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Dear Ron Paul, We Will Not Quit!

I just found a must-see video posted today, June 14th
TMOT spreading the gospel ...

Dear Ron Paul, We Will Not Quit!


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None But Paul!

With you all the way brother!!


Trust me!

I have not quit!RON PAUL WRITE IN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








-- JUST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT QUIT! (if you do , they win your heart)

Who got you involved in this fight? Why are we here?


Dr Paul and TMOT


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul



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President Paul!

In my heart, my mind and my soul, Ron Paul is my President!

Imagine the sound of thousands in Tampa at the rally..

President PAUL!


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

TMOT quote:

"Enough with the suggestions about the third party candidate, I don't give a damn. I'm voting for one man. I am staying this course, and when this is over, whether he gets in the white house or not, those that stood with me, I know I can count on them and go into battle with them, because the next battle is to clean up the GOP..I WILL NOT QUIT!"

Seems to be an awful lot of people here NOT giving up, just a few that have, and a few others attempting to infiltrate. Hope to see you all in Tampa!

De criminalize Liberty!

TMOT Fully Understands.

See you in Tampa.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul



Bumping again!

I will not quit!President Ron Paul!!!!



De criminalize Liberty!

Amen, TMOT...and you are not alone...never give up,

never give in, never surrender.

Damn TMOT !

You had me not just teary-eyed, but sobbing like a baby. Thank you for your words.. we all need to hear YOU from time to time to remember the truth and why we are all here. I love your truths!


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bump for a modern classic


State by state rules regarding 3rd Party and write-in campaigns

If you are going to write-in someone in November you should at least know the rules. This post explains the rules on a state by state basis:


This is an example of an application to be a write-in candidate. You will notice on this application that Ron Paul himself will have to sign this application or write-in votes in Connecticut will not be counted or reported. How many states have the same rules to have write-in votes counted and reported?:


Educate yourselves before you vote!

Anonymous Libertarians

Ron Paul Revolution?



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oh now dammit my old eyes are leaking!

I wrote "RON PAUL" on my ballot last time, and I have never regretted it. Walked away with my autonomy intact, and my conscience clear.

You Can Count On Me, Too

At the Iowa State Convention today, I teared up when 1700+ Iowans recited the Pledge of Allegiance. An impassioned tear ran down my cheek as we remained standing and sung the National Anthem. When we realized the secure installment of 21 of 25 delegates to Tampa who support Ron Paul and when we passed an unbelievable number of platform planks practically outrageously libertarian, my eyes welled up with overwhelming pride. Then, I arrived back home, watched this clip, and... I had myself a good ol' cry.

None but Paul!!! Stand with me, Fellow Patriots!


TMOT, my brother... I've always loved your words, even when you're focused half on the road and half on the mic. But this... man oh man, you NAILED IT.

Thank you! This WILL get spread far and wide.


About that glass...

All libertarians should know, that the glass is neither half full, nor half empty.

It's simply TWICE as big as it needs to be!

Love that!

Love that!

Thanks TMOT!

That is the first serious battle cry I have heard in the last few weeks, and you, sir, got my attention. I'm in. LETS DO THIS!


. . .listening to these yahoo's clamoring to have people vote for ANYONE other than Ron Paul. No one. . .NO ONE BUT RON PAUL.

That includes Chuck Baldwin - who, in his interview with Alex Jones, espouses Ron Paul's virtues - yet on his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chuck-Baldwin/16415792541):
Chuck Baldwin May 30 "Great interview with Virgil Goode about why Ron Paul supporters should vote for him, assuming Ron Paul doesn't win the GOP nomination. http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2012/05/exclusive-...
Exclusive IPR Interview: Virgil Goode Makes His Case to Ron Paul Supporters | Independent Political.

Yeh, really?! PICK A SIDE, Baldwin! Traitor!

I'm on the side of FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, HOPE, COURAGE, INTEGRITY & PEACE: RON PAUL - ALL the way!! I'm not looking to the left or the right. . .one way - Ron Paul's way.

Write him in!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

give it up and i vehmently disagree with you.

i have agreed with all of your other postings and found them insightful.

however, this one i disagree. paul publicly admitted what everyone already knew for a long time - that there is no way he has enough delegates to win. (and that makes sense given the chaos of his staff who made mainly bad decisions).

since paul has said he will not be in the general election on any party ticket (even though his ideas are all libertarian) and has said he wants to use his couple of hundred delegates to 'influence' romney, that would mean that in order to be healthy, supporters need to drop it too.

in this case, you can either go with gop (or write in paul which is useless bec you are going against his wishes to be president and run), or you can go with those best aligned with liberty.

i don't know the individul chuck baldwin endorsed. but i like chuck baldwin and would have happily voted for him if he was running, and so i would research who he has endorsed. and to baldwin's credit, he has publicly warned ron against endorsing romney. gary johnson is better than romney and he is actually running and wanting to challenge the status quo outside the tyrannical political set up of the one party system.

meaning, when you don't have the choice of paul, it would be more inappropriate to not give up your vote or waste a write-in, but go for johnson or who baldwin endorsed.


Blood In The Snow Committment. . .

Ah, but JJ - I do have a choice. My choice is and will remain RON PAUL.

Write, chisel, scratch, engrave it on my ballot - to me it will NOT be "useless" as you suggest.

To me, writing in Ron Paul will be voting my conscience and voting for good, not EVIL. I will cast my vote for the only person, at this point in our history, who can turn this nation back around.

My vote for Ron Paul stands for freedom - stands against the tyrannical government - stands for our posterity, in hopes of taking the smothering burden of debt off of that newborn child's chest.

My vote for Ron Paul stands for the U.S. Constitution, our Forefathers. . .those men who fought in the Revolution. . .those men, who G. Washington wrote that the enemy could track them by the blood left in the snow from their bare feet.

THAT, jj, is what my vote for Ron Paul will stand for. . .

One name, one man, one inspiration to America: Ron Paul.

Thank you for the initial compliment.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

The flaw in your reasoning is this.

1. You don't know how many delegates are Ron Paul supporters. Nobody does.
2. There's a national GOP rule that says delegates may vote for whomever they wish.

You don't want to see and acknowledge the facts.

1. The number of delegates is fairly known. Hence, RP himself came out and said that he would not get the nomination. In fact, that has long been known by everyone, though some rp supporters would not admit, acting as if they are in a race that has been infact nonexistant for many months. Even his own son Rand came out sometime ago and said his father would not get the nomination, but some delegates to 'influence romney'.

Paul just said he was 200 so far.

2. You believe in corrupt ways and the status quo if like how gop calcuates via delegates. Popular vote doesn't count. People took hours out to come and vote. However, you feel the masses should not be considered and their time wasted. Media reports the popualar vote and proportional delegates to each candidate.

But you believe, screw the people, and let the delegates vote. Well, let me tell you something you already know. Most of those delegates are romney and santroum - they will never vote for Paul. Some Newt delegates will vote for Paul.

so, no need to pull that we don't know what the delegates will do. If it was so up in the air, media wouldn't be acting like they have been more months that romney ahs the nomination. and romney and obama have been competing against each for months, with no mention or concern about paul. you must think establishment and obamney are so stupid, that they have no idea what is up with their delegates.

and you think most rp delegates would consider voting for romney? that you means you don't know what those rp delegates will do. well, they would be backstabbing delegates if they sign up under one politician and then turn their back and do opposite of the popualar vote. the popular vote is clearly for romney. and for some reason, i think you are perfectly fine with that outcome.



This truth resides deep within each of our hearts. Allow yourselves to receive the power and joy of a deep heart connection with each of your fellow revolutionaries.

And you will be Fearless...

Thanks Tmot

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.