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There comes a point in every Revolution

Where a peace treaty must be negotiated. I'm not saying that I approve of what Rand did, (he capitulated too soon, he had a stronger hand than the hand he played, he left himself too vulnerable to be stabbed in the back, he should have made more demands.) But I get what's going on.

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This is more a "Benedict Arnold" moment.

I'm sure most people here don't know that Benedict Arnold was an early hero of the American Revolution. All they remember is how Arnold betrayed the Revolution. By the way, before Arnold's betrayal, the states were LOSING the Revolution. However, outrage at Arnold's betrayal turned the war in favor of the States. Rather like Rand Paul's betrayal is doing right now.

A peace treaty? Some senator

A peace treaty? Some senator endorses one guy for office instead of another guy for office and you equate it with a war?

You're such a drama queen.

This is a war (with elections not bullets hopefully)

But a war nonetheless. It's a war for our freedom against the statist globalist elite.
It's obvious by their actions that they're at war against us so why inot fight it. What dome here are demanding is an unconditional surrender. I don't think that demand is realistic. Eventually our movement had to make peace and get some of the things we demand, just not yet.