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Kumbaya at Tampa? Or, is there a contingency plan?

Let's assume for discussion sake that Ron Paul endorses Mittens at Tampa -- just for discussions sake.

He asks that everyone hold hands, and lead by Bishop Mittens, sing a rousing round of Kumbaya to make up and get the Republican Party in unity.

What are you going to do?

Is there a contingency plan?

Is there an alternate leader selected that will be there to make certain that the precepts of the Revolution are followed at Tampa?

Do the R3volutionaries have what Friedrich Nietzsche described as "der Wille zur Macht," or "will to power."

Circumstances make leaders. There is a leader on the Board right now.

If Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney, there must be someone prepared to leap into the breach and work with the group that will splinter off.

Who is that person?

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"Just trust me..." Rand said shyte like that too.

"It's just a rash . . ."
"I'm not ovulating . . "
"I think that there is 'zero chance' that there will be a Ron Paul endorsement of Romney."

Tom Woods is an honorable fellow. But, he could be wrong.

These people inside Ron Paul Command Central burned the R3volutionaries once. I am telling you folks, if you prepare for Ron Paul to go sideways, he won't because there will be no value to Romney for such a fight. If you trust him to not endorse, then the Rombots will have ambushed the R3volutionaries when they do provoke an endorsement.

Your trust of Ron Paul is meaningless to Ron Paul personally but very valuable to Ron Paul 2012 Central Command because if you trust him you can be herded and manipulated like sheep.

Planning for Ron Paul to endorse will ensure that he won't endorse because a resulting but effective fight will be far more embarrassing to Romney than the positive value of Ron Paul's endorsement.

They at Ron Paul 2012 Central Command are posting apologist statements that are preparatory to another endorsement.

Why put your faith in Ron Paul's handlers? To not be prepared when they go sideways?

Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry.

This is, fyi, the right way

This is, fyi, the right way to think. Contingency.

Tom Woods fyi might make a good president. But have a list. The list could include people non-Ron Paul people would consider as a president, because there is certainly many more people than us that want a brokered convention, and you're going to be talking to them the next two months.

Friendships are good.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.