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:( I'm Leaving :(

I'm leaving the Daily Paul. I was never really 'here' to begin with but I am definitely leaving. And hold your horses all you bully club leaders about to write up a 'anti-sissy' counter thread that claims to be motivating to 'get to work' but calls me names, degrades me and tells me to get lost.

Let's get one thing clear:

Leaving the daily paul is not the same as leaving the liberty movement. I have campaigned for Ron Paul since mid 2000. I only just found the Daily Paul a few weeks ago. Most advocates for liberty do not know about the divisive sandbox that is the Daily Paul.

New comers are labeled 'Trolls' on the first few days. The moderators allow club-rulers to call others 'traitors' 'turncoats' 'trolls' 'sekrit romney supporters' blah blah blah. Mere disagreements on trivial issues garner these responses. It's really just a disgrace because 99% of us probably are in it for the liberty. And yet immaturity rules the day and bullies act like leaders of some kind of club. The good stuff that goes on here is overshadowed big time.

What I have experienced has been a divisive sandbox that is conducive to...divisiveness! For every 'I'm frustrated with DP and am leaving' thread there are two "you're A sissy...stop being a loser" threads. Which is worse?

I know...I know...the bullies will come out and defend their club regardless of what I rant about on my last post. So be it. I will have the pleasure of not having to read the responses. Hopefully others will look in the mirror and say "Why does DP kinda suck?".

You want to know why? Look at the site. Look at how people who disagree with other are allowed to throw around terms like "Traitor" and "Troll" to their fellow liberty advocates. I got sucked into the divisiveness and par took myself at times. But I see what is going on so I'm just abouty outy.

People vent about Rand's, IMO, disgraceful support for Romney and they are attacked. Yet the owner of the site mentions Rand's endorsement as motivating factor in GOING TO CHINA at one of the most pivotal times in history. But DP members keep talking about Rand get hammered. Wha?

I'm not saying it's wrong...I'm saying the general environment here is negative and the reason are obvious.

Lastly, this site WAY TO CONCERNED WITH MAKING MONEY. The divisive posts get people riled up and generates comments. The comments generate page loads which boosts the price of ads. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just saying it is what it is. I don't like so I'm leaving. Get a plugin called "NO SCRIPT" for Firefox and you will realize why this size slows your computer down to a turtles pace at times. There are so many scripts loading ads.

I'm not saying It's wrong I'm just saying it's not for me. Being a Libertarian is a way of life, not a club or a activist group. I will continue doing what I've done for the last decade.



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Oh No! Not Capitalism!

Michael Nystrom provides a service we all benefit from for FREE, and he dares to post advertisements on his site and ask for donations! How horrible, doesn't he know he's an evil capitalist pig!


Do you see how petty your objection to making money is now?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

It's not "being a sissy"...

more like "begging for pity"

Kind of pathetic, the way I see it.

Websites (especially public forums) need money to run and to be maintained. Ads are the number one source of financial support for MOST websites. This is so commonplace, I don't understand how you could not know this. The Daily Paul is the #1,571 site in the US, according to Alexa. It takes cash + manpower to handle that kind of traffic. Personally, I choose to donate directly to the DP. This way I don't see the ads and the ad companies don't get my information. Win-win.

And yeah, things can get a little gloomy around here from time to time. So what? Downvote it if you think it's divisive and move on.

I'm sorry to hear that...

On the "bright" side, now there is fresh flesh for the "cannibals..." Looks like the "tough guys" are cleaning house, like Austin wanted.... So sad.


It's called "free speech". If you don't like something that' is on this site, you can not read it, or you can leave a comment saying you don't like it. You can leave too, but that is really being thin-skinned. If you have been following dr Paul since 2000, how is it you haven't learned about free speech? Words are only marks on paper (or a computer screen) it is up to YOU how they affect you.

I don't like everything on the Daily Paul, but so what? No one is holding a gun to my head making me do anything. I'm not bleeding. No one has called me names, either, BTW. But, maybe you're right. This is just a tiny taste of liberty. If you can't deal with it, maybe you need to vote for Romney.


You really should check this thread out before you go


Just remember this is just a website afterall.

Its like facebook for instance, when people tell you they will look you up on facebook and you reply with "I don't have one" and they look SHOCKED. Wait what do you mean you don't have a facebook account, whats wrong with you?

People need to remember this is the internet and stop taking it so seriously.

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Wish you well, but know this.

Wish you well, but know this. The daily Paul has changed a BUNCH in the last few months. We all knew it would happen as more came to Ron's side, but it was quite dramatic, and even caused some people to get caught up. I am sorry your time here was unpleasant, as this place has been a haven for me. Lately, however, I certainly see your points.
In Liberty!

Yes, it's unfortunate he found the place now -

it has become like a shark tank.

However, the ads have never bothered me. (And, of course, subscriptions are ad free.)

bye bye..

bye bye..

I'll agree with you on the

I'll agree with you on the money issue. Back in 07 I bought all the equipment to do Ron Paul signs and stickers long before Campaign for Liberty or DP started selling them. A for the movement I was selling at cost, no profit. Even though I gave DP and CFL a prominent ad on my web site I could not get either of them to even give me an honorable mention. Yes, I am still sour grapes about anyone that puts money above the message.

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