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I'm Here Due To Ron Paul Only. No One Else!

Rand Paul is not Ron Paul.

It's unfair to believe he is a clone of his father.

What Rand says or does is of NO consequence to the liberty cause.

But what IS of consequence is that this country let its finest opportunity BYPASS THEM THE LAST TWO Presidential election cycles!!!

It could not recognize its greatest living statesmen right before its eyes.

I am not now, nor have I ever been in this movement for anyone OTHER than Ron Paul. Period.

When he calls it quits, so do I.


Because there's nothing left in the republican party for me. The party is so racked with corruption (like an inoperable cancer), that it's beyond a cure.

We tried to reform it and it didn't work.

Our founders (the revolutionaries), might as well have tried to reform the English government from within. How far would that have gotten them?

From my observances the last 5 years, this nation is simply too far gone because the vast majority of the populace has been successfully brainwashed into being content in their servitude.

Not one American citizen has been free since the day they were born and tagged with a Social Security number. AND federal income taxes.

And that is NOT going to change because both major corrupt political parties in America ENDORSE IT.

If you think you are free, then look at your paychecks and explain to me how you are not a wage-slave about 20% of your working hours.

I'm not saying I haven't learned a ton of things by watching and listening to Dr. Paul since discovering him 5 years ago.

It's just that I no longer see the republican party as a vehicle in which to restore liberty to the United States.

I have no answers except to use the knowledge gained from my involvement in this movement to individually prepare for the inevitable collapse as the Austrians predict.

Dr. Paul explained to us over and over that we had TWO choices going forward:

Either become proactive and confront our debt crisis head-on with the ideas he suggested for a controlled reform or;

Continue on this path and the correction will come on its own, the result being uncontrolled and devastating.

Apparently the country has chosen the second path.

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Well, that and Michael

Well, that and Michael Nystrom buys everyone tacos when a liberty candidate wins a federal office...

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

Logic Flaw

You say you are "in this movement" for Ron Paul "only." (Ron Paul, of course, is the first to say, "it's not me, it's the message.")

You go on to say,

"When he calls it quits, so do I.
Because there's nothing left in the republican party for me. The party is so racked with corruption (like an inoperable cancer), that it's beyond a cure.

Calls what "quits"? The fight for liberty? The presidential race? His term in office? What makes you think Ron Paul will ever quit "this movement"? I assume he never will; even after he's dead, his legacy will live on.

Additionally, that's a non-sequitur: Are you saying you'll quit the movement when Ron Paul quits ____, because the Republican Party is corrupt? What does the GOP have to do with the freedom movement?

I haven't been so much as registered as a Republican for more than three months in my almost 4 decade voting career, and I chose not to "reform" the GOP because I hate politics (I'm much happier in the Libertarian Party which, though it could use some help, doesn't need reforming to be headed in the right direction), however, there's no way I ever make the mistake of hero-worshipping a mere mortal in lieu of following the cause of freedom.

That's asking for disappointment and burn-out. We need to be the heroes. Expecting others to lead us is how we got into this mess in the first place.

If you don't have the stomach for the GOP (I don't blame you), join the LP or some other group, but don't quit. The Democrats need reform, also. Maybe someday we'll have three or four liberty candidates running for every office.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The Libertarian Party may be my answer. I joined once before.

Time will tell.

But right now I stick with my "flawed logic" as you called it, of not believing the republican party is the way to reform the country.

I didn't say I was quitting the fight for liberty.

But I did say I am quitting involvement with the republican party after Ron is no longer a congressman.

Romney is as establishment and a NeoCon as they come.

The GOP and the RNC have learned NOTHING.

Their media stooge talk show hosts have learned nothing and continue to call Ron Paul and his supporters names.

AND the bulk of the people who make up the party have learned nothing.

I was very involved all the way to my state convention where I was a delegate.

I saw the retarded attitudes prevalent in the party first-hand.

AND I saw the types of delegates going to Tampa for Romney.


The republican party is a waste of my time and effort.

No flawed logic there.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

With all the Ron Paul

people replacing RINOs within the GOP organization at county, district, state levels, I think there is a good chance we can restore the republic. Nearly every election we are getting liberty candidates elected to offices. I think we got a chance. Dont feel defeated and like we cannot do this. It's going to be VERY hard though. I do agree the majority of people are brainwashed, but we also continue to wake them up. This is progress that will help our cause. It's EXTREMELY frustrating trying to talk to these people, but over time people are starting to see whats going on.

Unfortunately I think things will have to get worse before we can wakeup large blocks of these people. It's almost like there are various levels of brainwashing so it takes more tyranny and oppression before these people realize whats really going on.

It's hard to stay positive, but what are our options if we want to stay here? We have to fight within and reclaim our freedom and thats being done by taking back the republican party. It starts from the bottom up, but would be a heck of allot easier and faster if Ron Paul was our president. Eventually we will see how it's to be done...

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Im here for the revolution.

Not a man. Ron Paul is the movements anchor, the rock. Taking over the GOP is part of this movement, and it is happening. Why would you quit now? Do you want liberty or not? Because in order to make liberty a reality for Americans again, we have to repeal laws.

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We ARE Winning

Along with you, I also am here only due to Ron Paul. I'm one of those people who switched parties just to vote for him, and I've been hanging around for the ride.

Keep in mind, we need to fight the GOP so hard because they are predominantly neocon conservatives who sometimes pay lip service to liberty beliefs, but in the end still want to control people. They feel an overwhelming need to be "protectors".

They need to "protect" us from the "evil-doers" overseas, hence all our war on terrorism. They need to "protect" us from ourselves, hence the drug war. They need to protect overseas people from their rulers, hence their support for nation building. Of course they are all blind to the fact that all this meddling, that they perceive as righteous and just, is interpreted as American imperialism and causes blowback.

We need to inject a healthy dose of Libertarianism back into the GOP. Unfortunately the Libertarian party is not the vehicle to national or even state offices, since there are insurmountable obstacles for any 3rd party run. So our only choice is to change one of the two parties. And since Ron Paul is a GOPer, that's where we all have gathered and started our take over.

So I disagree with your statement that the GOP is beyond hope. In fact my wife and I are now registered precinct delegates, and we have a large network of friends who also are now precinct delegates, and we have indeed started to take over the local party. Multiply that by thousands or tens of thousands of similar efforts across our country, and it's easy to realize we are WINNING.

rEVOLutionary Ads: It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™


I appreciate the broad spectrum of liberty oriented news I find on DP. I voted for Ron in the 1988 general election and the primaries of '08 and '12 and it was certainly his campaign that brought me here but I value hearing news, ideas, and advice about gardening, raising fish and chickens, survival preparedness, gold and silver, liberty movements in other countries, other Ron Paul Republican candidates, the latest examples of government intrusions and abuses, the global elites and their sinister plans. I liked getting the news on Peter Schiff's, Debra Medina's, and Rand Paul's campaigns in 2010 (I contributed to them), Justin Amash, the recent South Carolina senate wins, the rumblings of warmongers, the betrayals of America by the Bush/Obama administrations, the victories of private citizens against the behemoth state, liberty-related celebrity news, the latest from/about Carol Paul, Rand's siblings, the Paul grandkids. I could go on and on.

Point is, when Ron Paul is no longer a candidate I will have plenty of reason to visit here. Also, I doubt Ron will retire to the rocking chair. He will continue to write and speak and organize and will urge us to support a host of liberty candidates in the future. I fully expect him to hold events and rallies abroad several times a year as long as he is healthy.

Of course, if he pulls the rug out from under Romney at Tampa ad goes on to beat Obama...

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

And for Kerry!

Ron needs congressmen to follow in his footsteps. Help Kerry join Amash and represent Michigan. Donate today!


Ron Paul or none at all

He'll get my vote come Hell or high water. Whether his entire family endorses obombney I don't give a crap! Ron deserves our votes - no one else! No one else has earned them!

Ok, what troll voted my comment down?

Show your face, you coward!

I just voted it up

lol stupid trolls...

Too much at stake to

turn the presidency over to more of the same corrupt business as usual nwo globalists.

very good

agreed ... here only because of Ron Paul and his philosophy. Also agree that the republican party is not the answer. There truly is nothing left in that party like the democrats. Would be wonderful not to have parties and just vote names and issues. Ron Paul was the only guy who gained support from independents, other third parties, republicans and democrats. No one else in the republican party will ever be able to do that. Because RP was/is not about party.

Change ...

Since we've just made the biggest change to the GOP since Goldwater, your reasoning proves empty and suspect. We are positioned to amass great change in the next four years. So many liberty delegates, commiteemen/women, chairs, commissioners, mayors, senators, etc

Cointel ain't gonna fly...

Me too

Not over!!!

Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country. John Adams

I too am here For Ron Paul.

But I am also here to help restore liberty and freedom to this country. I do not idolize Ron Paul. I do respect him and admire his honesty and stamina. He started the movement and we HAVE to carry on if he is not the nominee.
I will stand strong through Tampa for him. If he is not the nominee then I will have to vote Gary Johnson. No, I do not agree with Johnson 100% but compared to Romney or Obama he is much much closer to who I want in the White house.
Don't give up on our quest for returning this country back to its roots. We have to get rid of all these horrid unconstitutional "laws" that just keep happening.
If we continue getting constitutional candidates at local levels, we can change the course of this nation. We can never stop trying!

Formerly rprevolutionist

I understand we have to carry on.

But for me the republican party is not the answer.

What is the way is yet to be seen.

But I think Jesse Ventura is onto something when he says in his new book that we should abolish all political parties from being on the ballots.

Only candidate's names so the people have to research what they stand for.

Party loyalty has resulted in where the country is today.

Party first. Israel second. United States third.

THAT is where we're at today.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I agree that party loyalty is a problem.

Since I was old enough to vote I voted straight republican and did no research. (except for that time I wrote in Ross Perot) I was a fox news type person and believed what I saw and heard on the news.
Five years ago I learned of Ron Paul and my views changed dramatically.
The thing is, people don't really vet the candidates. We are a minority in the vetting category. My biggest laugh so far in this campaign season are the Tom Cole ads for district 4 in Oklahoma. He "is against big government, yadda, yadda" But he has voted for all the Obama B.S. all the way. I am not in his district so I can't vote against him.
My point is we have a lot of work to do in waking up the t.v. people. They believe what the beautiful people on t.v. tell them.

Formerly rprevolutionist

It;s not over yet

They're attacking desperately because we're close to winning.