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Original 1994 Alex Collier interview

[The hardest beliefs I have ever been asked to accept involve Aliens among us. I still cannot bring myself to believe it; nonetheless, if this interview doesn't open your mind to EVERY possibility, nothing will.]


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my 2¢


Oo, he said more in March of 2012:
"Come mid June, human-empowering things will happen"

any second now.

Oo, he starts talking about a galactic plane & plasma cloud. He likely meant to say the "photon belt", even though it doesn't exist either. Jargon to confuse, appeals to emotion...

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

He also talks about "other universes inside black holes"

This concept is now being advanced by some scientists. http://gizmodo.com/5516963/black-holes-may-all-contain-other...

As far as the "plasma cloud" is concerned,it is here.


"Dragons" fly and breathe fire. They are a part of world wide legends. Some cultures allegedly sacrificed virgins to them, so they have always been seen as eating people. They have been both worshiped and feared for the "magical" powers. The "snake" represents Satan in the Old Testament, but it is part of the "healing staff" in the symbol for medicine. They allegedly live beneath the surface of the earth, which is precisely the location described by Christianity as "hell".

Take away the "aliens" and "secret space program," Collier sounds like a cross between Ron Paul and Alex Jones. What I found especially chilling about his interview was his comments about U.S. military being deployed for endless, meaningless wars, leaving the U.S. open for occupation by foreign troops and his statement that "something significant" would around August, 2001; and if we didn't have a president who defended the Constitution and staff that were people of integrity, it might be too late to save us from Armageddon and he said this in 1994.

As far as "physical evidence" is concerned,any "physical evidence" would be confiscated for "analysis" and either not returned or debunked. Besides, if you have ever watched "Ancient Aliens" on HISTORY channel you would know there is overwhelming physical evidence of aliens in our past, including the skull of a "Gray" and many skulls shaped like the creature's in the "Alien" movie series.

Don't worry, you are in no danger of your brain "falling out".