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Forget John Galt, Who is Mu507?

So the mods yanked my post "attacking" a persona with the user name "*****".
That's OK. They're just doing their job. The name isn't important, anyway. Whoever is commenting under the name ***** is probably posting (and voting) under 14 other user names created by a random generator as well.

So I'm reposting the "open letter" with the name changed to protect all of the innocent sock puppet flamers that are infesting our forum.

An Open Letter to "Mu507" - Welcome to the Daily Paul!

Dear Mu507,

In the whole 8 hours and 57 minutes (no, wait, make that... 58 minutes) that you've been on the Daily Paul, I have grown to admire your unwavering devotion to protecting all of us from the evil influence of traitors like Jack Hunter and Rand Paul.
Like I was telling my wife not long ago (I think it was 6:27 P.M. CDT), "Gee, Honey, I'm sure glad Mu507 decided to start commenting on the Daily Paul. He has even opened my eyes to the flaws in RON Paul."

Yes, Mu (I do hope its all right to call you "Mu". "Mu507" sounds so formal after all we've meant to each other.), thank God you have appeared to show me, show all of us, the error of our ways and to destroy the political career of Rand Paul before its too late.

I especially liked your comment about Jack Hunter's video. "Blah, Blah, Blah..." I think it was. I was awestruck. Two "Blah's" wouldn't have been enough and four "Blah's" would have been one too many. This knack for writing can't be taught, it must be a gift. I'll bet Jack is hiding his head in shame.

It is this type of irresistible logic and eloquence that we have been missing here on the Daily Paul for far too long.
Your dedication to the principles of liberty and uncompromising ideological purity are already legendary, and put to shame even a hero of the R3volution like "******" (4 days and 7 hours) and long time veterans of the Daily Paul like "*****" (3 weeks and 5 days). Their patriotic attacks on Rand Paul pale in comparison.

Perhaps you can tell us of the story of how you happened upon this website. I know it has probably been frustrating for you, wandering through cyberspace for years before you could find a forum of fellow patriots. What stroke of fortune brought you to us in this, our critical hour of need? No matter, you found us, and that is all that counts.

I know there are those who fear for the future of the Daily Paul now that Ron Paul has conceded, but if you are an example of the "new blood" we can expect to be arriving here, this website and our struggle for freedom are sure to last well into next week.

Yours in Liberty,

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NOTHING that I love better

than sarcasm and irony. This is a work of GENIUS!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Have you thought...

Just maybe during this primary season more people have simply read the DP than joined? Not a part of the DP club... Reading all the sources for RP on the net (including the DP). Everything seemed to be falling together with the delegate strategy. Then the campaign imploded itself. Ron vanished and a ton of very upset people came to the DP looking for answers. Then Rand dropped his bomb. Many emotional people.
Maybe instead of worrying about who is a troll or not this would be a good time to concentrate on retention of members. Maybe many who are called trolls have been true RP supporters all along and are very near minded to yourself. The problem of moles and trolls will be never ending.T hey will fade when they don't have an agenda and return when they do. Just be careful that the troll you chase off isn't that person who could be setting next to you at the convention offering that one vote that brings majority. This may be the last chance for the DP to have the traffic I imagine this has brought. My two cents...

P.S. In case any one is interested....

I have the solution to the problem of people creating multiple user accounts to warp the atmosphere of online forums.

And it would also, greatly improve our enjoyment of the Daily Paul and improve its utility as a method for organizing and communicating.

Use a collaborative filtering algorithm to promote posts to each user similar to the software that Netflix uses to recommend movies.
As a users graded posts, each account would gain a "reputation".
Gradually people would start to see more and more posts that they liked and less and less of the posts they didn't.

And by "like" I don't necessarily mean posts that you "agreed" with.
They could be posts that challenged you or amused you or taught you something.

If you valued it, you would see more of it.

How would this counteract the spambots?
The ranking of a post FOR YOU would have nothing to do with the number of positive votes a post received UNLESS they were voted by users that "liked" the same things you did.

Mu507 and a thousand of his buddies could post all they wanted and even vote each other up to the limit and all it would do is make THEIR own posts show up on THEIR own front pages with a higher rank.

Is this starting to make sense?

It had better, because the Internet is vital to our movement, and this type of technology is the only way to minimize the vulnerabilities and maximize the benefits of an online forum.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I think the idea sounds interesting,

and might be applicable moving forward.

I also think that after November, the vast majority of trolls and moles will be gone, with their work already having been done.

I believe you'll be amazed at how many of these self-professed "highly principled" posters here were here only to do damage, and their entire posting persona was a total sham. Actors playing a part as an "uncompromising purist" who just happened to need to torpedo every person around Ron Paul to "purify the evil members of the staff and even Ron's family members", while claiming to have "undying allegiance" to Ron Paul while they do it.

Once there's nothing left to destroy, they'll be gone.

BigT I am impressed by your insights.

I agree that the moles will leave after November (well, most of them anyway) just like they did after November 2008.

But the vulnerabilities remain and the potential advantages of a website utilizing a collaborative filtering algorithm will remain on the table.

This isn't an opportunity that we need to capture before the opposition.
The opposition wants to bury this technology or at least keep it from becoming a factor on political websites.

Getting all of the people interested in Bayberry candle-making together in a noise free collaborative environment doesn't bother them, but giving the same capability to liberty-minded patriots gives them nightmares.

It is the potential of a movement evolving in an ecosystem that selects for the best ideas and people with the most integrity SHOULD give them nightmares.

But the Internet is NOT that environment, it only allows the creation of that environment.

The Daily Paul and the Ron Paul Forums aren't that environment either. But they could be.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I still love this post!

I still love this post!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Thanks Belle, I hoped you would.

That's why I reposted. ;-)

The Virtual Conspiracy

;-D LOL!

I know! Just for me, huh?.................sicker

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

How to Know

Is there any way to know better who is who? I am new and still learning and do not want to get of the True Path of Liberty.


it's hard to know. But the more you understand about the real issues and the real people involved, it becomes easier.

Study, don't put faith in things without thoroughly checking them out, and you will learn as time goes on that you will get better at it.

egapele's picture

Thanks BigT

for taking the time to post. It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the bizarre threads and massive downvotes lately. Just know that I'll have your back as much as possible.


Thanks, So far I am learning the more I learn the less I know! Everything I can think of to limit Liars could be turned to limit Liberty should Liars become the controlling force. I guess that is perhaps why the moderators do not take a too narrow look? I do from time to time look to see how long someone has been around the DP...perhaps there are Long Time Intruders and as well as New Friends of Liberty. I did however find this post and the comments following interesting. Is there a reason John Galt was used in the title?

I just saw the movie "Atlas Shrugged" on Netflix.

Thought the reference to John Galt added to the irony somehow.
No big significance.

The Virtual Conspiracy

OK thanks :)

OK thanks :)

It's like life

Just as you say, the more you learn, the less you feel like you know.
But, that is because you have learned enough to know that there is much you don't know. It's NOT because you are ignorant, but because you have become wise.

What I can say is that I've put nearly 60 years into learning how people operate. After a while, you get pretty good at it, especially if the stakes are high.

I won't push religion, but I'll witness that my faith in God gives me my strength and wisdom, above all else.

I don't now why the OP picked the title the way he did.

I honestly...

don't know what to believe anymore!
I am sure there are "trolls", on the DP to divide and conquer. But I also find it disturbing that you are not allowed to even question the motives of some in the Liberty movement, or on the Campaign....
I mean if there are trolls on the DP and other forums, is it really far fetched to believe they have also been placed within the Campaign to sabotage the movement?
I think sometimes it is not the things they say, that are questionable... but rather the things they don't say, the things that are (what seems) deliberately left out.
The jury is still out for me on some folks... and I am questioning a lot, but I am not ready to throw Kokesh under the bus yet (as many here have), he seems to have logical questions and intelligent points.... that should not translate to "I believe everything that comes out of his mouth" by the way! I am just not convinced he is trying to lead us a stray, although I have to admit the "Stalin" type beard, and muscle shirts make you wonder what he is playing at!
All I am pointing out is it should not be a crime to ponder certain questions.... we have been lied to a lot throughout our lives, so being a "healthy paranoid" has become sort of a natural state of being... questioning everything.
Rands endorsement, admittedly made me angry... but I do not "hate" him... and I can see that this is possibly political maneuvering to help the Liberty movement, but I can also entertain many other possibilities and motivations at play here... does that qualify for being called a Troll? I think not, but those who say really hateful things about Rand, using foul language, making death threats etc... those are the ones I am suspicious of in the "troll" arena, because they create such high negative feelings and emotions amongst us, and all the "Paul Supporters" I have met, seem to be a better class of people than that... perhaps that is naive of me, but it is just my perspective.
As far as the "Benton" and "Olson" thing goes, I did not really believe all that in the beginning... but as time has gone on, I am seeing a lot of stuff that leads me to believe there is a possibility they are sabotaging things... I am still waiting to see real insightful information or conversations as to why that is not true.
In the end, I still love the message of Liberty and trust Dr Paul to be who he has always been... a true role model of integrity. As for the rest... it seems the chips will fall where they may, we shall see what comes to the surface in the coming months and years. Even Doug Wead said there are things we won't be able to know about the Campaign for 10years! So who knows!

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

The explosion of paranoia and scapegoating...

...around here in the last few weeks has been disturbing and also very strange. I don't want to rule out the possibility of pure "mass hysteria," but I too tend to think there's been some nefarious trolling. It happened all too quick, too organized, and I think the average DPer is better and smarter than the general sentiment here recently would indicate.

But the nice thing about disinformation/trolling is that it has a simple remedy: the truth. If you know the truth, they can't touch you.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

What surprised me the most was...

.... the Down-voting. Any post or comment that had even a hint of caution or tolerance toward the "endorsement" (not to mention support) was hit with a barrage of minus signs before you could even read the next comment.

No, this was a planned event. And it was executed utilizing a vulnerability built into the structure of the Daily Paul.

The Virtual Conspiracy


Rand endorsing Romney had no efficacy (for Romney) from the start and was easy for any involved to see it for the political maneuver that it was...setting Romney up for a high profile "retractment for lying about his positions" at an appropriate time. Rand has a job to do and he needs help in doing it within the Republican party. It's our job to see to it that he has friends arriving in numbers over the next 4-6 years.

What is going on here is obvious to long time members...not so much for newbies. Seems that multiple posts, from differing "members" emanating from a single or multiple sets of IP's should be recognizable to Mods. Wonder why all this is allowed without management...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

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Here's the thing on that...

I disagree with Rand and I think he made a mistake. I dislike him playing politics because while it seems useful today, I know it will fail long term.

But, I haven't called Rand a traitor, and don't quite understand those that do. The level of anger seems disproportionate to me.

I have also seen people start to call out Rand on things that he deserves props for, not anger.

Most notably, Alex Jones and infowars seems to be on an anti-Rand campaign right now. Why is that? I never liked Alex Jones, and to me, this seems like he saw blood and went into a feeding frenzy.

He does still have the second best voting record and has introduced positive changes. Long term, it is doomed to failure though.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


it was an orchestrated attack.
There were months of psychological propaganda planted by people to create mistrust in the campaign, all the way back to the "I hate Benton" attacks. They continued it, and the whole point of it was to instill mistrust and insecurity about people's feelings of the campaign. The whole thing about Benton's salary, and his use of the money, and how the ads were made, and anything that could have been made into an inssue of mistrust WAS made into an issue of mistrust.

After a large number of regular members started buying into this idea, they started thinking there were traitors behind every yard sign, Ron didn't want to win, they were misappropriating the campaign donations, etc, etc,(which was all carefully nurtured along by the perps) it was easy to set it all ablaze when Rand's announcement came out.
And there were plenty of 1-16 week "members", ready to capitalize on the hissy fit.
During the several days after, the site was inundated with brand new accounts by the hundreds, all attacking Rand.

This was a complete work.
It was planned and executed, and our emotional people just couldn't keep themeselves under control.
It all happened in full view of the media and the world.
It wasn't Rand's announcement that did the damage. It was the insanity here that followed. And THAT was the set up.

I pretty much agree with all

I pretty much agree with all of this. The one thing I disagree with is that it caused much real damage. I think the only damage is that we're having less constructive unity within the movement (at least for the present moment). In terms of the outside world, I don't see it as that damaging. In fact, as I've suggested in a few places, Rand actually gains clout and credibility in the Republican cesspool by having some distance from the more dramatic Jones/Kokesh faction of this movement.

I hope you are right about the "not much damage"

But I always try to imagine these things from the perspective of a sincere newbie still unsure about the big picture.

I also am concerned about the "noise" factor in any grassroots movement.

Sometimes (often? most of the time?) it helps to coordinate our efforts and not having any "leaders" that we trust could render our movement impotent.

That's why a ship has one "captain" at a time.
He may be wrong (and sometimes catastrophically wrong) but he is still the captain.

Who would argue that we have not benefited from having a Ron Paul that we could all generally agree with?

The downside is, what happens when you lose your captain or he turns bad, etc.

The Virtual Conspiracy

And the mods sat back and watched the destruction

because everyone is free to do what they want on the Daily Paul. I blame them just as much for not putting a stop to it. They only ban you if you use a four letter word, which obviously is much, much more harmful.


of the mods was an active participant in the destruction.
You know which one.

I don't know who any of the

I don't know who any of the mods are. Who are you talking about? That mod needs fired. (I tried to contact you via DP email, Bit T, but your account doesn't have contact info.)


do a little posting history search on the moderator SteveMT for the last week or so, and see what you think about it.
Use your own judgment to see if you think it's out of line or not.

I don't need to check the

I don't need to check the history. I've read his recent comments. Steve has surprised me. I remember enjoying what he has written over the years. What a disappointment.

No, I don't

I don't even know who all the mods are. Whoever that mod was, they need to get rid of him...ASAP!

BigT, Excellent analysis!

This is exactly what I think happened. This was a psyop staged to trigger a witch-hunting, lynch mob with the intent to bring our momentum to a screeching halt.

The only thing that I would add is that the instigators have also been working overtime to get our movement overly focused on the campaign as opposed to long term strategies.

I know this is a natural tendency anyway (to focus on people and events rather than ideas and long term goals) but isn't that what psyop is all about, exploiting human nature?

The Virtual Conspiracy