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I think Ron Will Endorse Romney

It may be half-hearted but it will happen mark my words.

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I think

your post is unnecessarily divisive to the RP 2012 Campaign, as is the character of your previous posts

(ex. "Now that the campaign is over")
(Romney to Ron Paul: Quit the Race, or Else!")

Begone, foul troll!

Ron has nothing to gain and everything to lose...

by endorsing Romney.

If that happens

I will shit in a public place.

y'all dismissed my claims

y'all dismissed my claims about how many delegates we had and then the campaign confirmed it in their email. the truth hurts

Mark your words?

LOL! Too Freakin' funny. It's not your words I've marked, it's your screen name. Now begone.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Now you're getting silly

RP has said repeatedly that he would not endorse Romney unless he made some major changes, first being foreign policy. Ron Paul didn't earn the name Dr. No to sell out now.

No Fucking way!!!!

I will eat my left hand if it happens.

freedumb is not free!

He will delete the promise to eat his hand.

The RonPaul2012 Command Central is warming up your lube for the endorsement. It is right on the front page of the website.

Words marked

You'll never return to say you were wrong. Mark my words.

If he does, he's gone insane and should be remembered as the true fighter he once was.

I agree, but it won't come easy.

Mitt will need to agree to uphold the GOP platform after we make it Ron Paul's policies. Ron said in the debates he is willing to support the GOP nominee if they come around to his ideas.

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It's NOT gonna happen.

Did you listen to the Texas speech? Also, even Rand said today it is unlikely. Why would he. Not gonna happen. Forget about it!!


Why would he?

Did you believe Ron when he said

He wont give up or concede untill all the votes are counted in Tampa?

Only to recieve a string of emails conceding to Romney and learning he consulted with his son Rand before he endorsed the Establishment candidate.

I know I believed Ron.

I know I was not planning on ending the campaigning!

Ron Told me to keep fighting and then he told me to shut up sit down and be Respectful...

Maybe not him, but his campaign...

Either way I feel Betrayed.

he told you all that in 5 days?

Yeah right another spin doctor who joined to divide the revolution. Sorry you feel so betrayed Mitt or is it Gary? BTW Ron Paul has not quit but you knew that already didn't you?


Yes that's from AFTER the email which also said to keep going.

From one of us who have been here longer than 4 weeks...

I say you don't have a clue who Ron Paul is. He will NOT endorse Romney. He has preached freedom and liberty for 40 years. He was a lone voice crying in the wilderness, and was unpopular for it. Now after all this time, when millions of people agree with him and he is no longer alone, he will not change his views even for his son's political expediency. You can take THAT to the bank.

the lesser of two evils is still evil


To think that this could even be a thought!

But it is a reality that is highly likely...

If Ron endorses Romney Im completely done!


Highly Likely? What the hell do you know...it took you 5 years to find the DP and you somehow know...what? Someone got some serious funding to hire you idiots...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The STRENGTH in this movement is our NUMBERS---

The Media fear us. The GOP fear us. The elitist Federal Reserve families fear us. Why?

Because we aren't some ignorant, unintelligent group of Americans. AND, most importantly is that we got it finally, and we comprehend just how far down the toilet Washington D.C. has gone. That's why we are a threat to them. They fear the awakening of many more Americans, thanks to this group. It is happening, as many, many of our work associates and friends are "getting it". They don't have time to post, but they "get it". THAT's what the political elites and the nefarious money handlers are really afraid of.

And finally, we got the TRUTH about all this thanks to Dr. Ron Paul.

He is Retiring

from politics. He doesn't have to endorse anybody in order to gain political favors anymore. He didn't do it in 2008. What makes you think he will do it this year? I'm not saying it's impossible, just wodering why you think he will do this? The liberty movement will be best served by an Obama victory since we will get another shot at a better President in 4 years instead of 8. I think he understands that there is no difference between Romney and Obama. We are better off with Obama in the long term.

Judging by the way things are

Judging by the way things are going its a prediction that Ron will endorse Romney. sad it is the direction being taken by the people at the "top". losing their way becoming like people they supposedly are fighting against disgusted by because of ambition. they are losing their principles and becoming political players sacrificing who they and this movement are for power. as people they are more at the "bottom". ron and his slick political professionals r going out with a whimper and betrayal

If that's your viewpoint

then by all means take your marbles and go home. We don't want you on the team. We have work to do.

You don't really think

blaze was ever on the team, do you? Prolly given over 100 downvotes to it myself.

The only way Dr. Paul

The only way Dr. Paul endorses Willard is if he changes his political views but then again why would Willard do that if he where to win the nomination with his current views, i don't buy it and would be a real turn of events considering all he has published!

You're scared



Will he endorse him, He won't compromise is morals to stoop as low to endorse Romeny. To think so you don't understand this movement one bit.

Thumbs up tcwhit! Never in a

a million years...what Daily Pauler would even stoop that low to say it? Thoughts precede action so stop thinking and writing stupid and negative thoughts. You are only fueling the fear-mongering opposition. They want you to think that way, don't do it...you will only add energy they desperately want. That is the secret they don't want you to know "YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME ACTION"! That is a universal law! They love the negative energy...stay positive...stay vigilant...think Ron Paul, 45th President of the United States...that is the goal.