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Senator Rand Paul Complains about Internet Extremists

The latest interview by Rand Paul


He talks about Romney putting audit the Fed in the platform. He also calls out Internet extremists. Listen around 3:30.

Glenn Beck is his classic himself ... I don't remember libertarians being moon hoax folks but there you go

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I dont suppose there is any

I dont suppose there is any way in the world that could be interpreted as a threat... I mean the ditch is a nice place in your comment, right? Man, I just can't see where Rand comes up with these ideas, unless he knows people who know how to read these forums(that and likely his flooded email). I love liberty, but I also love respect and believe in the responsibility that is required for liberty to work. I'm not seeing much of either in these types of threads.

I don't want to hear you. You insist on talking trash.

From the safety of the Internet. Coward.

Free includes debt-free!

I dont

recall ever seeing anyone here promote violence like he said on the video. I know I do not Trust Rand now but I would never promote violence against someone.

So tired of all of this *!$#

I'm just tired of seeing all these Rand threads pop up. I'm dissapointed he endorsed Romney too, but now people just seem anxious to stir up drama. Time will tell where Rand really stands. If Rand continues to vote in the Senate the way he has for the last couple years then he will be the best Senator in U.S. history, bar none! So lets give this a rest for a while and wait and see where Rand goes from here.

I don't think you watched the video.

Just a guess.


nothing extreme about backstabbing a so called gop nominee by playing act of support and vote for anyone else at the ballot.

What a pos!

He said Most supporters don't preach violence against me and my dad because "WE" endorsed Romney" WTF is that about? POS.

He makes me sicker by the minute.

he said there had been death

he said there had been death threats because of his endorsement. Would you be a happy camper if people had threatened your life.

Nobody threatened his life

He's a lying fkn politician.

would hoping he gets hit by

would hoping he gets hit by lightning count as a threat?


if I was the lightning bolt:)

I actually think Rand has said a lot to clarify his position

The goal was never to grow the Paul Revolution. Not for Rand anyway. He knows his dad is retiring, so he wants to captain this ship in a new direction where Internet extremists like us who don't compromise have no place in such a movement. So be it. Rand is not Ron. We all know that. Even Chuck Baldwin could see Rand's heart was not with this movement

Rand effed up. If I was dating a guy like him it would go

something like; "I might have looked at a girl who looked like that when I was on another level of reality."

And Rand, if you were my boyfriend when you said that, I would dump you. The whole point is we were dating exclusively. Now you want to look at other women. So go already....except in this case it's a guy....

You and Romney can spend weekends together in his newly remodelled house in California talking about your father's extremists...that is, those "extremists who support the constitution". You have joined the Club of Romney. Bye Rand...you are not my guy. I want a guy I can respect and who respects me and who is not going to go 180 degrees on me. Who knows what else you will turn on me about...how about one morning you get up and decide today you are an athesist?

Plus you are not humble like your Dad. You kind of irritate me as you are kind of too good for me. Bye


That is a good analogy of Rand

I really liked your analogy California Girl
No, he isn't humble like Ron.
Ran comes across as a smug, aristocratic,
armani wearing, champagne sipping,
backroom deal making,
limo riding, conservative junior senator.
There seems to be a big disconnect between RON and rand.
Alex Jones said he talked Rand into politics
(he said that about a week ago)
Then yesterday,
while interviewing Lew Rockwell
Alex J said: "We thought he was like Ron!
...well, that's how he was sold to us!"
Yeah. By Jones.
It seems AJ is backpedaling and covering his
tracks as fast as he can


May a lightning bolt come out of the sky and take away everything we have directly or indirectly given him.

I an sure glad there are no

I an sure glad there are no extremists around here

Good point, unless

Good point, unless "extremist" is defined by immature people who throw tantrums whenever something is happening that they don't fully comprehend, yet believe they do. I used to be part of that crowd, but some of us learn that learning the name "Ron Paul" isn't the finish line of our own internal revolution. Understanding comes in many layers, it is not time to rest on our laurels when it comes to such.

I think this is a blessing in disguise

He really could have destroyed our movement had we not known his true colors. I think he overestimated the support we offered his Dad. He thought we would support him unconditionally. But he does not have his Dad's track record .... I contributed to the campaign and helped the campaign for Ron Paul not Rand Paul. Yes I supported Rand in the past. But the guy thinks Corporations are people (just like Romney), believes in sanctions against Iran (just like Romney), believes people should be deported for attending certain events (just like Romney). So yes. He does have some things in common with Romney. Ron has nothing in common with Romney

Overestimated the support? Ahhhh NO....he underestimates

our intelligence as a group. He thinks we are idiots and we are going to blindly follow him. He thinks "he knows better" and we who are turned off by him are stupid.

Wow....the more I think about this, the more he's just the kind of person I really dislike. So disingenuine.


deacon's picture

i think some here

should re listen to that interview

he was not laughing at moon hoaxers,he was laughing about
becks comment that the dem's and rep's said a libertarian
should believe
he was not calling all on the internet names,he said the violent
extremists who threatened their families get too much attention
not the whole movement,quit twisting around his words
to mold to your agendas

i have never heard romeny state he was for auditing the fed res
i did hear him say he thought they were doing a good job

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

The saddest part of the Rand endorsement.....

...he got nothing NOTHING from the establishment and the neocons in return for his endorsement.


Not respect, not ANYTHING.

In fact, it backfired on him BIG TIME, but not just with us... it backfired with the very people he was trying to impress:


We don't know if he got

We don't know if he got anything yet. My guess is that he got himself a speaking slot, which isn't enough in my book.

Anything less than a prime time speaking slot for Ron and he got jipped.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

I was told he got 1 Billion dollars

but, it's impossible for me to confirm.

...and I was told you eat acorns....

...and I couldn't verify it...but I felt compelled to tell everybody I heard it and now everyone here is infinitely better informed from my effort...right?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

For the record I don't eat acorns...

People here don't listen to me. My comment was truthful and it makes logical sense. I was told about the 1 billion by a politically active, retired AF col. who I have known for 17 years and he is one of the people who says Ron Paul is unelectable so my converstations with him are always frustrating...but he does not lie to me or make shit up as far as I know. So, I posted what I was told. Do I beleive it? I beleive something must have motivated Rand in a big way to turn on us. Money is a huge motivator. It sure makes more sense than all the other BS reasons I keep reading. But for any of you that have dropped everything because of me posting what I heard...by all means...stop that shit! THINK FOR YOURSELF!

For Rand Doubters - A Great Interview


You're right

For those that doubt Rand is a POS, this is a good interview that should change their mind- He IS a POS.

Why does he keep bringing up

Why does he keep bringing up being threatened with violence?


He seems to like to paint his father's supporters as a bunch of potential terrorists.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

Why do idiots here like to

Why do idiots here like to suggest that Rand or Ron were threatened in order to get Rand to make his endorsement?

Mitt Romney / Dr. Ron Paul

Why do people pay attention to what idiots say.