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Carol Paul on Rand's Endorsement


From an interview on Ron Paul Radio a few minutes ago

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Thank You Carol

It really hurt me to hear of the nasty language you endured on Facebook. To counter this I would like to share a post I made on Daily Paul under forums, Ron Paul 2012, delegates. It is titled "A Texas Delegate Searches for Answers". These are not my words, but what I beleieve God was showing me and the best part was 2 Samuel 22:22-23. I am still praying and getting that Romney is not going to get the GOP nomination!

Maybe you could put link to who did the interview?


“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

Full interview uploaded here

I cant even get it listed on any noticable page though on daily paul!
Daily paul article: http://www.dailypaul.com/240528/update-full-interview-with-c...

Just go to the youtube link cause cant insert video in daily paul:

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

BTW the old "obama girl" is

BTW the old "obama girl" is talking smack about me on RT. What's up with that. They pic a random clip that makes me look bad. Did anyone defend me. just curious. i dont need defending, bit it's always nice to know.
Cant believe she got paid!
I'd never acccept payment for being Ron Paul Girl. That's an honor. I can't stand the news, even RT

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

Careful Carol, or the

Careful Carol, or the anti-randers will want to throw you out of the movement too like they do with Rand and now Jack Hunter.


I don't need to hear anything from Dr. Paul about anything.
I know what I need to do...and I'm still doing it..no matter who's in, who's out, who's happy, pissed...whatever.

It is MY responsibility to get my country back. It is MY mind and gut that tells me what needs to be done next and there isn't anyone endorsing someone, slamming someone, or anything that will change the path I set on back in 1996.

That being said...I still pray for the day when this wonderful Lady will be our "First Lady"...because I love her dearly.

Carol is a class act

I have met her and it is so easy to see why Dr. Paul loves her so much....and make no mistake, he does! Mrs. Paul is awesome. I could not listen to this however, without chuckling a bit wondering if juuuust somewhere in the corner of her mind she'd love to take Rand out back for a minute, have a lil talk about if nothing else his timing...... then kick his ass! lol

I have been e-mailing with Carol since Sept.

On Thurs nite, I posted the e-mail I sent her that evening on here. Most of you crucified me for having the temerity to send that e-mail. You know what? Carol wrote back to me that she wasn't offended at all by my questions.

What NONE of you knew, was that Carol & I had been "talking" that morning on e-mail, about her article & video in the WSJ. When "Hannity" came on, we were both blindsided.

Since then, I've been asking her when Ron will speak to us? I find it completely frustrating that Ron's wife seems to be the only conduit. Why wouldn't Ron on his own have spoken to us days ago?

So go ahead, beat me up again, but I find it rather depressing that we have to glean shreds of information from Carol's comments, rather than having a clear, detailed comprehensive statement from Ron. For all the optimism and "NEVER GIVE UP!" spirit on here, I would like to hear that encouragement from Ron. Rand's defection last week did have an impact on delegate numbers, no one can convice me otherwise. But, it would be easy enough to negate that impact with the right message(s) from Ron. Ron, YOU MUST go into damage-control as soon as you can. This silence only makes things worse.

I'm just glad

well I'm just glad he is alive not hearing anything what so ever has made me wonder.

Politician Vs. Statesman

Politics is the art of compromise, they say. When you have to get a majority in the US House, US Senate, and the Executive Branch to agree on something, you can understand why it's difficult for a politician to get everything he or she wants in a piece of legislation, particularly on controversial issues.

But compromising on policy doesn't require compromising on principles. That's the difference between a politician and a statesman. The former is interested in just "getting things done" while the latter is interested in "doing the right thing." The statesman is interested in moving policy in the right direction, even if the legislation is not everything he or she wants.

Rand Paul is compromising as a statesman, not a politician by endorsing Romney. Intuitively, he realizes that Romney is a politician and not a statesman. That is because Romney changes his positions based on what direction the political wind is blowing; because that's what "gets things done."

Regardless if someone likes it or not, the next president will be either Obama or Romney. It's already been shown that Obama will not negotiate or compromise with the Tea Party. Romney, on the other hand, will have to whether he likes it or not; because he must have most of the GOP united behind him.

With that being said, when we look at the US Senate and US House elections, the Tea Party movement is gaining momentum to pick up seats. That will change what DIRECTION the POLITICAL WIND blows, and if Romney is elected, then he will change at least some of his positions to move with that direction. Otherwise, most of the GOP will not be united behind him.

Rand Paul is not compromising his principles. He is simply engaging in smart Game Theory and strategy to promote principles that he and the Tea Party believe in. Like a true statesman!

The problem

With your analysis is it assumes Romney is a statesman as well and the GOP can be trusted to honor *any* deal. I don't see any evidence of that.


i agree

i agree, that the movement is the most important thing here. standing for freedom is about us. everyone has to decide how he/she is going to further this movement. and standing with others makes the movement more powerful and we will succeed when enough people stand up for what is right. the only reason this corrupt cabal has any power is because people give it to them and help them further their plan by doing as they demand. the minute we stop cooperating and say enough, they have lost all their power.

having said that, i can't help but feel weird that we are hearing from carol paul and not hearing a word from ron. or have i missed something? has he come out with a statement that i've missed?

doesn't bother me

rand decided to endorse romney because he thought it was the best way for him to play the game and be able to have more influence. his views haven't changed .. he is still actively working to promote liberty. he just has a different way of going about it then his dad. and although we love Ron for sticking to his principles, rand just might be able to accomplish more by playing ball. I think he knows we canstop think for ourselves and don't have to vote for Romney or stop supporting rand. i will never vote. for romney just on the simple fact he supports the ndaa... i will support rand. as long as his actions. continue to support my beliefs. rand is the best senator we got.. it would be a tragedy if his supported withered over this.... Just look at his body language! You know he wanted to vomit

I'm not taking shots at Rand or Ron, but I do want everyone out

there who worked endlessly and tirelessly for free, and gave everything they could for the movement that Jesse Benton made over 500 thousand dollars in this years 2012 presidential cycle!!!! I hope there are a few others out there who this really upsets, 'cause I know that this fact gets me steaming mad and makes me really question the leadership of this campaign. Don't get me wrong, I love what Ron Paul has done, and way more importantly the freedom message, but I really wish they would of picked the most qualified people inside the movement for the campaign who weren't in this thing to make money out of it, or game the most important movement and Ron Paul's campaign!!! JCM http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2012/05/jesse-bentons-5...

You're a worthless liar.

You ARE taking shots at Ron and Rand.
And you have cut-and-pasted this same post to at least 14 different threads in the last half-hour in an attempt to smear.

It has been reported to the moderators.

Oh, we aren't "getting you wrong". It's obvious you're an asshole troll.


It saddens me to see what the dailypaul has become. Ever since 2008 it has been a place for me to come and better understand what was happening in the world and in politics. After the regrettable endorsement by Rand this once heralded community has become a 2nd grade classroom. I realize that nobody here, including me, is happy about what Rand did, but I have had too many conversations with people trying to explain that as wonderful as Ron Paul is, it is not him that gets me excited, it is the message of liberty. I do not see that here anymore and until we can start having rational discussions about issues again, not going after Carol Paul for supporting her son, I will not be back. I would also give Michael Nystrom some advice: the legacy that you have built here has been amazing, but the infighting that I am seeing here threatens to dismantle it. In my opinion would be better to shut the whole thing down than to see it spiral into a place where people come to complain about those who they do not think are libertarian enough instead of a place where people come to talk, share, and discuss ideas.

TO: krv00c---where have you been?

While I appreciate your sad feelings, consider this---in any large group of people, there will always be "some" foul-mouthed and less than stellar comments made on a website. This is REALITY, but throwing the baby out with the bathwater is definitely not smart.

By and far, the majority of the comments have been supportive of Carol Paul. You need to overlook the few that are caustic.

Instead, focus on the legitimate comments and criticisms made. I do.


Don't get too frustrated. There is certain to be some trauma . The trouble is that Ron Paul is unique – a remarkable person by any measure. We are luck to have had him living in our time. Try as I might I can not help but see what has happened as a setback of monumental proportions. I don't blame anyone. But what hopes I had have take a tumble.


Take A Short Break

Everybody needs a break occasionally. This fiasco will soon pass as it's rapidly becoming old news. A steady stream of steam has been venting for nearly a week. Yes, some of the immature remarks are probably outside agitators who just love watering the seeds of discord. Just vote downward any blatantly immature post until it's no longer visible to non-members. Think about something else for a few days. Best wishes.

Who's That?

The picture above would be better if the 'minder' in the background had not been there. I have seen him in the background of quite a few photographs.


Jessie Benton

Jessie Benton. The campaign manager.


Yes I knew but thought the question still worth putting. I think I was trying to make a point.


the guy

the guy who got paid over $500,000 for his job this year.


With all due respect Mrs.

With all due respect Mrs. Paul....please stick to your cook books and get your husband to speak to his long awaiting loyal supporters .... personally.

My comment toward Mrs. Paul

My comment toward Mrs. Paul was harsh. My apologies.

Hey mate, no offense....but you're an imbecile (don't take...

Hey mate, no offence....but you're an imbecile (don't take offense though)

See how me prefacing my remarks doesn't make my actual comment any less rude? Well, neither did yours. There was absolutely no respect given to Mrs. Paul with your comment.

I agree with the sentiment that it would be nice to hear from Ron Paul himself, but give Carol Paul some respect - she has an incredibly insightful view about the campaign, Ron Paul and especially what's happening right now.

(By the way, i don't think you're an imbecile. I just wrote that to illustrate my point.)

I don't recall getting into

I don't recall getting into the name-calling.

Some things are worse than

Some things are worse than name calling. Some would view your comment as worse than calling someone an imbecile.

You must be a relative.

You must be a relative.