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Russia prepares army for Syrian deployment

Oh Boy huh!

"Given the worsening crisis in Syria, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper reported that the Russian army is apparently being prepared for a mission in Syria. Citing anonymous sources in the military leadership, the newspaper said that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the general staff to work out a plan for military operations outside Russia, including in Syria."

Now the Russians are going into Syria?


Good for them and the Syrian people maybe?

Someone who is a greater force than the us backed al-cia-duh has to go and clean all those criminal murders out and stop them from doing to Syria what they did to Libya and Iraq.

What are thy going to do next, give us all another False Flag Event to blame Syria on?

This insanity has to be labeled for what it is. Empire and world domination for profit and plunder. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA ARE NOT AT WAR WITH THE WORLD. Our corrupted govt and MIC that follow the orders of the rothschilds as mandated through isreali mouthpieces are, and WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA DO NOT SUPPORT WORLD DOMINATION so the rothschilds and rockefellers can have their elitist globalist cabal of population reductionists and new world order profiteers from war and death that call money god.

It must stop and hopefully the no mess around Russians will stop al-cia-da in Syria. They are illegal and criminalistic evil murders and no less than someones proxy army. THEY DO NOT BELONG TO THE UNITED STATES AND ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE even though we are actually heavily taxed to pay for them without our consent.

Read the rest of this important story here.


Remember the days and months just before the Empire invaded and conquered Iraq?


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Israel has been threatening war with Syria. Israel is scared that weapons given to Syria will be given to Hezbollah.

The timing is right.

TPTB need some distractions from Obama's eligibility hearing in FL (6/18), European bank runs, Chinese threats to go to gold-backed currency, etc.

Syria looks like a possible target for a false flag operation, from where I'm sitting.

Been nice knowing you...

wsws and Chinese news are some of the best news sources

I read them every day. You kind of have to filter and sort some of the articles, but at least they have good journalism. wsws news, the ones you have to skip over are the really Socialist ones. Their take on the Wisconsin re-call vote and unions are pretty one-sided, but most of their other news is good reading.

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Well for sure...

...if this comes to pass...it can only be seen as a sign on the wall saying there is no path to peace when all sides are preparing for more war.