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Tom Woods Has Info Ron Will Not Be Endorsing Romney & His New Podcast Coming In August !

http://youtu.be/pqtiuTlx3g0 June.12, 2012
Tom Woods talks briefly why he took down his recent video regarding Ron Paul where he encourages him not to endorse Romney and how he has new information stating he will not, also Tom took my question about when he will start his own daily podcast, he will be starting it in August which is great news.


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Sounds to me like Tom got a phone call from Ron Paul.

I have witnessed this before - this has all the hallmarks of it.

EXCELLENT news! He is CERTAIN Ron Paul will not endorse Romney. Whew!

Rand Paul sucks

F-you Rand! You are a Traitor!

Ron Paul is done with his

Ron Paul is done with his political career (almost) so why would he even "need" to endorse Mitt Romney?

Romney would greatly benefit, but what does Paul get out of it? Nothing.

This never seemed to click with anyone.

Good news?

Mr Woods knows something more than his confirmation that Dr Paul will not endorse Romney. He indicates that the information he's reserving isn't bad news.

I was offended at Tom Woods' insinuation

that Ron Paul would go back on his word and support Romney. Although his video was full of praise, it was all about asking Ron to basically please not be a "sell out." Yes, that offended me.

It appears I know Ron Paul much, much better than Tom Woods who doubted him. Tsk Tsk Tsk Woods!

But at least he took that damn video down! And I thank him for that.

Ron Paul already told us

he won't endorse Romney, it's all there in the Texas convention speech. :) Which by the way is the best speech he has given.

that speech was outstanding



NOT (Duh)!!

Of course Ron Paul won't endorse

Romney. If anyone thought Ron Paul would, he has not been paying attention.

If Ron Paul DID endorse Romney

It would absolutely break my heart, and my motivation. I'm not sure I could even continue as a delegate anymore. Regardless of a Paul endorsement, I WILL NEVER vote for Romney. However, I am confident that this article is at least on the right track and that Dr. Paul would never sell us out like that. I've had faith in him in the past, and I am confident he will once again rise to the occasion. Ron Paul, ALL THE WAY TO TAMPA!

If Ron Paul does NOT ENDORSE

If Ron Paul does NOT ENDORSE ROMNEY and RAND PAUL CONTINUES to defend liberty I might be able to forgive and forget Rand.


If Ron Paul DOESN'T endorse Romney...

not only would it make my day, it would make my entire decade!

I hope Ron gives the establishment the finger :)

This liberty movement is real life drama!

***pops popcorn***

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

I'm in my mid-twenties and this campaign has caused me to get

gray hairs!


Were all there with you!

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

no kidding!

I know what you mean
This is one wild ride!

That's one rumor out of the way!

Good news!