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Senator Rand Paul Complains about Internet Extremists

The latest interview by Rand Paul


He talks about Romney putting audit the Fed in the platform. He also calls out Internet extremists. Listen around 3:30.

Glenn Beck is his classic himself ... I don't remember libertarians being moon hoax folks but there you go

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You guys are falling into the Debra Medina trap again

You have been warned. This time the stakes are higher. I am disgusted with the Rand is a traitor flamers.

Debra Medina was only the beta phase on how to kill a liberty candidate. Rand is stage 2. There will never be a liberty president ever if this keeps up.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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I love Rand watering down the

I love Rand watering down the word "libertarian" to meaning those who believe in "limited government." What a goddam, bleeding moron. This is exactly why I say that Rand is the WORST thing to happen to the liberty movement since Ronald Reagan and CERTAINLY the worst thing that could happen to his father's legacy.


The real Revere warned of imminent danger.

You appear to be an angry man having a temper tantrum and using it as an excuse to be rude and abusive. Maybe it's just your brand of politics?

How does one free themselves from such an obsession?

Free includes debt-free!

I would say I would describe Rand as a PHONY BALONEY

One foot in and one out. Can't trust him...making excuses up for himself....trying to justify his support of Romney....trying to come up with every rationalization to us and put us down at the same time, trying to CLAIM US that WE ARE HIS SUPPORTERS....ah...Rand...I support your FATHER.

You are a plastic person. Go brush up on the Constitution. You just spat on it.


Well I can't blame you for your own blindness.

Your just playing up to the other thrash talkers here, and you call another a Phony.

Kids are smart enough to sing. "Takes one to know one."

Free includes debt-free!

Can't blame you for falling for the same old trick.

In the last 30 years Dr. Paul has never made the mistakes in politics that Rand has in 2. Rand has spoken and voted in ways that I do not approve. That does not mean that in the future I won't vote for him, but if he continues on the path that he is on, he's just another establishment puppet.

You think we're ignorant because we dislike Rand. We're not ignorant, blind, or biased. We're skeptical and cautious. When we see so many politicians time and time again betraying their own words and voting the opposite way, it's kind of hard to trust anyone. Then we stumbled upon Ron and we thought, "Woh! Maybe not ALL politicians are corrupt." - In comes Rand...he looks similar, talks similarly; except his convictions are weaker and he's willing to pander to a crowd.

That makes "us" raise our eyebrows and say, "Wait a minute, this is behavior that I've seen from MOST other politicians. Maybe he isn't like his father."

And you call us blind? No good sir, we understand your line of thinking, we just don't agree with the premise.

I am all for dicussing these issues as you have laid them out.

But the trash talker only convince me that they have a disruptive agenda.

I did not call you blind, or any other capable of reasonable discussion.

But when fallacy replaces argument, demagoguery replaces sound judgement, when gossip and innuendo passes as principles of liberty, I must protest!

My premise is that Rand is a free man. I will respect the man as a man, even if i don't find his politics compelling.

Free includes debt-free!

I can't disagree.

I find Rand to be an extremely nice person, just like his father. I respect both of them. But the claims I've made against him have not been fallacies, demagoguery, gossip, or innuendo. They have been cold, hard facts that can be verified.

The argument from pro-Randers is that Rand is playing smart politics by compromising his principles to get others to come his way on other positions.

The argument from me is that that is exactly how every other politicians' career has started and it never ends well. Ron Paul gained our support through blood, sweat, and tears over the course of time that is longer than my lifetime, during the majority of which he had little-to-no support.

Now, when Dr. Paul is at his peak in support and we are ready to jump ship to someone trusting since Ron is leaving politics after this election (if he doesn't win) Rand betrays the traits of his father that we actually found attractive. Those traits being: unwavering in principle, never compromising, and speaking the truth to those who don't want to hear it.

The sanctions on Iran that Rand supported? His explanation was watered down dribble that I'd expect from Romney.

The gay jokes he made to the right-wing crowd after Obama came out in support of gay rights? Can you imagine his father making those comments? Did his response give you the impression that he wanted liberty for all?

The endorsement of Mitt Romney? We all know what Romney is. He's establishment. He'll continue the same nonsense that Obama has - he will never abolish the Patriot Act, NDAA; he will never produce a realistic budget cut plan; he will never stop the endless wars. Is this the type of person you want your constituents voting for? Compromising with someone like this is a RED FLAG.

The establishment is never going to change...we have to over-take them by majority because they will never come our way. That's the honest truth and anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves.

Here is another comment of mine.


"The establishment is never going to change." Never is a long time. What exactly is "the establishment". What is a forest?

Is there a difference between a bulldozer and a treeherder.

How we take them over will shape the kind of establishment we will become.

Doctor Paul won my heart. For many here, that is shaping the kind of establishment we want to become.

Free includes debt-free!


Maybe Rand needs a reality check. He seems to have gotten off on a Rand Paul trip. Great men talk about ideas... the Rand Paul reality show.

SteveMT's picture

First, Hannity. Now palsy-walsy with Glenn Beck.

These two both intensely dislike Ron Paul. Why them? I hope that he does not want us to like them also.
Phase one: befriend and become accepted by the enemy;already seems completed
Phase two: single-handedly transform the GOP/conservatives into the Liberty Movement. I hope that this occurs just as quickly...one week.

It hurts to see Rand interviewed by the likes of these people.

So Rand comes to the party

So Rand comes to the party and decides to poop in the punch bowl in front of everyone. Some people think it's ok, some see something wrong with it. I personally have a hard time overlooking all of this and not finding him to be really annoying. "Our supporters" he says. What you talkin bout Rand? We don't support you, we don't support Obama or Romney. And just because you have the last name "Paul" doesn't mean you got our support. Don't you have to go campaign for Romney or something? You're not welcome at the party until you repent.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

You are claiming that everyone agrees with you, they don't

I have no interest in your "party", it offers nothing but gossip, rudeness and other rejections of principle.

Free includes debt-free!

I didn't say "everyone agrees

I didn't say "everyone agrees with me" if you read carefully what I said(which I think may be the problem here with why many find it so easy to agree with what Rand is doing), you'll read that I said "SOME people think it's ok" regarding what Rand did. So clearly by those words not everyone agree's SOME clearly don't, and if you want to jump off the plank with Rand who has basically committed political suicide, I can only appeal to you to truly think longer about it.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I read carefully. What does this imply?

"So Rand comes to the party and decides to poop in the punch bowl in front of everyone."

You state it as a fact that everyone agrees with your tasteless assessment because it was in front of them.

The use of a swear word, creates in the reader an involuntary response. See Steven Pinker youtube on Swearing as a window into emotion.

I think Rand finds politics disgusting, that his political ambition is to do things that will benefit his children and his family while in the Senate.

I don't think Rand cares any more about political suicide than his dad. Both miss being country Doctors.

Did the voters in Kentucky elect him to campaign for his dad? Or to get things done in the Senate?

In any even when Mitt loses, they can't blame Rand, and he can continue to work for the Constitution.

Free includes debt-free!

He should have cared about

He should have cared about his honor and integrity. That's why he had supporters or Ron Paul supporting him. People want to spin it as if it's not a big deal. I disagree with you. And I didn't swear in my post. Rand has slid into the hole of "typical politician" by this compromise. But honor and integrity was why we liked him. He didn't realize that. And neither do many others it seems and they want to tell us to "grow up" etc... I'm not ready to "grow up" or "endorse" or "campaign" for Mitt Romney. Your welcome to put up signs,stickers, and jump on that boat with Rand, but I'm not going with you.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I beg to differ.

The reference to bodily effluvia to elicit an emotion of disgust from the reader is technically swearing. You were not talking about a stool sample in the doctors office.

"He should have cared about his honor and integrity."

I have no Idea what people mean when they bandy about this phrase.

He hasn't broken any commandments. He hasn't born false witness against his neighbor like so many hundreds have on these threads.

Honor -He is on his honor to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

If someone is a suspected enemy do you kick them in the balls, or would it be more honorable to find out if indeed they are an enemy of the Constitution, or simply mislead and ill-informed.

"He[Rand] didn't realize that." That is an interesting opinion, just because you believe it doesn't make it real for Rand. Say rather that you had certain expectations, and when Rand didn't follow your unwritten commandments for him, you sent him through hell. Then you would be telling me something that you can know personally.

You can put up stickers for the incumbent and Nancy P for all I care. I am willing to leave you free, just don't trample my rights. I take a dim view of that.

>I'm not ready to "grow up" or "endorse" or "campaign" for Mitt Romney.

I am in agreement with you here. What kind of liberty movement gives orders?

Free includes debt-free!


He also slipped out the 'we' word when talking the Romney endorsement. He actually said 'everybody is mad because we supported Romney', I hope he messed up there. He probably feels pretty dumb right now after he alienated a good portion of his base. He was on the bubble, IMHO, before this back to at least the support for Iranian sanctions, which is an act of war on a country that has not harmed us. It also very well could be the last straw on the Dollars back. Will see next week, when they commence.

Alienated his base? Proof?

The trash talker have never supported Rand in the first place, in spite of their unsubstantiated claims that they did.

So many are so smug that they see clearly when all are blind around them. Except they bought into con and don't even know it yet.

Free includes debt-free!

Good job, I agree

Any other interpretation is strictly an exercise in doublethink.

Get ready...

The "Rand worshipers" are going to come in droves and down-vote you for speaking heresy against their great leader.

He had the opportunity to gain his father's crowd, but he took it for granted with support of sanctions on Iran, pandering to the Christian-right, and endorsing Romney. It was his choice to make those decisions, not mine.

Ron Paul 2012
Ron Paul 2016
Judge Napolitano 2020

I am surprised that people say

he is calling only the violent people extremists. He has now used that term in multiple interviews for people who are "reacting" to his endorsement. He is essentially saying, if you don't support me or can't get over my endorsement, you are an extremist.

So you think Rand is all great. Here is Jack Blood's take (he is an ardent Paul supporter):

Is Rand Paul really fighting domestic police drones? Kinda

Tyrants and traitors always call the sincere opposition...

extremists. Rand has proved he has no intention of seriously advancing the liberty agenda. He would probably vote against his own legislation, if it had a chance of winning.

Rand is full of BS!

I call BS on this fool right now. He has jumped on the neocon bandwagon in full force now. He has spat in his father's face and he has thrown sh!t in ours. What a disgusting tool!


Maybe rand is referring to the people who made death threats to him and his family. That's pretty extreme.


I think he means anyone who disagrees with him is an "extremist". You know just like the MSM would claim about us. Rand's looking to cover with a big blanket.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson


No, some people are completely out of control. Just like many others here, I don't agree with his endorsement but damn, some people need to get a grip. One guy stated in the original endorsement thread that if he were to ever bump into Rand he would spit on him. You should also take a look at some of his youtube videos, some are acting like complete animals and I can only imagine what some are saying on facebook. I haven't checked myself but I know Carol Paul in a recent interview was very upset by some of the things that she had read there.


Exactly. These fake libertarians have no problem violating their 'principle' when it comes to threatening violence against Rand and his family.

People make death threats in

People make death threats in youtube comments all the time. It's ridiculous to take them seriously. If every youtube death threat was carried out the human race would go extinct.

If Rand Paul is so concerned about violence why isn't he talking about the how Bilderberger's threatened his father? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQbfZ72c3KM

Surely the bildergergers, the world's most rich and powerful, are a more credible threat than some random youtube commenter.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

Is this really

The best argument you could make? Not to take threats of violence seriously? That's the best you can do?