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My opinion of Rand Paul

irst of Rand Paul and Ron Paul are not the same. We have known that for
a while, they have different beliefs, but they do agree in wanting more

Where they are most different is how they play the political game. Ron Paul plays the game by standing by his beliefs and not bowing to the establishment, which has got him a lot of respect outside of Washington, D.C. However Rand Paul plays the game by being a "team" player and trying to use the establishment to help promote the liberty agenda. The problem is, which many in the liberty movement beliefs, is many people go into the belly of the beast with great plans to change it, but it ends up changing them.

But this endorsement does not CHANGE Rand Paul.

See if Rand Paul followed Ron Paul's beliefs he would be labelled the kid in the corner by his fellow politicians. He would be allowed to speak but never listened to. He would be labelled as someone who wants to get a lot of things done, but won't help others get what they want. He might even be voted out because it's a lot harder to hold a senate seat than a seat in the house.

Now although I do love that Ron Paul has been a voice for liberty in Washington for all of these years. His record on passing bills is abysmal (2 bills passed). Which doesn't really concern the liberty movement because he stuck to his principles, and didn't allow the establishment to change him.

However please think about all the BIG government bills that passed during his time in Washington. The voice of liberty only goes so far.

And that's the reason Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, because in his mind, and mine too, if he becomes a "team" player he will be listened to more. The bills he proposes will have a greater chance of passing because party politicians respect him more.

And the bills he has proposed/is proposing are as follows:
A bill to End the TSA
A bill to Audit the Fed
A bill to Withdraw troops from Afghanistan
A bill to Abolish domestic drones without a warrant
A bill to Legalize hemp
A bill to End mandatory sentences of non-violent offenders

Name me one other U.S Senator that plans on doing that.

He may also believe that those bills have a greater chance of being passed if Mitt Romney is President than if Barack Obama is president. Also they have a greater chance of being passed if Republicans believe he's on their side. Which he is one the party side, but only to make liberty the goal of the party.

You are entitled to disagree with him.

But we do know Ron Paul's style of politician has not influenced Washington in a long time, because they don't want to bow down.

Rand isn't bowing down, here is merely say "I will scratch your back, now scratch mine please".

If his voting record changes, or his bills still don't get passed, I will jump aboard the skepticism train right away.

But for now I will hold my judgments.

This is how politics works, I don't like it. But if it gives us more liberty I can respect it.