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Not even a week has passed since Rand's endorsment and infowars is already is calling him a neocon

Infowars is now insinuating Rand Paul is a neocon in disguise. Their smoking gun evidense? Rand had a conversation with William Kristol once! Of course, in typical infowars style, they didn't hear the conversation itself but instead jumped to the most extreme conclusion they could draw. Extreme conclusions and fear translate into web hits and web hits translates into $$$. Using their logic, Pat Buchanan would be considered a neocon for endorsing George Bush Sr. in 92 and Dennis Kucinich would be a war hawk for endorsing Obama in 08.

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Im sitting back and watching

Im sitting back and watching but my gut says he shouldnt of compromised, we are winning and gaining momentum, stay strong hold fast and no compromise. Time will tell how this all unfolds.


Sensationalism and Drama is needed to boost his viewership and audience :)

Can't wait for the movie 'The Rand Deception' lmao

ps. On the other side I will note that he is a medical doctor and thus I can see him having a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Not due entirely onto him, but all those other doctors he hung around and went to school with imo.


The shame is we have folks

The shame is we have folks here who lambasted and made fun of Santorum for compromising his principle after saying Romney was awful, but when Rand does it, they want to make excuses, think it is some super secret strategy or something else ridiculous.

An endorsement of Romney is a sell out of principle, no more or mo less. And when you sell out your principle, it is hard to earn back that trust.

Rand is smart like his father

He will keep everyone guessing whats in his heart and you may judge him by his votes and bills introduced.
Ron still does not refer to himself as either a Libertarian nor a Republican, unless confronted and pinned down.
He simply says he has run for office on these tickets.
Im sure he says to let them figure out what he is, why should he state what he is, when the rules always change?
Dems are the WAR party now, and not a PEEP out of the damn libs.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

We have no need to be concerned

We have no need to be concerned with what Alex Jones is saying and I'm glad I see a like-minded philosophy amongst daily paulers. It's just a shame to see that so many of our people do follow Jones and will take him for his word on anything. Blindly believing is how we got in to this mess! People must think for themselves.

Zero evidence that Rand holds the neoconservative


On the bright side, the Alex Jones' crazed followers won't be involved in Rand Paul 2016.



Love how "liberty-minded intellectuals" such as yourself marginalize massive groups of people based on arbitrary associations such as which websites they visit. FYI, lots of people think the DP members are "crazed" and extreme. I like (not necessarily trust, but like) infowars and the DP. At least Alex Jones never had one of his chronies curb stomp a woman's head, he just yells really loud.

"American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it."
-James Baldwin

Mitt Romney Endorsement Does Not Make Rand Paul.

Yes, I disagreed with the timing of the US Senator from Kentucky endorsement from the Kentucky State Republican Party Convention. His endorsement is a premature surrendure to the liberty movement. Yes, the nomination battle is finished, but please think about fully participating all the way to Tampa. Our participation at the Republican National Convention should chant for a fair roll call vote.
Dr. Rand Paul rhetoric nor voting record does not have anything to do with a Neo con. Rand Paul is not a neo con, warmonger, national builder, internationalist, nor an interventionist. Rand Paul has even voted against stronger trade embargos against the nation state of Iran. Rand Paul was wrong to endorse Mitt Romney, but he has not sold out on issues, policy, or legislation.

Voting for sanctions on Iran,

Voting for sanctions on Iran, saying military armed drones can be flown if a judge approves over American soil, etc. makes you a Neo-Con. That's the standard we hold for others, but when your last name is Paul, some want to make excuses.

This surveilence state needs to end now.

Ron Paul 2012 Should Listen To Ron Paul 2008

Ron Paul 2012 Should Listen To Ron Paul 2008

“Half the people who vote for a president end up voting for the lesser of two evils,” the Congressman notes.

Paul explains that he had received a phone call from John McCain’s campaign requesting that he endorse McCain, who went on to become the eventual GOP nominee.

“I don’t like the idea of having two or three million people angry at me,” Paul continues, adding “The argument was he would do a little less harm than the other candidates.”

“We just don’t need to do that anymore… If you ever come to a point where you believe that the two parties are essentially the same, and the majority is outside the establishment, then it’s not very democratic. The process isn’t working,” the Congressman urges.

Paul then goes on to talk about Carroll Quigley, the historian who exposed the machinations of several secretive elitist control groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, in his book Tragedy and Hope.

“The important thing about Quigley was that he claims he was on the inside and did part of the planning,” Paul notes.

The Congressman then reads a quote from Quigley expressing the notion that both parties have become coopted by the same special interests, that they should be rejected and the majority should form a third movement going forward if any real change is to come about.


let us see here

In 2010 Rand had a private meeting with Bill Kristol, soon there after he voted for sanctions on iran.he is in favor of gitmo and lots of other neoconish crap. that said his voting record outside of his sanctions vote is pretty good. i would say he flirts with neocons and hasnt learned yet what that brings.Or maybe now he has?

Think about it..

If it was not Rand.... If anyone else endorsed Mitts would you consider them a neocon?

What is hard to believe is how many people have blinders on and can't see the endorsement for what it is...

Endorsement= Approval

When one approves a neocon what does that make them?

One of two things.. a neocon supporter or liar

lie=a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

For anyone who says an endorsement is meaningless I urge you to look at Hannity foaming at the mouth. Look around the DP at everyone divided... calling everyone a troll... It certainly has effect... Go a little farther and imagine the effect on the Fox news crowd... It certainly has effected me and any support I had for Rand. He backed himself in a corner making a blind promise. Huge mistake... The timing was perfect to nearly kill the movement. Call it what you will but, next to vote flipping it has done more damage than anything else.

You hate AJ

have excommunicated him from the "movement" and yet, you give a crap what he thinks ironically. I don't listen to AJ. I have to work to pay my bills through college. I barely make ends meet. And am seeking employment in THIS ECONOMY!!! Forgive me if I don't lose sleep over what AJ says.

I look at his site for news links I wouldn't get on my own. That's it. If they have a guest on, I want to hear like Tom Woods. I listen. That's it. I suggest those against AJ do the same. Otherwise they are participating in AJ's reality. You don't have to...

I will only speak for myself.

I will only speak for myself. I have always thought Rand was a neo-con. Who in their right mind would actually vote for sanctions against Iran??? Even when he was campaigning he was always talking about the boogey man Al-CIAda. purely, NEOCON war hawk...ok..but someone will be able to grow hemp while we are starving children to death in Iran..woohoo payoffs are great

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Rand was probably the most

Rand was probably the most vocal dissenter in the Senate against the Libya invasion, so I'm reserving judgment to see how he will vote if the presdent tries to take us to war against Syria or Iran. If I was to place a bet, I'm sure he will vote no, and will attack whoever is in office if they try to slip it past Congress without a vote.

What a great post....

Right on the money. Rand has not been a true patriot, apparently, since his days at that creepy frat in college. Something got to him--He never has seemed to have had the "blowback" thing figured out, or the whole "false flag" situation(s) used by the CIA to destroy America through interventionism.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

yes well

Alex is very passionate ... he goes overboard many times. I think he is very well meaning - he is doing a lot to shed light. He is very intense but I think that is his personality - both real personality and on-air personality. We may want to cool our jets a bit now ... yes, that endorsement sucks. We need to accept that Rand is a republican and is doing things different than his dad to try to get things done. An important thing to remember is that he is trying to get things done. He will need to be watched like a hawk though. He is in our corner on the majority of issues. Still not voting Romney though. I don't think that is what he is wanting us to do - this was his call way back to endorse whomever ... his timing was not the greatest - but then again, neither was Benton's or Ron Paul's emails .... we'll see.

Yes AJ pretty well calls it

Yes AJ pretty well calls it as he sees it.

Calling it like it is...

AJ and his staff have not been known to blow smoke up your ass. They report the facts as best they can.

This is Rand's political strategy: to cozy up to the establishment. He may try and be a voice for change on some neocon agendas, but in the end he will only be a voice crying in his neocon forest.

The factions are this... the purists and the pragmatists. Alex is a purist and he can't fit in with the pragmatists, because he and many others have seen the end result due to pragmatists one failure. Pragmatists miss this crucial truth in politics. You can't negotiate with the devil, and the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Purists started the Revolution and the well meaning pragmatists will compromise it. It is no fault of their own. The system is broken, because the process is fixed.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

Shrewd observation

It comes down to principle and politics. They are not compatible. In fact, they are pretty much mutually exclusive. Paulites were willing to work within the system, play the game as it is supposed to be played by their rules. We see the reality oof things. It is all rigged. One group of humans can't have a monopoly of aggression against another group and stay uncorrupted.

A lot of your post makes sense....

However, WE WERE WINNING when we pulled the plug. That sounds like internal TREASON within the restoration movement to me, rather than a debate between purism and pragmatism.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


Yes, using their process of delegates we were making inroads. Then the campaign leaders either got cold feet, or a call from the grim reaper.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

Like Foxworthy always says....

If you vote like a neocon, and..

Strut like a neocon, and...

Endorse like a neocon, and...

Are cozy with top neocons...

You're probably a neocon.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


Sometimes knows more than what he talks about.
Sometimes talks more than he knows.
But I know that he speaks harshly toward ____on's role.
And next to nothing about _____.
Yet he knows more about _____ than he is willing to talk about......@ this time.
4 what it's worth.

I'd rather

have Ron Paul NOW than Rand in 4 years. And Rand made that less likely to happen with his "strategy"/Neocon endorsing.

Pat Buchanan WAS a neocon....

...He THREW the '96 Arizona Primary (or at least did nothing to protest OBVIOUS vote fraud) which would have led to unstoppable momentum for his bid for the R nomination that year (kind of like Ron Paul '12--i.e. torpedoing your own momentum at its zenith.)

He let his sister, Bay, run both his Presidential bids, and she is openly pro-establishment.

He admitted on Alex Jones he'd been an attendee (with Nixon) at Bohemian Grove.

Buchanan's role was to be a lightning rod for patriots to WASTE THEIR TIME AND ENERGY chasing after another controlled-opposition plant, instead of coalescing around a real patriot for President.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Rand Paul

has endorsed one of the Neoconiest of Neocons, a complete RINO, a candidate virtually indistinguishable from Obama and at a time that was intended to hurt his own fathers chances for election.
But we are supposed to believe that this means NOTHING? Sorry. AJ looks right on to me.
Why is this stupid situation still hogging attention at DP??
Move on.

I've stood up for AJ on this

I've stood up for AJ on this site and others many times before, but not now. The past couple days have been bizarre. How can he turn on the Paul family so quick without getting them on his show to explain themselves? Or like others have said below, at least ask Jack Hunter to come on.

Very strange. AJ better play this real smooth or he is going to shatter this movement apart!

(Unless that is the goal.)

the Alex Jones operation

Alex Jones is not going to shatter the
constitutionalist / liberty movevement.
or the r3volution.

I love Dr RON Paul but:
I do NOT stand up for Rand.

Alex Jones might
blow himself up.
He got away with his hatchet job on Debra Medina,
but not this time.
Not a hatchet job on RON Paul.
and at this point
,,,good riddance Jones.

There are other avenues of information for
liberty-minded constitutionalists.


Alex Jones Exposed

The Alex Jones Deception.


Alex is Loony Tunes.

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul