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The Montana State Convention is underway

Who: Montana State Convention delegates and alternates

When: Thursday, June 14, 2012 at Noon MDT (2:00pm EDT)

Hilton Garden Inn-Missoula
3720 N. Reserve St.
Missoula, MT 59808

Why: Montana's 26 National delegates are all unbound, so if Dr. Paul gets a majority, it is certain that it will count as one of the 5 states needed to have his name placed in nomination in Tampa.

Source: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/MT-R#0614

Note: To participate in National delegate selection and Platform ratification, State Convention Delegates must be present and registered by Friday at 10:00am local time. Liberty delegates, if you wait until Saturday to show up, you will not be able to participate in anything important!

Source: http://mtgop.org/images/convo2012/public%20agenda%20-%20rev%...

Per the above Convention schedule, the Montana State Convention begins Thursday with registration at Noon. There will then be Platform committee meetings all afternoon.

Registration resumes Friday morning for the "Delegate" and "Platform" Conventions, and ends at 10:00am. Therefore, if our delegates are not present and registered by Friday at 10:00am, they will not be able to participate in selecting the Tampa delegates, or in adopting the platform!

Delegate selection will take place Friday afternoon, and the Platform will be dealt with Saturday morning. The only thing on the schedule for Saturday afternoon is a "Young Republican Meeting." The Convention is set to end Saturday at 5:00pm.

Montana State Convention delegates and alternates, please show up early Friday morning at the latest; if you arrive after that, you will miss the most important parts of the process! If we win Montana, it will likely be the final state needed to place Dr. Paul's name into nomination in Tampa; Montana Liberty patriots, we are counting on you! Thank you!

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MTGOP Convention

I was there and on the inside. Did a full writeup on my blog for those interested in the dirty convention details.


Bottom line, our chairman was compromised and is no longer fit to govern his body of Republicans. As was said, zero delegates and we had 17% statewide support for Paul. We're yanking all support from local candidates, unless they stood with us for Ron Paul at the convention. We're going to help them lose, then we're going to build an organized coalition and then we're going to take them over.

Hi, Jeff -

Thanks to you and other Montanans for putting in the
effort to pull this off. Reading your blog report it looks
like you did well considering the sliminess of the PTB
in the party their and the resources you had to work with.

Have you contacted the folks involved with the election
fraud lawsuits? It sounds like at least some of what the
leadership did might constitute criminal behavior, but
that's from my non-lawyer perspective..

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did illinois follow roberts

did illinois follow roberts rules?

Yes & No...

IL GOP followed Roberts Rules of Order and state GOP rules EXCEPT when it was not conenient to do so (just after national at large delegate vote). See 3 minute mark in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yKKd9YhTnw&list=FLjI-kHbFkQ5...

Jason Riddle

Bloomington/Normal, IL

it was a mix of robert's

it was a mix of robert's rules and state bylaws. The bylaws were completely unfair, so all the establishment had to do was play by them. We fought hard though. We didn't lay down, but just didn't have the numbers.

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is there anything we can do

is there anything we can do with the lawyers about Illinois or Montana?

Unless some new information

Unless some new information comes out that I'm not currently aware, not for IL. They didn't break the rules because the rules were made completely in favor of the establishment.

RP Delegates elected from Montana

Montana will be sending (0) zero RP delegates to Tampa. We were railroaded with a slate of state central committee hand picked delegates.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

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You summed-up in 2 sentences what it took me 2 paragraphs to do.

Yup. You're right. That's what happened.

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MT Report:Rigged, Fixed, Stacked Deck;All of the above applies.

I just returned from being there all day. The voting results will be released tomorrow, but I'm not very optimistic. We were very well organized, and we had all of our bases covered. We were well represented with about 45% of the total delegates, but not quite enough to change the rules that favored the establishment.

The slate of "pre-credentialed, established" delegates (Romney) was listed on the front of the ballot, and it required only one check mark to cover the entire list of delegates. The delegates nominated on the floor had to be voted on individually, and we appeared on the backside of the ballot. We had to give a 30 second speech, and the Romney-bots knew that we were mostly all the Ron Paul supporters. Being pre-credentialed, they did not have to speak. Even if we had succeeded in making everyone cast 20 individual votes from a single list of alphabetically named delegates all mixed together, rather than front-page one check mark, back page 20 check marks, we didn't have the numbers needed to win, IMO. They were lazy, and they did not want to find the delegates that supported Romney, and vote for 20 of them. They wanted a one check vote for the entire block of Romney-ites. Official result will be shared tomorrow when available. That's my take on what happened.

I was so encouraged by every Ron Paul supporter trying their hardest to get Ron Paul delegates to Tampa.

IL was the same way...

IL was the same way... totally railroaded

Thank you very much for your effort.

Do not fret, all this effort will bear fruit.

go to Tools for Justice and sign on

as plaintiffs for the Civil rights lawsuit that has been filed for remedy from this situation.

www.toolsforjustice.com or www.votefraudremedy.com They are waiting for you there. file affidavits of for everyone that was injured during these fraud fests. All of you were.



Go Montana Patriots-stand

Go Montana Patriots-stand your ground and win for Ron Paul!!!



That's NOT what the MT GOP said to me several

months ago, when we were deciding about becoming delegates! They said we would have to vote for the nominee, and their application form asked "who do you support for the Republican nominee?

I felt it was a stacked deck. Also, I found out it was a RINO GOP committee (based out of Helena) that would choose the "delegates", so I knew right there that we had ZIP CHANCE.

The MT GOP has the names of all RP supporters, too, unless they are brand, brand new.

After the deplorable treatment at the 2008 State Convention, I had had it with the GOP leadership. They changed it from a caucus state to a primary state, because they didn't want a strong RP force contingent to influence or be able to vote in a caucus.

Ron Paul came in 2nd in 2008 here. THAT's why they were afraid of us, but their despicable treatment of us at the State Convention---separating all RP supporters from their "slate" of delegates on each side of the room--well it was humiliating in hindsight. And, they did it deliberately so that the audience of voters would know who NOT to vote for! Not even Dave, our leader, who did so much work, got to be a delegate, the pos garbage sh--ts!

Many hardcore RINOS (most of them) remained seated that night in the audience after Dr. Paul spoke. We stood up & clapped for him. They sat & wouldn't even clap! I was totally ashamed of these brainwashed people. It was pathetic.

A few months ago I spoke to the head GOP RINO and I expressed my disappointment in their intolerant behavior towards us. It was as bad as the day Bill Clinton called the sheriff's dpt. on us when we were down in Iowa campaigning for Ron. We were simply standing outside the school with our signs. We weren't blocking the doors, just handing out some brochures to people as they came in, but noooooooooooooo, ole Bill Clinton made sure his SECRET SERVICE agent got rid of us. We were ordered to leave the school and move to the street!! By the deputies!! They gave the same old lame excuse that the school had been rented and was their property while Billy boy spoke.

Come on Montana! Be the fifth State for Ron Paul!

BUMP! Someone, please live stream it!

Fifth State... I thought it would be fourth...

I thought that it would be the fourth state officially for Paul in plurality. I am hoping I am wrong.. But from what I've heard they have not decided on which slate to recognize from Louisiana..

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live feed for montana?

Can someone let me know if there is a live feed in MT?


Eagerly awaiting updates on this!


there any live streams today? thanks.

Let's Go Montana!

Make us Proud!

Positive energy coming your

Positive energy coming your way!

"Speak out, speak often, even if they don't understand right now, they can never un-hear what we have to say." - Dr. Ron Paul

Blessings )o(


It is important to sit in on platform meetings even if you are not a voting member. You CAN have an influence. Speak up!

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

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Delegate Bump


while you wait for the convention to start

I recommend checking out this thread, it will energize you. Good news.


Montana and Iowa CAN YOU HEAR US?

We are from Oregon and in South Dakota Stumping for you. God is on your side Go Ron Paul Go Delegates.

Good luck Montana

Ive always thought of it as one of the more liberty oriented states in the union. I hope you guys can deliver a win for Ron this weekend. Get those delegates

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Set your alarm clock

for 6 bells. Must be registered by 10am Friday......


Thank you for participating!

Win us some!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul