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Wow! Gov. Gary Johnson Just Called Rand Paul A Sellout!

Lmao so I guess I'm not the only one that feels this way!


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Flash back guys!!!! Sorry to

Flash back guys!!!! Sorry to the Rand lovers out there lol

juan maldonado

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Yup. Don't bump your own posts.

Your video also has been taken down on youtube. Lose-lose.

For these reasons, this thread is being made 'read only.'

Learn the rules.

Please don't bump your own posts

Especially ones from months ago.

Other than the one vote on sanctions, please tell me how Rand really differs from his father in his voting record? Hmm?

Rand Paul has more principles in his little finger than Gary Johnson has in his whole body.

P.S. Your video has been removed.

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Other then the vote on Iran!

Other then the vote on Iran! Do you hear yourself? His father taught me, sanctions is war!!! Plain and simple. I bumped this post, because are so clueless on Rand, that it's get scary man!

juan maldonado

WOW you're trolling for Johnson

How original and transparent. I hate Johnson more and more each time you trolls push him while bashing Ron Paul.

No! Ron Paul all the way

No! Ron Paul all the way baby! I just thought the video was funny, because look at the Ron Paul supporters just shaking there head in agreement lol... Rand Paul doesn't believe his own father can win! That's a problem to me! That why lawyers for Ron Paul are taking over the campaign! And we are also taking all of Romney delegates too! lmao, How stupid will rand feel when we win the nomination? After back stabbing his dad! Wow, I can't wait y'all

juan maldonado

Didn't GJ support a war in Uganda?

I like Gary Johnson but he's not perfect either. It looks like he was put on the spot with that question but I've also been getting the feeling that the GJ campaign has been trying to poach supporters away from Ron Paul.

You need to stop "liking" Gary Johnson

You don't think he's fully aware of what his trolls are saying about Ron Paul?

Well of course he would

When opportunity Knocks? Why waste a perfectly good disaster?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Well, if the shoe fits ...


Some more truth from GJ eh...

I'm starting to like this guy... Wish he was Ron Paul's son...

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Another excuse to promote

another candidate on a Ron Paul site.
This needs to stop.

Amusing that the video author is 'RonPaulHeadquarter'.
When will these people quit riding on the Doc's good name?

So did

about half the members of this site as they were throwing him and his campaign under the bus.

Looks like Johnson is trying

Looks like Johnson is trying to pick up the whining segment of the revolution. Good. Let them go there. We have work to do and whining and complaining only slows things down.

Blessings )o(


no duh...come on Gary say something we don't already know.

Lew Rockwell (Essentially) Calls Rand A Sellout

At the 4:45, Lew says that Ron wouldn't sell out (referring to the concept of endorsing Romney).


EDIT: I'm saying this a little bit tongue-in-cheek because I disagreed w/ the premise of the OP because I think GJ said the action (not the person) was a sellout.

F*** Rockwell

he's a coward and didn't admit to writing the letters.


He didn't write them

It was some guy named Powell.

Really? How do you know that?

Really? How do you know that? I've never heard that before.

juan maldonado

I stand by Rand after

I stand by Rand after listening to his interview on the Peter Schiff show. Those of you who haven't yet heard it should listen to it with an open mind.

However, I like and support Gary Johnson. That being said, I find it funny how most people on the DP have been calling Rand a sell out all week but when Johnson says the same, everyone says F*** Gary Johnson. Funny how some of the minds over at the DP operate. Nothing can be done by anyone to please some of the people here.



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In other breaking news, I

In other breaking news, I just poured a glass of water.. news at 11.

can't wait for the follow up story to this whole water thing

seems the most interesting thing in this thread besides that whole bill clinton being one of the best presidents E-V-E-R !!!!!

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It will be blacked out by the MSM

for sure,bet on it.

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Go Gary! Tell It Like it Is.

Thank you Gary Johnson. Tell it like it is.

Here is a link to Gary's latest video ad: "Be Libertarian With Me." I think it is effective and resonates with us all. America is in danger. Lets not keep voting Democrat and Republican and continuing the conspiracy to bury our nation in debt and perpetual war.


You know they are on the right side with a vid description like

"No one knew who Bill Clinton was until the end of June 1990 but he became one of our best presidents. Guys things can so easily go VIRAL. We must only be very careful and give our last shot for GOVERNOR GARRY JOHNSON, WE ARE NOT DONE FIGHTING, YES WE CAN!!!!"

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I agree! No one compares to

I agree! No one compares to Ron Paul, but my beef is with his son though.

juan maldonado

Juano you just threw guano to the trolls here

This has already been posted like 3 times. Please don't continue to give them incentive.

Trolls on both sides, the

Trolls on both sides, the nature of the Internet.

Did I pick a side?