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Time for another website?


I do IT for a living. I'm proficient at programming enough to get things I want done. And yes, I have made a few paulbots ;)

My question to the Ron Paul community is do we need a page that focuses solely getting liberty bills in, and getting liberty bills passed, and getting liberty people elected at every level? Like a facecrook, but for liberty minded political folk.

Most people don't have time to invest in finding out every single thing they should vote for, or every single thing they should contact their representative about. Part of the page would have to include a calendar that gives you specific instructions of who, what, when, where, why...

Is there something already out there? I don't want to re-invent the wheel. I want a single page where you can view every single political profile on every person in politics down to the town level. Vote history, criminal history, financial history, proposal history.. Any history you can think of.. But it doesn't stop there! We need a liberty ranking system. (might call the page libertyranks or something like that) Remember, this isn't a democracy, this is a republic. There would need to be a community ranking (which might fail due to what we have seen with democracy) and some other type of automated ranking based off various computed information.

The problem is there is a LOT of information to gather. I can automate quite a bit of it with a lot of effort. I'm thinking every town will need an online-elected leader or someone to keep tabs on their local county/town areas... The state and federal stuff I should be able to do with programs and bots.

This will be a huge effort on my part, but I will go "ALL IN" if I notice an interest in this sort of thing. Maybe something like this already exists? If I find a lot of thumbs-ups and a big enough interest, I'll get the ball rolling. If I don't see much interest, there really is no point in me investing thousands of hours in this sort of thing...

Something interesting I just found (will likely re-invent): http://open.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/23/introducing-version...

This is not an attempt to make a replacement for the DP, just different idea for like minded individuals.

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First ask Michael for a job.

You have a lot of good ideas. Why not use them here before you go elsewhere? Explore whether this is a doable project with the Daily Paul gurus.

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Funny. I was about to re-edit my comment again or make another


I was about to re-edit my comment again or make another one ... in the exact same direction as you've just mentioned ! :)

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I think your idea is a good

I think your idea is a good idea. Couple remarks and maybe a useful tip :

1. the Congress API seems like a good idea, as well; now, and beyond the "technology" (however good and usable it might be) one has to be cautious :

1. a) obviously, there is data that can be exposed and which is in essence OBJECTIVE : e.g., voting records, assuming they are reported accurately, no real issue, there;
1. b) but there are also SUBJECTIVE parts of the datasets, such as statements of faith, about which you obviously have to rely on the sincerity of whoever entered the data in the first place / who maintains it;

2. re: the last point, you thus need to be cautious and be able to trust whoever maintains the primary feed and/or the persons in charge of the proof reading / review processes;

3. now for hopefully useful hint, back on the techy stuff, for having used it, Backbone.js is amazingly good at making you productive to develop very user friendly front ends, along w/ jQuery, Zepto, or whatnot else; check this proof of concept which is not too far related to your idea and could be a seed / kickstart : http://coenraets.org/directory/#employees

I.e., type in "lee" in the top right search box for instance, select the dude, then click on the name of his imaginary manager on his summary, then the UI's usage is self explanatory... then, well, "view source" ;-)

(App described here : http://coenraets.org/directory/ )


I'm not a UI guy at all, neither by taste/interests or skills, I'm much more proficient with the middleware, backend, the data tier, etc; but I do enjoy sexy UIs too, of course!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Suggest You Help Gigi Bowman at Liberty Candidates

Here is her website: http://libertycandidates.com

She is great and could use your expertise.

Liberty Candidates

Like your idea. Thanks. Can we sign up now to be kept informed?

Maybe this will help?


doing a lot of traveling this summer. This is a free idea, so if you'd like to run with it feel free. I'm not rushing because it needs to be designed to grow without restrictions of the interface.

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Noticed your post. I'd

Noticed your post. I'd appreciate if you check this thread out:


Check out LibertyHQ, where I aggregate the all best articles on libertarianism by topic! For now, the "Issues in Libertopia" section is the most developed. Find a link to it below:


nothing wrong with simple

Craigslist does great... I wish you the best. Also, that thesis is pretty interesting. I'll have to look at your stuff more when I have some time.

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Crook Tate heads the oorganization you are talking about.

campaign for liberty sole job is to collect donations and do the flip opposite with that money.

what you are describing is what tate is supposed to do. but there is no way to get rid of him. rp supporters will still give tate money at the drop of a hat without regard to whom/where it goes.

i don't think you will find much money for what you want to do, as people's donations are all locked in and sent to tate & co.


I'm not interested in donations at the moment

Just floating an idea. The more traffic the more expense. For now I have access to servers and the works. I'd like to implement some non-conventional technologies such as I2P and Freenet. Writing down ideas this week, brainstorming.. Then I'll need to make a complete layout, and make sure it is set up for easy expansion..

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Would chip in money for this...

Establish a chip in and i will donate to support this...very noble effort. Thank you.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

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I have access to some really good artists. I'm going to do it even though there isn't a large number of people that seem to have an interest. I have a feeling this is going to take some door to door work to get it off the ground. I'll start basic, and work my way into liberty automation

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I like it. I'm forever

I like it. I'm forever looking up how someone voted for this bill or that. It would be great to have a one stop site to find the answers.

Absolutely would support this!

I like http://www.govtrack.us/



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I guess I'll see what comes of the Daily Paul. I'm too unsure about the "if you build it, they will come" idea. Something like this would be an extraordinary amount of work... If it flopped I'd just die

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well no offense but if you are just hoping everyone was going

to say they will leave the dailypaul to go to this new and improved site "site unseen" makes zero sense.

If you build it they will come makes sense because this site was BUILT and look what happened. There are no guarantees in life especially when building websites, I know that all too well as I have been doing this web stuff for most my life as well.

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I never said

anything about leaving the DP. If you read my suggestion, this is something with a different focus. Although, Support from DP people make it a guaranteed worthwhile endeavor. I'd almost be tempted to exclude *any* forum because it would dilute the focus of my proposal.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

This is an excellent idea.

We need to stay organized. The end of this presidential election shouldn't even slow down our political action at all. There will always be good, strict Constitutionalist candidates running and good Constitutionalists that we helped elect in the past who need our help lobbying for bills they're trying to pass.

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Great idea. I hope this is the route

Nystrom chooses. The Daily Liberty. A hub for vetting candidates and upcoming legislation, chip-ins for candidate filing fees, anything and everything 'Liberty Movement.'

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Our local meetup began as an

Our local meetup began as an effort to get delegates. Well, to make a long story short, we got slammed here in eastern NC, but our meetup is now becoming a chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus. I think they are in many states, but they seem to be unorganized. They would probably be a good source to coordinate with for info on candidates. Let me say however that I know nothing about them yet, as I have just been told about the whole thing in the last several days. Maybe someone here knows.

my suggestion

if it doesn't work for DP, maybe you can build on it


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Nystrom's taking suggestions:

Maybe we could team up...

I do like how this site is setup. I'm interested in getting all types of people interested, but Paul people would be the most important. I'm thinking of a little different angle. the bills and information would be parsed from other sites/databases... This would focus on EVERY candidate allowing the public to know who is crap, and encourage someone in that area to run against them

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

That is a very much needed site.

It would be great. Also if it could link all the way to your actual state, county & district areas with e-mail alerts on voting dates. Each state and local election it is very time consuming to hunt for the information on each individual and often there are a few that are missed. Wow, this could be big!

I think this is a wonderful idea:-)

I think it would be the most "natural" transition for this site. We do a lot of this already, and the true DPer's are going to continue this movement and fight for liberty regardless of the election results.