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Very weird stuff going on today...

How Jack Hunter and Austin Peterson are viciously attacking the grassroots, insulting people, speaking in a condescending manner, and patting each other on the back, talking about how they are "purging the movement of the crazies" right now... Going after anyone who disagrees with the Romney endorsement itself, let alone the timing.

It seems like the campaign has decided to turn the cause into a business, and purge anyone who isn't "on message..." Why are these guys going to such great lengths to attack the grassroots. Nevermind Rand, THIS recent behavior is the most despicable thing I have ever seen associated with the former Ron Paul (now apparently Rand) movement...

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real question ALERT!!

O no ... he asked a real question... quick vote him down....



Chuck Baldwin Warns Ron Paul


Update: Ron Paul campaign has some explaining to do!



You are dishonest

Look at Jack's FB page and make up your own mind.


Protip, when you post, cite your sources.

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Jack Hunter

How is he insulting people? I've read all his recent articles, listened to his recent interviews, and even trolled his facebook page. He seems to be trying to rally the troops, or keep us all together. Too many people are going off attacking each other and members of the Ron Paul campaign. It's gotten a bit ridiculous.

Checklist For Tampa

Campaign For Liberty tee shirt - check!

Reagan/Bush 1980-1984 campaign buttons - check!

"I Love Sarah Palin" bumper sticker - check!

Book of Mormon - check!

Life-size poster of Rand Paul to cover myself with in case they try to spit on me - check!

Strong prescription pain killers and first aid kit to treat myself for the beatings I'm going to get because I'm a kind and decent Ron Paul supporter - check!

Thermos of Kool-Aid to chug down when they announce Mitt "I never met a issue I wouldn't flip on" Romney as the nominee - check!

Be seeing you.


Don't forget to bring some extra air sickness bags.



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No link Josh

because context would hurt the premise of this page. It is on Jack Hunters FB page. He is having fun with Alex Jones insulting his hair as a comb over. These guys are just hypocrites. First they want to purge Jack Hunter, but when Jack jokingly talks about how rude they are and how things might be better off without the rabblerousers (the Alex Joneses) they all get butt hurt. It is the height of hypocrisy. I guess only the commissars Kokesh and Jones can deem who is worth enough to be 'in the movement'.

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May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Trying to "purge" the Liberty movement

of liberty minded people just like the Neocons purged the GOP. Anyone who disagrees with Rands endorsement is clearly stupid, crazy and fringe and hates Dr Paul.

I wouldn't worry much about Jack Hunter having much influence

over us Paulbots. He seems pretty off-putting personality-wise and quite pedantic in style. Nobody I'd be interested in hearing from on a regular basis now that I feel I have the essence of him down.

I don't know the other guy.


Sounds like they are taking the "principles" proclaimed here

And they are applying them to their attackers.

Ironic or Illustrative?

Free includes debt-free!

My thoughts

I think a lot of the issue right now is that the campaign is in it's death throws atm with it winding down to Augusut and some are perpetuating it's death faster.

Bottom line is the Liberty movement is a very lucrative assett for anyone who can wrangle it up and take a hold of the people who are in the movement. For this reason I think people like Jack Hunter and others are trying to win the favor of the movement to pursue their own agenda. To them we are a statistic and a means to an end. The Holy Grail of fund raising and support and nothing more.

I think it is high time that the liberty movement put a cast over it's fractured body and start rallying back to the cause of Liberty. This movement may have been started by Ron Paul, but it is left for us to carry on. It is not bequeathed to his son or his campaign, it is in our hands and we need to rally EVERYONE back and start up stong once more.

Lets not become the Tea Party...Lets become the new Republican Party...hoist those Neocons up by their trousers and leave them wanting.

If you look at it closely,

all the attacks are from people who don't want to play ball with the Republican Party.
That's absolves Jack Hunter.

The brutal attack wave going on is from outsiders who DON'T want to be involved with taking over the Republican Party, which are primarily 3rd Party proponents, independents, liberals, Libertarian Party trolls, anarchists, and of course anybody that wants the movement dead, such as Romneybots and other neocon or leftist trolls.
All of which are represented in this troll attack wave.

This attack is by people who don't want to have any Republican connections, or any moving forward in the Republican Party as Ron has set forth for us, and have been against that from the beginning.
Now they are trying a mutiny, which is splintering the movement right at the most important time.
They want to point fingers at Rand and Ron and Jack and Jesse, and anybody who wants to move toward the goals inside the Republican Party that Ron Paul espoused, and people have worked for over the last 5 years.
The reason they want to point fingers is to keep the heat off of them, so that they are not noticed as the root of the disaster.

I don't think they are very

I don't think they are very smart people either. They use the basest of language and appear to have the same writing style. The Daily Paul is under attack by just few people. The majority of rational people have fled or know better than to debate someone who acts like they are 13 years old and just learned to use cuss words.

Another clue.

A rational person makes a comment or two, voices disagreement or displeasure, and moves along. Or if it's severe enough, he leaves the website and abandons the movement. There's no coercion involved to vote for Romney or anything of the sort.

But, a troll makes a career out of posting attack post after attack thread, over and over and over, for days on end, until he's certain that he's destroyed his target.

What kind of behavior are we seeing here in this instance?

True. I just follow the


I just follow the message of liberty and let that be the guiding factor. People are getting too caught up in the in fighting to recognize what is going on.

There is an old saying that comes to mind "Pride comes before the fall." I think people need to check the ego at the door and just focus on the movement and the core ideas that it espouses.

Dividers be damned. We need to right the ship and get it back on course.

Check out the Facebook comments

before they are deleted again...

take screenshots. I would

take screenshots.

I would have a look, but I don't do facebook.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity


Will something there change my mind about Ron Paul and the strategies that the campaign implemented long ago to get where we are today? Will something there, from an "over-emotional", somehow have me mistrust a campaign that has had a plan and worked the plan all along.

Is there something there that would have me turn on the campaign as many have been led to do already...all in some misguded effort to bolster their own self-importance for standing, pistol loaded and aimed at Big Toe, in the "no-compromise" line...having no real idea what the "compromise" line will see once they are seated and the curtain parts?

BTW, the "no-compromise shoot yourself in the foot line" leads to an empty lot out back.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


what Facebook comments?
what did Jack hunter say? I'm out of the loop I guess.
What's going on?

This is Horse (bleep)


Austin Petersen: We're chopping off a diseased limb Jack, but don't worry, we'll save the patient

A major reason that Hitler lost was because he was too proud and arrogant. He would never give ground, instead he demanded every inch be held at all times. Given that logic, George Washington would have lost New York City, and we'd be under British Rule. Read your Alinsky and Fabian Strategy.

People who say "I have a right to be upset" are using emotions, not logic. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Stop whining. Some of us are soldiers, not academics. Stick to education and leave the fighting to those who have the cojones.

Jack: Some want to make a difference. Some want to make a racket.

I understand that Alex Jones just made fun of my hair. You can call me names, question my judgment and insult all you like. But my incredibly good looks are off limits. It's what's on the outside that counts.

I get it cut at the same place as all the other Washington insiders. Bilderberg barbershop.

Get on message or...

you are somebody who "just wants to make a racket" and has "no cojones." What can I say to that??? There you are...


This is in response to Alex Jones, Tarpley, and Kokesh saying that the movement should chop off Jack Hunter. LOL, the hypocrisy is to much to comment on.

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