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My turn to beat the dead horse..

Rand Paul is the SON of Ron Paul and like almost every son, he thinks he is "smarter" than his dad IMO (please excuse me Dr. Rand Paul, no disrespect intended) and he is trying to re-invent a wheel at a time when the traditional and successful wheel his father has been rounding out is spinning fast and strong.

I think I get what Rand is trying to do and this is what I think is going on:

Rand Paul has lived his life following and participating in his fathers work, I find it impressive that some folks think they can execute a summary judgment and dismiss his years of work from one day to the other.

I believe (not know) that Rand has the following opinion about how to work the system in favor of Liberty and he is not afraid to jump in and play "dirty":

Most politicians like Romney will promise whatever less informed voters want to hear to get themselves in to office and will not give a second thought to breaking the promises they made once they are in office to advance their own personal agenda.
I believe Rand Paul is taking the same approach as most politicians do by being dishonest, but the big difference resides in the fact that he is not being true to his words now so that he can be true to his principles later on, once he has supposedly "grabbed" the power he thinks will solve the problems we are facing.

He may be right, he may be wrong. I am not smart enough to judge him, but I am smart enough to comprehend that it must have been hard and frustrating for him to see his father ignored by the masses for most of his political career and I would not be surprised if Rand thinks that it is more efficient to lie and get power than to get it by receiving the votes of a well informed electorate under a consistent ideology that Ron Paul supporters defend. Rand does not yet have his fathers patience IMO.

Do the ends justify the means? (we need to figure that out. I have not, yet.)

Good luck Rand, I suspect you will need it the next time you subject yourself to the electoral process and I suspect your dad will give you a public lesson about how politics should be done.
I will not be disappointed if Ron Paul stands by his SON, because before anything else, Ron Paul is a family man, but if you were to twist my arm and force me to make a prediction, I think Rand is in for some tough love from his dad in the public arena and in the end, he will become stronger because of it.


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Maybe, but Rand's strategy BACKFIRED BIG TIME...

...and not just with us, but, even more sadly, with the people Rand was trying to impress:



You've just polluted this thread and now it stinks a bit.

BTW.. you are not wasting my time.. I am having fun replying to your nonsense. :)


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I really don't care about rand

he is irrelavant now - Ron Paul is not responsible for his actions, rand owns them.

We need to put this where it belongs, in the past and move on with the support of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul still has a very good chance of winning the nomination if we all stand together on this. The election fraud is going to be rombama's and the establishment gop's downfall this time around. We are not going to let them get away with it.

Everyone needs to vote for RON PAUL period.

Most of what you wrote is true...

but the use of the word IRRELEVANT when referring to Rand Paul makes your reply insulting to the Paul family and most Ron Paul supporters IMO.


I try to change people every day. Do You?