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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.
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I'm absolutely sickened...

by the disgusting things written on Rep. Paul & Sen. Paul's Facebook and YouTube pages, by people who purport to have been supporters of this movement. I was upset at the endorsement (and the campaign over the last 4-6 weeks) as well, BUT MY GOD, this vitriol goes too far! Only a fool would look at everything these men have done for liberty in this country and throw it all out the window because of an endorsement.

I fear that the firestorm has been helped along by forces who want to fracture and stifle the liberty movement. You can be skeptical of Senator Paul, but just follow his work and his voting record. Too much Alex Jones (myself included)

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

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you can be sickened...its your right

we can say them...its our right!

"The firestorm has been helped along..." Ya think?

Way to go, rand, jerk!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Thank you for saying that.

I think we have a troll problem.

We are making ground, and I think trolls are coming out to cause us problems.


If you believe that those patriots who hold ALL elected officials (yes, even those whose last name is Paul) to their word and judge them by their actions are "trolls" then I hope you weep tears of blood when the liberty movement gets co-opted just like the tea-party. People such as yourself are what will destroy this movement, truly you are a "Paul-tard".

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

yeah god forbid we oppose

yeah god forbid we oppose someone who endorses a man that would kill my wife with pharms over medical marijuana and add a long list of other issues. anyone that can endorse a liar and flip flopper deserves 0 credibility. i just wish all rand paul threads would die and go away and the rand/romney lovers make their own goddamn website or change the name of daily paul to rand paul so ican stop coming. endorsing romney is endorsing obamney. might was well merge daily paul with red state.

why are folks pushing rands bs on front page of a ron paul site . we all know rand screwed himself no ones fault but his. obamney 2012

Ron Paul 2016

Why are you Rand bashers destroying this movement?

Most of you have been involved for maybe one to four years. A lot of us have been involved for decades, since the late 1960's.

We finally get a chance to gain some ground, and you start destroying us from within.

I really think that a lot of people here are trolls, sent here by the establishment to stop us. It's happened before, I've seen it before.

We need to stay focused, and Rand is doing nothing wrong. Neither is Ron Paul.

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we are NOT destroying it...

we are identifying it...

identifying those that would support, ndaa, continuing wars, drones in Amerika, obamney care...

yeah, that's rand, and we DON'T like it!

so quit reversing the truth (like you guys always do)

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Foot in Mouth disease

Rand Paul stuck his foot in his rear end and you can't change the fact that he SCREWED up BIGTIME!You don't have to answer for his mistakes nor protect him.He has to do that.

Bozhi, thank you for your

Bozhi, thank you for your rational thinking... I tried to talk some sense into people like complexphenom for a couple of hours today. I made little progress... But now it looks like the rational thinkers are coming out to take the site back from the venom spewing Rand haters.

Thanks again!

It looks like we are finding out

Who is in this for the long fight.

People are trying to destroy us. The people who really are in this to fight for liberty will become obvious. Once you wake up to the idea of liberty, you cannot turn back and follow Obama/Romney/Bush.

People around here are showing their true colors.

In any movement ...

... there are many ways to go about accomplishing a goal. Not everyone will agree what the best method is. Therefore, there has to be room for different ideas within the core philosophical ideology.

Ron Paul is one way to go. He went into politics and stood by his principles, regardless what the party insiders wanted or thought about it.

Rand Paul is taking a different approach. He thinks he can "play ball" with the party insiders and eventually have an effect on enough members of Congress to move things in the right direction.

Lew Rockwell says they're both wrong because politics itself is a fool's game -- you can't change the mafia from the inside.

All have room in the liberty movement.

Is Rand's endorsement of Mitt a complete betrayal of the Liberty Movement? No, but it shows us his vision of the best way to go (for him). I do not agree with his tactics, but it is not a complete betrayal. Nevertheless, he needs to be watched to see if he has the balls to stand up to the party when it really counts, or not.

Sucks, yeah, but it's just a small bump in the road that ultimately doesn't mean all that much.

Well Said, Tommy

Let level heads prevail.

All you folks who are burning your Ron Paul swag in protest, badmouthing Rand, casting blame, calling treason... Get a handle on your reaction, cool off a bit, and sit back and watch.

None of us knows what's going on in Rand's head. Don't judge.

I wish I'd known about this.

I wish I'd known about this. I've got some questions that are very very important to me, like whether I should get intraocular implants or LASIK, and can he get me a discount on Kentucky's finest brand of bourbon?

I wish I had submitted a

I wish I had submitted a couple questions. Good idea that he took questions from the audience. 1) I would have asked Rand if he had any meaningful influence over Romney as a result of his endorsement. If he said no, then I would have asked him 2) if he thought Romney could expect any benefit in the general election as a result of his endorsement. If he said no, then I would have asked him 3) if he got any benefit from endorsing Romney, and what that benefit might be.

I think many people overestimate the importance of the endorsement thinking it must mean Rand was in some important position of influence or was going to be VP when in fact lots of people endorse Romney and the individual people doing it don't mean anything to Romney. However every behavior is done for a benefit. If you can't pin down what the benefit of a behavior was then why do it?

Rand made some good points in

Rand made some good points in this interview and I see his logic behind endorsing Romney.

I turned over as much of my savings as I could to Ron Paul in this election and the last because I knew Ron was a man that stood by his principles no matter what. I don't think Ron could ever endorse Romney--a man devoid of principles. A flip flopper. A man who made a fortune by being a connected insider and beneficiary of the corrupt Federal Reserve System. A man who is a full-on interventionist abroad in support of foreign interests. I also doubt that Romney won the primaries without full scale corruption of the voting process and the media.

I understand now why Rand did what he did and I hope he continues to fight the good fight. But there's no way I could ever vote for Romney, and I'm seriously thinking about ditching the Republican Party. If Romney is a Republican than I am not.

I'm really going to miss Ron.

"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.

He did make good points.

We will all miss Ron.

Many of those amendments he mentioned is like giving Washington 5 cents after they took a dollar. So it is better than no one there. I'm moving to the LP.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

How can you understand someone

betraying his principles? How can you understand someone participating in the kind of cronyism that's our movement was meant to stop?

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

What I was trying to say is

What I was trying to say is that after listening to the interview I understand Rand's thinking and his belief that he can do more from the inside. I think out of principle Ron won't endorse Romney. I wish Rand wouldn't have, despite whatever political calculations he made.

"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.

My point is this

I didn't say I thought it was right, what I see is that Washington steals 1 dollar with some legislation and Rand Paul is trying to get 5 cents back for liberty. That is his point, and it has some small merit.

Is it good us ? no. Do I agree with it ? no, do I want a better govt ? Yes. my family gave $7500 to this campaign and we travelled to Iowa to stump in the first caucus. So we got into it. I will miss Ron Paul since he was one not to compromise.

We do not support Romney, nor the republican party, we have moved to LP.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

To those trying to change the GOP

I am very skeptical taking that path without Ron Paul as POTUS.

The RINOs are dinosaurs - corrupt old ones at that - and there is little time. The global economy is not healthy, and the US has extended credit far and wide, our core manufacturing businesses are going/gone - experts say 15 years to restore that in ideal conditions.

So any change needs to happen quickly. Further Romney changes with the wind, and his selected cabinet, looks like Bush and Wall Street on every selection. Please look at it before you commit.

There is a business axiom to instigate change you must cut out the bad before adding the new (good). Same is true with software code refactoring. This is because the OLD always corrupts the NEW.

Maybe it is better to fight the two party system directly from the LP, at least you have uncorrupted new in that approach, not a bunch of corrupt old dinosaurs trying to stomp you at every corner. As a movement it is worth considering carefully.

We do not have more than 2-3 years...by April of 2015 > 2.5 Trillion of TIPS (Treasury inflation adjusted debt is due)

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Buck & the Questionaires

I suspect that certain members of Ron's staff shouldn't be allowed near the man. I won't mention names, but some of them have already been mentioned.

For the sake of the future, it's pretty clear to me than any future candidates seeking support from the grassroots need to be willing to allow the grassroots a degree of input over the candidates' choice of staff. I'm not exactly sure how this latter process can be sanely accomplished, though, but it clearly needs to be done. We need a bicameral process of selecting staff, i.e. grassroots' choice vying with the candidates' preference. If the candidates want to go it alone, then so be it at the risk of losing support.

Why would anyone object to Tom Woods?

How is he not better than Jesse Megalomaniac Benton?

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Not so sure

that Tom Woods belongs in a role of giving advice on political maneuvering. His field is economics and history--not politics.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Rand is taking over the establishment GOP

Rand has not changed, as far as I have seen.

Rand has been part of this liberty movement for decades, as have maybe 400,000 other citizens. Most of the people that have joined us, while I really welcome them, have joined in the last few years.

I am really so hopeful seeing liberty spreading, Ron Paul really deserves this. He has been our leader and voice for most of his life, and it's about time he was heard.

Rand is very much his own voice. I was shocked when Ron Paul went back to the GOP, but at least we didn't turn on him, like some people are turning on Rand.

I really am starting to think the heavy Rand bashers are trolls.

Rand is not taking over

Dream on!The GOP is taking over unless you haven't noticed!Give me a break!Rand just got caught up in their road to nowhere movement!

Half measures...

Washington steals 1 dollar with some legislation and Rand Paul is trying to get 5 cents back for liberty. That is his point, and it has some small merit.

However time for 1/2 measures is really gone, you have only 2-3 years before some significant economic collapse. You have little time to "rebuild" a corrupt grand old party...think about it.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

I've been in this movement for decades

Get a grip on reality. Rand has not changed.

Vote me down trolls.

You haven't seen far enough

our you're blind. The fact that he's endorsed warmongering evil means he's not credible as a principled and consistent advocate of liberty.

He may be an advocate for liberty, he's just not principled or consistent. In my book that makes him untrustworthy. I owe no one my allegiance.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Learn how to spell


Where is Ron Paul?

Where is Ron Paul? When will Ron speak out on this Willard (the Rat)Romney endorsement?

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Thank you for the interview. There is much more to this whole

political process than we realized, I think. Listening to Rand has been very educational and enlightening. I support and thank him for his efforts and skills in working with his colleagues to get done everything that he can to help the cause of liberty, and in introducing and fighting for the 4 bills he mentioned in this past week: No drones without a warrant (uphold the 4th amendment), legalize industrial hemp, Audit the Fed, Abolish the TSA, and the one amendment to NDAA he defeated, which would have sent American citizens to GITMO even after they had been found innocent in an Article III court!! This is major, and was due to his skills and willingness to be aggressive and to work with his colleagues. He introduced a bill today block-granting food stamps to the states, allowing States to direct the funding. Ron Paul has also worked with colleagues we disagreed with in other ways, but could agree on some important issues. It is better to get some of our issues passed than none at all. We are bringing more and more people in as we go along, and Rand said we will have a larger presence and effect at the RNC than people even realize. I fully support Rand and Ron Paul!


Like I have said elsewhere,

Like I have said elsewhere, the best thing about Ron Paul? The supporters! The worst thing about Ron Paul? The supporters. Very few of you have any idea about game theory. You're just acting on emotion instead of using your heads. You have to position yourself inside the system if you want to change it from within, otherwise you are just wasting your time or asking to be looked upon as kooks and you'll drive people from the movement instead of attracting more people to it. If this is too much for you to comprehend, there is a home for you at prisonplanet or infowars where you can discuss all your kookery to your kook hearts' content.

Let the downvoting begin! LOL

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

A clear and logical explanation of why Rand made this deal.

www.sgtreport.com Listen to the interview with Mike Rivero.

Everything has changed

Rand Paul changed everything by endorsing Romney.He made a HUGE mistake at the wrong time on the wrong network!Now he has to face the music!Those are the FACTS!

I will not pin the hopes of my Freedom on Compromise

With all due respect to Rand and his family, I cannot support or endorse anyone who prescribes to the legitimacy of torture, violation of civil and natural rights, or wholesale theft of wealth from the people (bailouts).

I cannot stand with the like that stand with them either ..

Rand are you sure you stand with Romney ?

Veteran -Dad -Artist

Looks like the Romney/Rand staffs

are working late into the night to make sure "friendly" posts get up-voted, and truthful posts get down-voted.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

You are paranoid and crazy

People like you are the reason that Ron Paul's message doesn't move forward more.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Rand and Ron are talking to everyone but Alex Jones...

The reason they are not talking to Alex is because Alex knows what they have done to the freedom movement. No more money is coming from me and no more defending Rand and Ron on any of these MSM sites.

I want AJ to interview...


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Look at Yourself in the mirror, what do You see?

I'm reading all this posts and this make me sad, do You people understand what are You bragging about? You probably did not listen what Ron Paul was saying for many years at all, I see lot of people trying to put their believes of reality instead of reality. I live in this country not for long, but support Ron Paul ideas since the first year. As I can see there a lot of people here trying to destroy the movement from within - that what THEIR goal is, the problem is most of the people tend to forget things pretty quickly, trust me if we remember what the individual did in the past that would be a whole different story, right now many is trying to put the idea of liberty into BED, the idea is OLD by many people tend to forget what is this all about, and there was one messenger screaming about one thing - REMEMBER what is the freedom is all about. One more time go back and read You posts, and think for a second how is that helps? I do not mention payed people here who are paid to post those posts, but the ones who truly believe in what they wrote how is this making us all closer to the goal??? So hope You think from this prospective. Ron opened the path that was forgotten for decades, now it's up to US to continue or stop and get upset and mumble about it for weeks. GO TO YOUR CONVENTIONS AND PROVE ONE THING, despite any news I'm doing the right thing and we WILL win for sake of Your family and future of this country. Peace to ALL



I wish my question

About why Rand and or Ron would have this guy T Olson anywhere near there campaign? It sure didn`t take much research on my part to know that this guy is no frend of the liberty movement.

In Liberty Dan

Ask Jesse Benton and John Tate That Question!!!

We need to ask the $600,000.00 man that question and/or his side kick.

Like Tom Woods said in his video, neither one of these individuals cannot be allowed to lead the Campaign for Liberty. Their performance in the 2012 Campaign speaks volumes.

If they are in the Campaign for Liberty leadership after August many of us will not renew or have anything to do with it!!

Good riddance to you then

If you're so damn fickle as to diss and bemoan a massively grown movement over someone's salary then leave. Have you ever been a campaign manager? Do you know what it does to your health? Your family? Then STFU ok?

Biggest pet peave - libertarians and austrian economy lovers dissing a guys salary. You sound like little Obamatards.

Good Lord this contingency is gnawing itself to death in days. I cannot believe the limpwristed pettyness that so much of DailyPaul readers actually represented.




I don't have a problem with a guy making a lot of money, but he's got to deserve it. Benton never wanted to win the race for Ron and pushed to go the "let's just spread the message" route. Not up to par for a campaign manager.

Did he deserve the money? That's tough. Did he deserve to marry into the Paul family? ...yeah, I don't know about that one either, but my gut says no to both.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Time to look up a new word

Time to look up a new word complex... Repeating "sycophant" a hundred times today does not make you look intelligent.

First came Dr. NO

Then came Dr. Compromise.

“Every man cannot have his

“Every man cannot have his way in all things. If his opinion prevails at some times, he should acquiesce on seeing that of others preponderate at other times. Without this mutual disposition we are disjointed individuals, but not a society.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Dickinson, 1801. FE 8:76

the Fall from Grace~~WORDS for RAND PAUL

Indeed, Rand, we hope you feel our heart-wrenching disappointment for letting us all down so much, but fear not fellow patriots, Ron will come through for us somehow, some way~~

Rand, unbeknownst to you, you have fallen into the inevitable sesspool of the wicked elites, thinking you can convert, change, modify them right in front of their faces. You forget that they are cunning and not fools and know what might be in your heart and mind. Believe! It will not work in the end. Your folly will be felt very hard...when the bitter end of this story is written. Consider these very appropriate biblical verses about associating with evil, Rand.

“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few."

Matthew 7:13-14

"Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my life with bloodthirsty men,"

Psalm 26:9

...and most importantly, read this, Rand:

"Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers."

Psalm 1:1

John Adams-Diary-Feb.09,

John Adams-Diary-Feb.09, 1772.

Statesman: A statesman would not compromise his principles.
Politician: A politician would compromise his principles in order to advance his own interest.

Ron Paul himself has told us repeatedly that compromise is the problem in Washington and that we should never go along to get along.
That is very good advice, so I have to therefore question sincerely and harshly the choice of endorsing someone who is against
everything the r3volution is about.

Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to
convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." Churchill

Max Weber, the German sociologist, gave a lecture to students at Munich University: "Politics As a Vocation." This was in the fourth
year of World War I. In the closing paragraph, he said this:

Politics is a strong and slow boring of hard boards. It takes both passion and perspective. Certainly all historical experience
confirms the truth --that man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible. But to
do that a man must be a leader, and not only a leader but a hero as well, in a very sober sense of the word. And even those who are
neither leaders nor heroes must arm themselves with that steadfastness of heart which can brave even the crumbling of all hopes. This
is necessary right now, or else men will not be able to attain even that which is possible today. Only he has the calling for politics
who is sure that he shall not crumble when the world from his point of view is too stupid or too base for what he wants to offer. Only
he who in the face of all this can say 'In spite of all!' has the calling for politics.