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HR 459 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act What if

Senator Paul endorsed Nobomney in exchange for senatorial support for his Dad's Audit the Fed Bill? I sure would take bullets (and he has taken a lot) to help my dad realize his dream of 30+ years.

This makes more sense to me than all the other conjecture I have read on this site. Waiting until after the convention would have been too late to make such a deal as the vote on HR 459 is in July.

Auditing the Fed is HUGE. The Federal Reserve is entwined with funding the wars, taxes, the budget and our freedoms as all of you know. Auditing the Fed is the most important issue of our time.

Dr. Paul did not raise any traitors or idiots. Read between the lines people. Senator Paul is trying to get HR 459 to the Senate floor if it passes the House in July. If he had to make a deal to make that happen...he is not a Judas...he is a martyr. If the Fed is audited because of such a deal that is more progress than we could have ever hoped for with or without Dr. Paul in the White House.