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Wanna Call The Cops?

Look, we're broke.

The government is bleeding this country dry.

We can't afford any more debt.

If we can't just handle this problem ourselves and you wind up calling the cops because you just want them to handle the situation...

That costs money.

We're talking about a probably a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars just for a cop to go arrest someone.

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why would you vote down your own post?

it wouldn't be to manipulate people who agree with your OP into voting when they otherwise wouldn't, would it?

Seems awfully dishonest.

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How the h e l l

Do you know I did that? Are you a mod? If so isn't that a breach of security? Hello... TOS? BIG BROTHER ALERT>>>

It's simple reverse psychology... arrest me.

Maybe it was a little TOO SIMPLE reverse psychology

for the dailypaul readers and they figured it out?


too funny

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Busted. LOL

You get busted and you cry foul?

Free includes debt-free!