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CSM: Is Ron Paul (maybe) getting ready to endorse Mitt Romney?

"Ron Paul's campaign website recently has featured pieces arguing that the 'mere act of endorsing' another politician (Mitt Romney or anyone) is not an abdication of libertarian principles."


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If he thinks it helps liberty in the long run he will

Rand is just the trial balloon. Assuming the Romney-Obama race is still close in late August Ron will endorse Romney, take credit for putting him in the White House, and extract a great deal more influence over policy and future elections than he and we would otherwise.

idc if he does

i would not vote for him, yeah i would even vote Obama over him.

I liked the article

but I don't think Ron Paul will formally endorse Romney. As the author outlines his support would fall short of using the word.

Also, this part of the article indicates that the author that Rand's action unusual:
"Given that Rand’s dad technically is still running for president, the timing of the announcement indeed was a little ... odd. So was the manner in which Senator Paul implied that the announcement was some sort of joining of the Paul and Romney clans. He talked about “a kinship between our families.”

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

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I would be fine with it.

I don't plan on voting for Mitt Romney, but Barrack Obama is THE worst president in U.S. history in my opinion, and while I can't stand Romney, I would rather him be president than BO. Remember, Ron Paul has already endorsed Neocons in the past, so it's not like this would in any way damage his reputation. If you're the kind that would hate him for doing so, you might as well start hating now because Lamar Smith is (in my opinion) worse than Mitt Romney and Ron Paul endorsed Lamar Smith.

Remember, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot in November, our focus should be getting Liberty candidates elected to state legislatures, governors' mansions, the House of Representatives, and Senate. Don't let an endorsement bother you. We have work to do getting people like Thomas Massie and Kurt Bills elected. Iow, we don't have time to bicker and fight over who endorses whom for president.

I will just convince myself Ron has gone senile

And remember the good ole days

Ron is NOT going to endorse Mitt Romney.

Dr. Paul's strategy is to REMAIN SILENT. Otherwise, he would have already either suspend his campaign or endorse Mitt Romney.

Ever figured he might HAVE to?

Do you know the Party Rules, or how they can be interpreted?

What Party Rules

Ron sure didn't give a shit about the rules in 2008 when he endorsed Chuck Baldwin.

Not only that, Ron is not running again. The Republican did not vote Ron back into office the people did. So much for their rules unless they are blackmailing Ron with Rand.

This would be a betrayal.

This would be a betrayal. Mitt will start WW3 and wipe us all out.

Ventura 2012

That's why it's important we get these people elected

to the Senate to help Rand Paul keep the brakes on Romney if Romney turns G.W. on the country.





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