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Who is the future of the Liberty movement? Regardless of 2012

It is very apparent the idea for freedom is growing in leaps and bounds and will be the future of this country.
It is a powerful message and has the most loyal supporters hands down.
As for people whom embrace us and are willing to hear our ideas and fight for the cause, are an uncommon sight in the world of politics & media. When I think of future liberty candidates, I dont see very many prominent people making the step to push this message. Dont get me wrong, there are Many who have helped and embraced us, but not to the extent I would like to see.
Who do you see being the future of the liberty movement besides the grassroots supporters?
I plan on running for the senate as soon as I am 25. And i am currently working to build my resume to help make that possible.
But I can only think of a few people who are currently "well-known" in the political world.
Doug Wead, Andrew Napolitano, Ben Swann, Karen Kwiatkowski, John Stossel. Gary Johnson (mostly)
Forgive me I I'm forgetting anyone who tops the list, but you have to agree that this list is small and is ready to embrace many of us liberty minded individuals.
Feel free to remind me of anybody else that is a good contender well known among the general population?
I do wish that Judge Napolitano would start his own online show/program.
I know that many of us respect him, and would have hoped he would be more outspoken in this campaign seeing that he was a potential running mate for Dr Paul. He could be positioning himself soo strongly for any future political aspirations.
I think he needs more push and many we could convince him!
There are many others especially involved in this campaign and this election that will lead the liberty movement, lots are just known among the grassroots and not in the mainstream.
Any ideas how we can influence & participate in the mainstream media?

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Political leaders will

Political leaders will emerge, I'm not concerned about that. What's important is that our numbers continue to grow. Political campaigns are great growth engines, but they are not the only way our numbers can be grown.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Judge Napolitano is my pick.

Judge Napolitano is my pick. "I do wish that Judge Napolitano would start his own online show/program."...absolutely.
I'd love to see Judge Andrew Napolitano start a
constitutionalist, freedom-loving daily show and news service that would directly compete with infowars.