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Attention: Another "I'm Leaving the Daily Paul" and "I'm Ashamed of All of You" Thread - Entertainment Thread:

Just thought I'd start a thread for all the babies that need acknowledgment of their "Leaving the Daily Paul" or "Farewell All, I Can't Participate Here Anymore", or "I'm So Ashamed To Be A Part Of This Movement", or "Dr. Paul Would Be Ashamed", or "This Place Isn't What I Signed Up For", or "Shame On All Of You", or "This Is My Last Post", Ect, etc, etc...

Grow up and stop starting "sympathy threads" for attention.

If you don't want to participate, don't let the door hit you in the ass. Log off and don't come back; go play on facebook or something and stop with the whiny baby BS!

I see these threads pop up daily and think to myself "For crying out loud this person must be suffering from a real case of "feel sorry for me", I need acknowledgement from others to justify my beliefs; I'm a pathetic loser that doesn't have a life, so I'll start a "feel sorry for me thread" and see how many people will leave me a "Please don't leave comment".

Grow Up Loser!

The next time someone starts a "Feel Sorry For Me Thread" or a "Shame On All Of You Thread", just paste this link as a comment; maybe they'll start to get the picture:

No one likes to hear 18 to 88 year old men and women acting like cry babies and attention whores.

Stop wasting valuable bandwidth space with your sympathy BS.

Ron Paul 2012!

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Your grandfather was/is wise

Your grandfather was/is wise in that regard. I'm glad to see that you took that with you.

Very well spoken.

I appreciate your wisdom.

yes, I'm guilty of it

I left once to cut the grass, left 4 times to sleep, left to get xtra
undergarments for hygienic purposes, left to vote, left to puke a few times other than that, pretty much glued and tattooed to the DP

what a miserable existence

LOve the R3volution

on the contrary

i have only been a moderate DP member for the last 3 + years.Was at another ron paul website pretty much exclusively since 08.Since this Rand stuff had gone down Daily Paul has allowed me to speak my mind while the other site did nothing but talk down to me and pretty much attacked me. Thank you Daily Paul for allowing me to speak my mind and converse about all of this and making me feel better a little bit about the issue.I am now on here every day and love it.


Why do they waste our time announcing they are "leaving"? Just f'in leave for crying out loud.

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

You can find most of them

@ itsallaboutme.com

man this thread is depressing

Makes me want to start a

feel sorry for me thread

where did I put my tissues????


too funny man

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If this thread serves as a place to vent, then so be it.

Maybe everyone with a problem can just vent here instead of a new thread popping up every 20 minutes with a "This is my last post" header.

I know some people want to vent (I do as well at times), but all these feel sorry for me threads cause nothing but arguments; they attract the trolls, and make the site look like a drama forum for new comers.

When Wal-Mart pisses you off, you don't stand out in the parking lot with a bullhorn and tell everyone you're not shopping there anymore do you? No, you simply don't shop there anymore; you just go to a different store. I suppose you could start your own website contesting Wal-Mart, but you don't stand out in the parking lot with a sign around your neck and a bullhorn trying to get sympathy or convince other not to shop there do you? I suppose a few have, but was it called for?

I don't guess I'm any better for making this thread, but for crying out loud, are the "feel sorry for me, I'm leaving" threads really doing anything good? I think a lot of them are started by trolls who want to cause problems and divide the message, but that's my two cents.


I find your post most infantile and entertaining

Thou protest too much, me thinks.


Pot, meet kettle.

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

Fuck that! I AM ashamed at

Fuck that! I AM ashamed at the conduct of some of the people here and if I want to say so I will! I'm certainly not one to start a thread bitching about it butthe way some of the people here have acted over the past week I can't blame people for contemplating leaving. And it's more than likely going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of newcomers. I agree that people shouldn't waste the time and space to make those pointless threads but if somebody feels the want to let others know that they're ashamed of the actions of others here then so be it. If you don't like it don't respond. And that applies to everybody making the same argument. If you don't respond the thread disappears. So while thos that make the threads need to grow up, you may as well. It's unbelievable how negative this place has gotten, to the point that people are calling each other names and belittling one another. What happened to unity and fighting for a common goal?

"Stop wasting valuable bandwidth space"

Why even make this thread?

Why even comment?

I made this thread to hopefully thwart another 200 of these threads popping up over the next week.

It does no good at all; it's causes arguments; it brings out the trolls and is divisive to the core (at least I believe it is).

Plenty of good news and info to share without the drama of threads plastered all over the site with headings that read "This is my last post at DP, I'm really ashamed of all of you".

How about just send a few private messages to those you're so ashamed of and save the rest of us the drama?


You tell 'em, Millie. ;-)

You tell 'em, Millie. ;-)

I wholeheartedly agree on

I wholeheartedly agree on that front South.

indeed and what could be even better

anytime any of us SEE one of those "im leaving WAHHHH" threads we can simply link to it HERE on this thread for all to share in the ummmm fun I guess...

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http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana