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Is this "the end"?

So "We" have to get behind Romney now so Rand can "influence" the GOP", and if you disagree with this the DP and others will come after you... Just for disagreeing not with Rand Paul, just the strategy...

Have we become to the point where anybody "off message" is "dead weight" (Austin's Peterson's words) and has "to be cut off, like a cancer tumor" (Austin's words, again). What the hell is this?

Apparently, there is nothing left for us at the convention but to give an "appropriate and respectful" coronation for Mitt Romney. With the faint hope that we will have a chance to have a seat at a table, that is invisible. I didn't send money for that, and I don't have to agree with it, nor be punished for not agreeing with it.

I thought Ron allowed people to disagree, and still support him, and not be "cut off like a tumor" or called a "troll, agitator, paid Romney mole, et. al.

Why are individuals punishing the grassroots for taking the AJ bait? I thought you guys were better than that. I am really disappointed and heartbroken by the behavior of everybody the last few days. And yet, I never lost faith in Dr. Paul, nor Rand, not once.

I am disappointed in the propagation of a delegate strategy to give people a false hope of a nomination to raise money and keep interest alive. Just to end up turning it all over to Romney anyway before the delegates even assemble to finalize it. If that is the case, fine. But then what do they need the money for? And why push the strategy they were never intending to use to accumulate it? I'm sure everybody knows the concerns people have with Jesse Benton, but this is serious stuff... And with the Olson story... People should have legitimate questions and not be viciously attacked by the DP, Peterson, or anyone else. Ron Paul would NOT do that.

I hate Tucker Carlson, yet even he stated in "For Liberty" that he could articulate a view counter to Mr. Paul's and Ron would say: "That's okay..." Yet the supporters are out for blood on BOTH sides. What a tragedy. I would hope Jack and others could let AJ die on the vine. He needs attention (oxygen) to breathe... But people took the bait, and we are being fragmented and divided, while some are being pushed towards Romney. And the worst part is nobody else did this, we did this to ourselves...

This is my view, and if I have to be punished for it here or on the DP so people can have their pound of flesh, fine. But my concern is legitimate, and not without cause, nor reason. If you want me gone for speaking about this, fine. But I am not a troll. I am not a plant. I am not against Rand, Ron, or anybody else. I just have questions and concerns and have the right to make them public in hopes of having them answered or addressed. And if we have come to the point where anyone with a critical eye must be excommunicated, then, I dare say we have become or are well on our way to becoming what we despise(d)...

I don't know what will happen from here, but it appears from the campaign and their surrogates that the campaign is over. And people are "getting people in line," so when I see what I have seen the past few days, I have questions about what this means going forward. But I will not support Mitt Romney. And will from now on give Rand credit, when it is due. And criticize him when he deserves it. And he should want anyone of us to do the same.

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vote obama out of spite

and try again in 2016 or if the collapse comes earlier.

Oh it's coming before then.

Oh it's coming before then. LOL maniacally.

When was the last time that you were asked

for money?

Is there anything real in your OP?

I haven't gotten behind

Romney, and noone is 'coming after' me.
When did this happen to you?

You've only made it 3/4 of the way around the track. How could it be 'the end'?

It all points to Ron

running third party. I think he made that decision as soon as he realized the delegate thing wasn't going to work completely. He then told his son and warned him to get out of the way if he's interested in his political future.

John F


I had no idea we know how many delegates RP has...

Third party will never

Third party will never happen. Some of us were well aware of the sore loser laws in certain states for years now, it's nice to see Doug Wead talking about it in the FB interview.

I love Ron Paul

with all my heart. I completely understand where you are coming from. I got bashed by the mob to because I posted some Gary Johnson info. Whats so wrong about informing people about a candidate who shared pretty much the same values as RP.

I don't support GJ

I am not against him, nor do I think it would be terrible if he won. Better him than Romney, I have some foreign policy concerns, that are ironically the same concerns I would have with RAND!!! (OMG!)

But there is a reason Ron Paul had GJ at the Rally for the Republic. And Adam Kokesh, and even Tucker (dirtbag) Carlson. Ron doesn't sacrifice, ostracize, or punish those who disagree with him. We apparently cannot. I once did a blog article about this, and I echo the same concern of how we can turn a humble man into an idol or deity, which he never would approve of, and then attack others for acts of "sedition and heresy" for disagreeing with a position, not the man, just a position that he espouses or vote, et. al.

Ron is a better person than us. And he shows it time and time again. But instead of showing tolerance, we show intolerance. Which only amplifies our weakness that is used to discredit us, and discredit us in the presence of others. I have family members that will not discuss politics, or anything in the news remotely political, because I see them as injustice and think that something should be done to attend to the issue. But most people will just see you as an extremist and cut you off. We have to be better than that. Ron is. And I would hate the best asset of our movement, that underlying, compassion, reason and soul, to die with this campaign and ultimately him.

I am sick by some of the things Rand, and Jack and Austin said, because they are defending the man (in their mind) by resorting to tactics he finds abhorrent and is physically incapable of doing himself. Ron trust us to have possession of our own minds. Others seemingly want dominion over that, as a showing of some notion of "loyalty to the cause", and some of these people I am not even sure what their underlying cause is. I can't believe I spent hours having to deal with a guy who viciously attacked me because I didn't see the value of the "Rules for Radicals" playbook to advance Rand Paul in the Republican Party. That really takes me back and makes me question just what in the hell I am signing up for... I didn't vote for Ron Paul to defeat Obama, by becoming him!

But again this is all white noise. Ron Paul is what matters, and the movement must not die with this final election. We need to decide in our own way how to continue that legacy, but we must be vigilant to anyone who picks up that banner under false pretenses and seek to use it towards their own ends. The ends DO NOT justify the means, not to ME, and certainly not to Ron. Anybody who has paid any attention to his magnificent example should already know that by now. And if I am protective of that legacy and have to take heat for it, I do so reluctantly, but with resolve.

you could make a nice post

of this comment - has a good tune to it.

Ron Paul ... forever.

this comment is better that your post

I do not like the post. It is not right.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Share a candidate you believe is like Ron Paul

Everything I have see suggests the GJ is a Libertarian opportunist, using libertarian positions because they work politically, not because they are the principled thing to do.

I suppose that is better than nothing, but what way will the wind blow tomorrow.

I am waiting for the GOP nomination. And I support the Paul Team 100%.

Free includes debt-free!


This is just another divide and conquer OP.


Looks like a troll now... Let the people decide...