, can't we take the poison and move on? We have the antidote. It's Dr. Paul himself and his lovely wife.

Someone once said, "Love thy enemy." It is easier on the heart than anything else.

It was a FOOLISH thing Rand did~~and a HUGE MISCALCULATION

It was a foolish risk he took! Someone on this site said, "he was nothing without us. We 'made' him."

The irony is how true that statement became, at least & especially now--how it must be in the mind of Rand Paul certainly after all that's happened.

You see, we overlooked his vote on sanctions against Iran, as he was still fighting for other issues. We knew after that vote that he could never be our leader, but we gave him a "pass" on that vote. So, give us some credit for being tolerant.

Why was it foolish? Because he really didn't believe he needed us---which is proven by the fact he said he "expected" some backlash. It was a HUGE MISCALCULATION on his part. As a result of our huge outpour of disgust & feelings of ultimate betrayal, he lost the very appeal that had elevated him politically which made the GOP take notice of him in the first place!

Now, he has lost all our support and hence, all credibility in the eyes now of the GOP, imo. He's a watered-down Senator, and I daresay he is damaged goods now. Sure the fellow RINOS will "say" things to him by putting Americans who support Ron Paul down, but IT WILL BE HOLLOW SYMPATHY assuredly.

The hardest jobs in the world -

undercover cop, spies, etc. They have to go out and say and do things that will tear their lives apart, cost them friends and family and act like those they despise.

I believe this is what Rand is doing. I know many on here are die hard - non bending - non-compromising types - and I respect that. But that does not get it done in Mordor on the Potomac.

Rand must keep his friends close and his enemies closer - something Ron did not do. Ron was a different cat. He did it a different way. But people - do not look for the scales to suddenly fall all at once to the side of liberty - we will have to fight for every ounce moved to our side. Those ounces come in the form of local and state government and hopefully some members of congress. They come by going undercover and supporting the establishment on one side - and making sure our voice is heard on the other.

Look back at our first revolution - for the most part the colonies were getting their asses kicked left and right - holding there own with small victories though - just like us. Eventually we had to make a deal with the devil - we had to get France to help and Hessians to do some dirty work. Both of which were pretty much on par with what Rand is doing today.

Now - I do not say we endorse Rand - no - that is not our part of this game - we are doing our job - we must hate on him. Otherwise the establishment will not buy it. We keep getting delegates then we use the "traitor" as an "honest" broker at the convention. Not for these trinkets Rand offers now - but for real things - things that matter.

Remember people - it is no secret - the delegates will pick the nominee - but the only way that nominee wins the presidency is with OUR votes. We still have our queen on the board and we should use her well. The more delegates - the more obvious the need of our votes becomes. Perhaps we pull of the upset of a lifetime - but if not - I for one am not pouting and going home - I want all this work to MATTER! If you are not in the game - you don't matter - plain and simple.
I agree with saying I will not vote for Romney - but I will not say never. If I feel the price is right and I am getting value - then yes - my vote can be bought. If you will never vote for him - then you lose your leverage people - and if you lose your leverage you lose your voice. I for one will put my vote on the market - and I would advise those on here to set the price for theirs as well. OWS failed because it had no voice - no purpose - I do not want to be part of a has been movement. Forget Rand - we can use him when we need to - doesn't mean we have to have him over for dinner. Let's focus on WHAT we want - WHAT are our goals.
Liberty will not come overnight - we should come together and create a timeline of real tangible goals for today, tomorrow, next year, two years and eventually four years and beyond.

I would like to see a fresh thread with members listing their top ten ransom demands in order of importance. We then take the top ten of top tens and put them in a suitcase and bring them to Tampa - if things go wrong - we use them as insurance that we MATTER. We tell Rand to tell his new best friend - here is the list of demands - get them in writing and we will consider voting.

I have said it before - I fight to win - I do not take my ball and go home and pout. If you are losing the battle -you save what troops and equipment you can(in this case - you get what policy you can) and regroup for another fight - you don't waive the white flag and you don't let foolish pride get you and your men(or women) killed.
It is not time yet to fall back - but we best have a plan just in case.

Shame on Peter Schiff for such a softball/flaccid interview.

Rand Paul is such a SELL-OUT.

I hope that Rand Paul gets booed off the stage every where he goes.

I take some comfort in knowing that things are NOT going to end well for the Princeling Rand Paul. The only thing that the New World Order likes more than destroying Patriots is throwing their Loyal Servants under the bus. Rand Paul is toast.

Rand was not completely honest with us

It was either intentional or not, but clearly it was a slap in the face to the grass roots RP supporters. We understand Rand said he would endorse the Republican nominee, OK I can buy that. The fact he came voluntarily on the Hannity show, prior to the convention when the nominee is to be chosen, is the problem that most of us have with this. I did not hear an honest answer to that question in this interview.

Which is why I believe Rand

is going covert. He knew damn well what he was doing - and doing with counsel from Ron. Why else use Hannity - probably our most hated MSM clown. I take that as a signal - it is TOO over the top to do it on Hannity.

Rand is trying to gain the trust of the mob - so he must commit crimes - it is the nature of the beast. He committed two crimes just short of murder - his stock will rise in the gang.

If you cannot believe in the acts of Rand - then you can trust no one which means you are alone. And you cannot win a revolution alone.

It amazes me how many on here proclaim to be die hard Christians - yet show very little faith. Jesus broke bread with many a questionable characters as well - and maybe I don't remember the bible too well - but didn't he himself say to break bread with your enemies to turn them to friends? I would imagine Rand heard these lessons well growing up.

I get upvoted and you got down voted, what gives?

But I think we are in agreement. What happened to Ron Paul this last election cycle shows how deep the matrix goes. How in the world could the PTB have so much control over the media and the election process and be willing to go to such extraordinary lengths to prevent RP from being the nominee? They resorted to every trick they could muster, even at the point of destroying their own credibility and criminal activity to keep a cap on any chance RP had. We appear to have lost this battle, but if we stick together we have not lost the war. Like in any endeavor to achieve something, if what your doing does not work, its time to change tactics.

Either Rand is a traitor, a Judas that threw us under the bus for a few pieces of silver(it me hurts to think that), or the tactics have changed and the r3volution is going covert. Remember what Sun Tzu taught, "all warfare is based on deception". I just hope we are not the ones being deceived, the answer to that will come in time.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

So since Rand keeps saying

So since Rand keeps saying this....Are we to believe now that Ron Paul is out of the race for president? Rand says anyone who can count can see that Romney has at least 1300 delegates.
According to Doug Wead we were never supposed to believe the AP #'s, but now Rand says we are and doesn't understand why this just isn't so obvious to all of us...
Also, has anyone heard that Ron Paul is speaking tomorrow?

i wish rand threads would die and go away

this is the daily paul not rand paul. rand endorsed romney ,romney is a liar and flip flop enough said. get rid of the rand paul bs and post more ron paul threads.

Ron Paul 2016

Rand The Politician


This might tell you a little something about Rand.
This is from the pre-Romney-Endorsement-Era.


Thanks Rand, you are walking the walk!

truth is treason

"I have a great deal for John

"I have a great deal of respect for John McCain" - Rand Paul
What a Douche


Are people so dumb on DP to think Rand Paul has any chance of changing the GOP???If you do,you are DREAMING!Not going to happen people!You have to totally take over and thats the ONLY way!

Not dumb ...

Rand Paul is doing nothing to change the GOP. He's giving us the straight establishment talking points, trying to hype purely symbolic concessions. No, that's not going to cause me to consider voting for Mitt Romney. Taking control of the party from the criminal organization known as "the establishment" now is the only cure, and the only cure that there ever will be.

Correlation does not prove causality!

Conspiracy v Liberty

Let's just make this one point clear. Conspiracy is NOT necessarily the same thing as Liberty...

It's just empty words!

Rand endorsing Romney doesn't change a single dam thing, he's not telling you to vote for him, he's not even saying he's going to change his view points. If you want to accomplish anything in Washington then you have to have friends, if all it takes is an empty endorsement to possibly get more support for libertarian bills then by all means do it more often!

We all know the next 4 years of Obama/Romney is going to be absolutely horrible... But with this endorsement if rand can gain a little more influence then maybe it won't be as bad as it can be.

You cannot endorse anyone who advocates

a National I.D. Card, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, Preemptive unconstitutional wars, takes money from Goldman Sachs, etc. and claim to be an advocate for the Liberty Movement. This is Compromise of Principle, NOT Coalition Building. This is "playing along to get along" and has nothing to do with the Liberty R-evol-ution. Liberty like Love does not work if it is not held in first position. If you pee in the milk, you can't drink the milk. In fact, it no longer is milk.

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop

This isn't quite "playing along to get along." Were Rand to have voted for the national ID card, NDAA, Patriot Act, etc., that would have truly been playing along -- or peeing in the milk, as you so elouquently put it. Could Rand have taken a trun to the dark side? Perhaps -- but given his voting record and his stellar upbringing, I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt until this plays out or he takes a more concrete step to prove that he is no longer a friend of liberty.