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Green Day Sings - Ron Paul Speaks the Words - End the Wars

Wake Me Up When September Ends - the truth of war

21 Guns Lay Down Your Arms - Give Up the Fight

This is how Ron Paul and a rock group like Green Day are similar!
They both draw big enthusiastic passionate crowds!
They both believe in high ideals and stand against the corrupt establishment.

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Except Green Day are poseurs.

Ron Paul is the real thing.


They are revolutionists

and their message is consistent. They are against the corrupt establishment. I still love to listen to them! And I love to listen to Ron Paul! He has the power to inspire as does Green Day!
Ron Paul IS the real thing.

Get them to PaulFest

Man that would be amazing getting them and other large bands to bring everyone they know and WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes and they might come

We should invite them.